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10 Best Toilet Plungers in 2024

Are you looking to clean the blockages and impurities from your toilet seat? If yes, then there is nothing better than the best toilet plunger that can superbly perform this work. Buying a high-quality plunger will help you in maintaining the health of your toilet seat. This simple equipment can assist in avoiding overflowing and damage to the potential water.

In simple words, we can say that it is must-have equipment that you should buy for sure. They are available in many different sizes and shapes so that everyone can find one according to their convenience.

What are the top 10 best toilet plungers to buy?

The market is full of brands claim to sell high-quality products. Still, it is important to do research and test some items before choosing one. If you don’t have the required knowledge or time to do it on your own, then it is ideal to check this list of top 10 best toilet plungers in 2024 that created by our expert team. Have a look at all of them and buy one that can do justice with your requirements.

List of Top Best Toilet Plungers Review on Amazon

10. Gets Bats Out Rubber Toilet Plunger (best space-saving toilet plunger)

Get Bats Out Toilet Plungers

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If you have a little bit shorter space for accommodating the toilet plunger, then there is no need to search further and buying this one. It can easily fit with the majority of cabinets and offer better performance due to its large extended cups.

There is plastic handle added on the plunger for pretty easier cleaning avoiding splinters and blisters to a greater extent.


  • Delivered with an ultimate ebook for better cleaning
  • Soft rubber cup for convenient use
  • Provide a strong pressure


  • The plunger is a little bit flimsy

9. Polder Toilet Brush and Plunger (best brush and plunger combo)

Polder Toilet Plungers

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If you are one of those individuals who prefer buying a product having both brush and plunger, then it should be your pick. It made using stainless steel material that will let you cleanly complete the process.

It crafted in the open back & suspended design that promotes the airflow for minimizing odor and increased drying.


  • Manufactured by a very reputed brand
  • Equip with plastic accents for better work
  • Minimizes the smell


  • Cost more when compared with other items in the list

8. Kleen Freak 3001600 Toilet Plunger (best antibacterial toilet plunger)

Kleen Freak Toilet Plungers

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Available in many different variants, the Kleen Freak 3001600 is a perfect product that can ensure bacteria stay away from your toilet seat. It equips with a germ guard that prevent the buildup of bacteria to a greater extent.

This mess-free plunger also keeps the odor and mildew away to a greater extent. We find it a very heavy duty product that you can use on both standard and highly efficient toilets.


  • Demand minimum effort for cleaning blockage
  • Resists buildup of bacteria
  • Exceptional combo kit


  • Handle design is pretty bad

7. GT Water Products Master Plunger (Multi-purpose toilet plunger)

G.T Toilet Plungers

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It is one f the best toilet plungers that available in two different colors, i.e., turquoise and black. The GT brand has added a durable construction and design to this product that offers perfect plunge in every push.

This product is capable of working at a rate that is almost seven times more than the displacement provided by the rubber cup plunger. There are pleats added to this plunger for preventing the turning the inside out.


  • Capable of cleaning toilets, sinks, and faucets
  • Deliver an amazing plunge for every push
  • Pretty durable construction


  • Handle made from low-quality material

6. Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brust Caddy Set

Mr. Clean Toilet Plungers

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This amazing product manufactured by Mr. Clean brand is one of the best-sellers on almost all the online platforms due to its extended rubber plunger. It designed in such a way that the users find it fully convenient to use.

It is the best toilet plunger that equips with a rubber grip handle and pretty sleek construction that let the users eliminate blockage from their place. Additionally, there is a non-slip base added for making the cleaning job easier.


  • Equip with a larger brush for better cleaning
  • Rubber grip handle for preventing bacteria to accumulate
  • Available at an unbelievable price


  • Prone to breakage

5. Simple Human Toilet Plunger and Caddy (best for easy use)

simplehuman Toilet Plungers

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The manufacturer of this product can proudly say that they have created one of the nicest plungers that can make your work easier than imagination. This exciting mixture of magnetic caddy & toilet plunger doesn’t splash water on the floor and make its transportation easier than ever.

On top of that, they have added a stainless steel handle that is resistant against rust and corrosion. The company has also leave caddy’s back open giving easier access to the unit.


  • Narrow design fits all types of toilets
  • Comfortable to use due to open back
  • Resists rust and corrosion


  • Suctioning power need some improvement

4. LDR Industries Plunger (Best bellows style plunger)

LDR Toilet Plungers

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If you are one of those individuals who prefer buying a plunger with bellows style construction, then it is the perfect option to go for. This product from LDR Industries offers a pretty amazing capacity that is much more than normally designed plungers.

We can find that it offers an extremely high-powered push that helps in fascinatingly clearing the blockage. Furthermore, the accordion style construction let the plunger to work at any angle.


  • Available in a twin pack for better convenience
  • Provide amazing capacity
  • Clear up blockage magnificently


  • Little bit bowl trapway issues registered

3. OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunger (ideal for unique design)

OXO Toilet Plungers

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If you are ready to spend little extra money and want to buy a beautifully designed toilet plunger, then go for this amazing product by Oxo brand. It can complete the cleaning process efficiently and easily.

Its plunger head can work virtually on almost all types of toilets adequately. On top of that, the company has added a drip tray that can catch excess water and assist in the evaporation process.


  • Helps in evaporating water
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Perform its work quickly


  • Rubber smell might irritate some individuals

2. Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger (Editor’s Choice)

Neiko Toilet Plungers

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The product that we can call all-rounder in every area is this exceptional product manufactured by the Neiko brand. The company has added a durable aluminum handle that doesn’t attain bacteria easily. It comes with a sturdy rubber cup that ensures fully tightened seal near the drain openings.

It is one of the best toilet plungers that won’t retain any unsanitary water in the inner portion. This toilet plunger is a perfect option for both professional and home use.


  • Fit in all types of drain openings
  • Prevent spreading bacteria
  • Develop ultra tight seal around drain openings


  • Minor complaints about the product being flimsy

1. Korky GIDDS-288879 99-2A Toilet Plunger (Fit with all toilets)

Korky Toilet Plungers

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This small sized plunger designed in such a way that it can work with all types of toilets adequately irrespective of their design. It is available in two different variants, one only with the plunger and other one having both plunger and holder.

The company has used high-quality rubber for manufacturing the Gidds-288879 to ensure it doesn’t leave any market on the toilet seat. There is a greater grip provided by the handle installed in this product.


  • Crafted in a beehive construction that is compatible with all toilets
  • Made using flexible rubber material
  • Equip with plastic handle for easier hanging after use


  • The design could have been improved

Things to consider while buying the best toilet plungers

You need below-mentioned things in mind to make an awesome choice:


There are various styles of plungers available in the market, and that’s why you need to check out which one suits your toilet seat. The cup-like plungers are considered perfect for cleaning toilets as they have an additional rubber on the bottom.


The product you are buying should have an aluminum or plastic handle so that the bacteria don’t stick to the surface in any condition. Also, the handle shouldn’t be bulky and easier to work on the toilet seat.


The price greatly depends on the features possessed by the toilet plunger. So, you need to calculate your requirements and set budget according to that.


It is important that the product you are buying should be capable of creating a perfect seal so that the plunger fit with the drain. Having a weak seal will make the dislodging process ineffective. So, you should check out this feature for sure.


There are very long hours and effort invested by our team for creating such an amazing list. We are fully confident that all these products in this list of best toilet plungers are perfect in their own way. Our team has tried to make things easier for the readers so that they can make an ideal choice in the end. Do you believe that we have missed the name of a certain product? Also, you should share the experiences with the product that you bought after reading this post in the comment section.