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10 Best Waffle Makers in 2024 

Taking waffles for breakfast can be an amazing thing to do in the morning. A great way to enjoy them with your family is by purchasing quality and classic waffle makers. Waffle makers are efficient, robust and make it easier to produce waffles in a quick time.

When buying a waffle maker, you need to select one that offers high efficiency. To help you find the best option in the market, we have tested and reviewed the top 10 best waffles makers. Also included in this article is a detailed buyer’s guide with well-researched criteria that will ease your purchasing decision process. Without further ado, let’s get our hands dirty.

Best Waffle Makers in 2024 Reviews

10. Chefman Perfect Pour Belgian Waffle Maker

Chefman Waffle Makers

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The Chefman Waffle Maker is a top-quality waffle maker that is reliable and ergonomic. It has a unique modern patented design that makes it easy to use. Also, it features an anti-leak system that ensures the batter is perfectly sealed while you cook. The waffle maker is easy to fill; you only need to twist its pour spout to the bottom. You’ll find the kitchen appliance ideal for making your favorite waffles all the time. Furthermore, the waffle maker features a compact and sleek design that makes its storage convenient.

Besides, the waffle maker comes with a cleaning tool that you can use to scrape batter from its surface to quicken the cleaning process. This kitchen appliance has a 700W power output, which is suitable for your cooking needs. Finally, it features advanced safety technology that makes it highly durable.


  • Durable to last long
  • Storage pouring spout
  • Comes with multiple recipes
  • Easy to clean
  • 700W power output

9. Cuisinart WAF-F20 Belgian Double Waffle Maker


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Finding the best waffle to suit your needs can be tough. Cuisinart waffle maker eases the challenge as it rotates completely, thus ensuring an even distribution of the ingredients; this promotes fluffy golden cooking. The waffle maker has a unique iron-made dual design which enables the flipping of 2 delicious waffles simultaneously.

It will last for a long period as it features durable construction made of rust-resistant stainless steel and a soft handle for high efficiency. The waffle maker has LED lights that allow you to check the progress for effective use. After use, it is easy to clean as you simply need to take off the drip tray and spill the remains, and then clean. Also, it is certified as a top-quality kitchen appliance.


  • Comes with LED lights
  • Efficient handle
  • Can deliver 2 waffles at once
  • Durable rust-resistant stainless steel construction

8. ThinkGeek Star Wars Evil Waffle Maker

ThinkGeek Waffle Makers

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Imagine making waffles that can relate to your favorite movie. The Star Wars Waffle Maker can make this a reality. The waffle maker delivers waffles that will bring back your memory of star wars to life. They’ll have a dessert look, all covered with whipped cream, powdered sugar, and strawberries, but they are technically breakfast.

The waffle maker can deliver beautiful 7-inch diameter waffles in 2 sections, giving you 2 waffles at a go. It features an innovative non-sticky plate design that makes the waffles come out in a fresh and unique design, thereby making your cooking perfect. The waffle maker has a suitable measurement for your kitchen when you’re cleaning or making waffles, plus it has a high-performance rate and is very durable.


  • The waffle produces a 7-inch diameter
  • Very durable
  • Suitable 8″ by 10″ by 4″ dimension
  • Makes 2 waffles simultaneously
  • Can make a variety of star wars designs

7. KRUPS Belgian 4-Slice Waffle Maker


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What does it feel like waking up to taste a delicious waffle? Purchasing the KRUPS Waffle Maker will make this a reality. With this waffle maker, you’ll be able to make 4 slice waffles and as well adjust the browning level (whether light or dark brown) to suit your taste. The waffle maker is highly efficient as it allows you to control what you cook by observing the red and green indicators.

The indicators will let you know when your waffles are ready or done while you hear a beep sound as soon as they are available. Extra waffles can be made in the deep additional pockets where you’ll get a light and fluffy interior and a crispy exterior. The waffle maker also comes with non-stick and die-cast plates and top-quality stainless construction with a cord wrap that enables efficient storage after locking the handle.


  • Non-sticky and Die-cast plates
  • Red and green indicators
  • Additional deep pockets for extra waffles
  • Beep sound when ready and available
  • Adjustable browning
  • Easy to clean
  • Can make 4 slice waffles

6. Dash Mini Maker

DASH Waffle Makers

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If you are looking to prepare more than waffles, the Dash Waffle Mini Maker is an ideal option. With this waffle maker, you can make waffles, paninis, hash brown, and even pizza biscuits with ease. It is lightweight and compact, thus making it a suitable kitchen appliance to make your kids a delicious breakfast.

The maker is highly efficient and easy to use as you only have to plug in to switch it on after you’ve added the ingredients. The maker will heat up in a few seconds, as it comes with non-sticky surfaced plates that enable consistent cooking whenever you need to make waffles. The mini maker is easy to use and offers versatility as it enables you to make other delicacies asides waffles whenever you want.


  • Durable and strong appliance
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Non-sticky surfaced plates
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Can make other delicacies asides waffles

5. Hamilton Beach Browning Control Waffle Maker

Hamilton Beach

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For people who like to make fluffy and thick waffles, consider buying the Hamilton Waffle Maker. It is designed to deliver fluffy and thick waffles while giving them a crispy outer look. The waffle maker comes with non-stick plates that are highly efficient as there’s no sticking or scrapping. It is easy to clean as you’ll only need to take off the grids.

