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10 Best Torch Lighters in 2024

A torch lighter is a crucial tool in every household in case of emergencies where your gas lighter or other such tools are broken. Whether you have to lite a gas stove or a cigar, torch lighters are multipurpose and easy to store anywhere.

For the uninitiated, torch lighters have butane gas in them, which is a flammable gas mostly used for lighting cigars and cigarettes. The reason behind picking up the torch lighters is that they light the cigars evenly, a requisite for all cigar lovers.

We have come up with a list of features loaded and high-quality best torch lighters making it easier for our readers to make a decision.

Best Torch Lighter in 2024 Reviews

10. Topkay Windproof Turbo Flame Butane Torch Lighter

TOPKAY Torch Lighters

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This bullet-shaped torch lighter not just looks stylish but also comes with features such as an adjustable flame. Since the burner nozzle is extensive, it produces a more powerful and more potent jet flame compared to the regular lighters. This type of flame is preferred for lighting the cigars evenly. Moreover, the thumbwheel on the lighter meant for easy adjustment of the flame.

Its ergonomic design provides the comfort of holding and good grip so that you do not drop the lighter accidentally. So, this is a multipurpose lighter used as a BBQ lighter, fire lighter, Gas stove, camping fire, and so on.


  • Big burner nozzle for even lighting of the cigar
  • Flame adjusted with the thumbwheel
  • Ergonomic design and good grip ensure the convenience of holding and lighting
  • Used for a variety of purpose, indoors and outdoor


  • Might be a little big for a pocket

9. Ronxs Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy Pocket Size Triple Jet Flame Torch Lighter


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Ronxs torch lighter is loaded with triple burners and is windproof, ensuring an even and quick lighting of the cigar, candle, gas stoves, and so on. The pocket-size lighter made of heavy-duty graded zinc alloy ensuring longevity and durability. Moreover, this lighter comes with the click to ignite function that is easy to ignite, and the flame adjusted as per your requirements.

The inflammable gas butane powers this lighter. Just to check the level of the gas, there is a fuel level. The grill lighter also comes with an elegant box making it even a great gift for men.


  • Windproof and splash-proof making it easier to light a cigar
  • Pocket size lighter made of heavy-duty graded zinc alloy
  • Click to ignite the function of the lighter for natural lightning
  • Built quality is excellent and durable


  • Butane cylinder might be small for frequent users

8. Tomolo Triple Jet Flame Durable Zinc Alloy Torch Lighter

TOMOLO Torch Lighters

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The lighter is filled with high-quality and high-purity butane guaranteeing the durability and longevity of the lighter. Moreover, the fuselage fuel tank design is fully transparent, and a built-in cigar punch would make the lighter more efficient for practical use. You can adjust the flames of the lighter from triple jet flames to single jet flames, depending on the usage.

The lighter is in line with the USPS safety regulations and would not be filled with the butane gas when you receive it. To ensure the best after-sale service to the customers, manufacturers extend the 1-year warranty on this lighter.


  • Made of zinc alloy making it more durable compared to the other lighters
  • Fuel tank design is transparent
  • Built-in cigar punch making the lighter more user friendly
  • Triple jet flames of the lighter can be adjusted from 3 to 1 flame as per the requirement


  • Will only be compatible with pure butane

7. Iwatani PRO2 Culinary Butane Pastries Camping Multipurpose Torch


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This multipurpose lighter from Iwatani can be used to sear the meat, create a sugary crust, and even can be used for roasting and charring the vegetables. The all-purpose butane-filled smart torch has adjustable flames size and shapes to focus the flame on the target. Moreover, starting and using this torch is very easy, and the safety plate makes it topple-proof.

Once exhausted, the butane canister can be replaced effortlessly just by twisting and locking. Further, the one-touch piezo ignition and stabilizing plate are features meant for extra safety while using the torch.


  • Lightweight and multipurpose charring, sugar crusting, searing, etc
  • Butane cylinder is easy to replace with a just twist and click fitting settings
  • Touch Piezo ignition and stabilizing plate for good grip on the surface


  • Might be a little pricey for some

6. Bernzomatic High-Intensity Trigger Start Auto Start/Stop Ignition Torch

Bernzomatic Torch Lighters

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This torch from Bernzomatic is ideal for outdoor projects and site visits as it can solder large diameter copper pipes, heat treating, light welding, and so on. As the torch is equipped with a swirl flame, you would get the maximum heat output.

Further, the auto adjustable flame control knob is ideal for regulating the flame size and different applications. Moreover, the cast aluminum body construction of the lighter is durable and enhances longevity. Features such as an adjustable flame control knob and pressure regulator make this torch lighter simple and easy to use.


  • Auto Stop/Start for using both indoor and outdoor
  • Adjustable flame control knob for the ease of switching between the application
  • Ultra-swirl flame for maximum heat output for large diameter soldering
  • Pressure regulator for stable performance
  • Efficient performance even when tilted and inverted momentarily


  • Does not fit slim or 1935 replica cases

5. Corkas Butane Professional Culinary Safety Lock Blow Torch


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If you are looking for a lightweight aluminum alloy professional-grade blow torch, then this item from Corkas would impress you. Since it is aluminum alloy shell-covered, the torch is accident-proof and can resist extremely high temperatures. Further, the safety lock safeguards you against accidental ignition. Moreover, the broader base of the torch guarantees that it does not topple, making it a safer choice.

Apart from that, there is a regulator for adjusting the temperature and controlling the flames. Easy to refill with butane, this multipurpose torch would be an excellent buy for using it both indoor and outdoor.


  • Made of aluminum alloy for lightweight and temperature resistance
  • Safety lock safeguards against any accidental lighting
  • Professional grade torch lighter
  • Regulator for adjusting the flames
  • Replacing the butane cylinder is a simple


  • Flame starts working properly after a couple of uses

4. EurKitchen Refillable Food Blow Finger Guard Culinary Kitchen Torch

EurKitchen Torch Lighters

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Modern design and multi-functional kitchen torch from EurKitchen are a must-have tool for the home bakers and those who are looking to learn professional-grade cooking. Apart from the piezo press ignition offering fast, immediate, and safe lighting, the mini blowtorch also comes with a gas flow regulator dial to adjust the flame and safety lock to safeguard from any accident.

The torch is compatible with all the brands of butane gas and can be refilled easily. Moreover, features such as a finger guard protect the user from accidental burns and extreme heat while cooking. TUV CE-certified aluminum and ABS plastic ensure ergonomic comfort.


  • Piezo press ignition ensures safe, fast and immediate lighting
  • Gas flow regulator for adjusting the flames and ensuring optimum temperature
  • Ergonomic design and TUV CE and ABS plastic for better handling
  • Compatible with all the brands of butane gas


  • Unique features would take a couple of ignition to get used to

3. Vertigo Triple Torch Wind Resistant Dual Action Ignition Torch


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Your search for a stylish, affordable, rugged-looking, and durable torch lighter ends with this item from Vertigo. A must-have for cigar lovers, this lighter is pocket size and therefore easy to carry anywhere. The triple flame of the torch lighter is there to make sure that you can use it for the host for purposes rather than just for lighting the cigar.

The torch lighter is wind resistant and comes equipped with quartz power ignition and dual-action ignition. Further, you can check the level of butane from the level window and refill it whenever required.


  • Affordable, stylish and compact design
  • dual-action ignition and quartz power ignition
  • Triple frame torch lighter for other alternative purposes
  • Comes packed in a cloth fitted pouch to retain the shine and performance of the lighter


  • Not meant for heavy use

2. Zippo Adjustable Blue Flame Premium Butane Fluid Lighter Inserts

Zippo Torch Lighters

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This new double torch lighter insert collection from Zippo offers a new flame for the classic design. Moreover, the soft-touch ignition enables you to get a quick and easy flame for all purposes. The all-metal body of the lighter guaranteeing durability and harsh environment resistance along with a small size that is easy to carry.

You will get the Zippo one box for this lighter to be placed safely, and the reusable design of the box is meant towards minimizing the waste. Among the other useful features, an adjustable flame dial on the end of the inert enables better control of the flame height. Moreover, the double beam gives a windproof heat source that can be rechargeable and reusable.


  • The blue light flame of the lighter is adjustable
  • Adjustable flame dial
  • Soft-touch ignition guarantees quick and easy flame
  • A double beam of the lighter windproof heat source
  • A fitted cloth pouch for maximum safety


  • Does not fit slim or 1935 replica cases

1. Sondiko Adjustable Flame Safety Lock Culinary Refillable Torch


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A professional-grade and the portable cooking refillable torch is the perfect option for home chefs and those who want to become professional-grade chefs. The safety lock ensures that there is no accidental ignition, and a broad base ensures the cylinder anti-toppling on the floor or the platform. Moreover, the body is made from aluminum alloy for the durability and longevity of the refillable torch.

The Piezo ignition technology lets the torch be used at any angle and even upside-down. Further, the ergonomic design enables you to hold the torch with one hand and use it seamlessly. You also get the adjustable temperature regulator for complete control of flame.


  • Safety Lock of the lighter guarantee prevention
  • The portable size and lightweight
  • Aluminum alloy body ensures both durability and longevity of the cylinder
  • Temperature regulator for controlling the flame


  • The continuous flame mode can be used for a maximum of 10 minutes at a time

What Factors To Consider Before Buying The Torch Lighters

Let’s look at the factors that should be taken into account for making the best torch lighter purchase

Flame Size

Adjustable flame size is something that you should always consider when buying torch lighters. For instance, lighting a cigar evenly would require you to have a medium and consistent flame that can light evenly. The torch should come with the features of regulating the flames so that you can decide as per the requirements.

Safety Features

Another vital aspect to consider while buying the torch lighters is safety features. The tool should come with a safety lock and other such features for preventing accidental lighting. Further, if you are going for culinary torches, it should have a more extensive base so that it does not tumble accidentally, causing injury.

Burning Duration

The flame should not go out too quickly as it would require you to switch on the flame multiple times. Apart from that, you should also ensure that the fuel capacity of the tank is enough and in line with the average time for which standard lighters burn.


It should be something that you can use for various purposes, from lighting a cigar to culinary activities like charring, searing, and creating sugar crust.


Torch Lighters are a great tool to have at home with a diverse range of features and functions that they can perform. However, selecting the lighter that suits your needs and also fits in your budget is the decision to be taken diligently. We hope our buying guide and well-research product reviews would assist our readers in finding the best torch lighters.