The waffle maker features easy controls, which enables easy adjustment of the browning; you can make it darker or lighter depending on your preference. It is easy to wash and clean after use; you’ll only need to remove its drip tray and grid to get rid of the remains. The waffle maker is designed with stainless steel construction that gives it a modern look and enables you to make delicious delicacies.


  • Durable and strong stainless
  • Makes fluffy and thick waffles
  • Easy to adjust from dark to light brown
  • Grids are removable
  • Non-stick and removable plates

4. Presto 03510 Flipside Ceramic Waffle Maker

Presto Waffle Makers

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If you are looking to make your waffles using a ceramic waffle maker, your perfect choice should be the Presto Ceramic Waffle Maker. It features a professional design that is thick enough to bake more than 7-inch waffles and with sections that are easy to cut. Furthermore, the waffle maker has a dual function base, which offers a brilliant lock and convenient rotation that enables smart baking to the best result.

It also features a vertical standing position. This allows secure storage using a digital display timer that lets you know the progress as well as when your waffle is ready. The dual functionality is as a result of a 180 degrees flipping that allows easy oil spread or batter. It is also very easy to clean.


  • Stainless construction
  • Digital display timer
  • Dual functionality
  • Professional design
  • Can make waffles with up to a 7-inch diameter

3. Baoshishan Egg Hong Kong Commercial Waffle Maker


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This is a wonderful waffle maker that can bake delicious waffles with ease. It creates large hexagon-style waffles that have unique bubble textures on them. The waffle maker has a 2-in-1 functionality that enables it to produce 2 waffles simultaneously. It can rotate up to 360 degrees, and it has a durable construction with high-quality stainless steel material.

The waffle maker is perfect for use in places like a café, family kitchen, hotel, coffee shop, among others. It features non-sticky surfaces that make it easy to clean and remove the waffles. It has a compact and sleek design for convenient storage.


  • Non-sticky coating
  • Industrial stainless steel construction
  • 360-degree mechanism
  • Corrosion and rust resistance
  • 2-in-1 functionality

2. BLACK+DECKER Flip Waffle Maker

BLACK+DECKER Waffle Makers

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Another great waffle that can suit your needs is the BLACK DECKER Waffle Maker. It is an awesome waffle maker that has 7-inch waffle plates which enable you to make four delicious waffles per batch.

The waffle maker has a non-stick plate that enables you to make an attractive waffle shape and as well prevents oil and butter spillage as you’ll only need to apply a little butter or oil. For high efficiency, you can rotate your cooking system to 180°. The waffle maker is highly efficient as it features an indicator that lets you know your waffle is ready.


  • Rotate to 180
  • non-sticky
  • Indicator light
  • Makes 4 waffles at once

1. Oster Belgian Waffle Maker


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The Oster Waffle Maker is another awesome kitchen appliance for making delicious waffles. It is a unique and versatile waffle maker that enables you to prepare large round waffles. It has deep pockets that hold enough toppings and syrups for your waffle needs. Furthermore, the waffle maker features 8-inch non-sticky plates that release your waffles with ease when they are ready in the best possible shape.

The temperature can be adjusted using the controls to allow customization of your cooking and for excellent finishes and batters as well. The waffle maker offers delicious waffles for your home and friends. It has a firm grip handle that is safe to hold and protect you from fatigues.


  • Durable stainless construction
  • Temperature can be adjusted
  • Features a 1080W power output
  • 8-inch non-sticky plates
  • makes large round waffles

Buying Guide Choosing on Waffle Makers

There are many types of waffle makers available in the market. Some have better designs, large sizes, non-sticky surfaces, etc. Listed below are some essential factors you should consider before making your purchase of the best waffle makers in 2024.

  • Construction

Ensure to select a durable and high-quality waffle maker that can serve you longer and better. Such a waffle maker should be constructed with heavy-duty materials such as die-cast aluminum, copper, or stainless steel materials. The ones made with stainless steel are highly durable as they are rust and corrosion-resistant. Also, it enables fast cooking through evenly distributed heat.

  • Power Output

The power outputs of waffle makers differ, which implies that you’ll need to select one that can suit your baking needs. If you’re looking to have a large commercial waffle maker, ensure to select options with up to 1400W power output. A waffle maker with such power output will bake evenly and faster in a short time. In addition to this, the waffle maker should have a variety of Browning levels.

  • Type

There are many kinds of waffles that you’d like to make, from crispy to Belgian waffles. So, you must select the most suitable waffle maker depending on the kind of waffles you want to make.

  • Speed

You should also ensure that you pick the best waffle maker that offers speed and high performance without affecting the taste or look of your waffles. Pick a waffle maker that can cook fast and get your breakfast ready within a few minutes.

  • Cleaning and storage

Also, you should ensure to select a waffle maker that is easy to clean and wash. Ensure that it has a good design/structure as well, to enable easy storage and make your job easier.


Now that you have a review of the top 10 best waffle makers, we hope that you can make the perfect choice to prepare delicious waffles whenever you want. The above-listed waffle makers have unique features that suit everyone. Besides, you can get them at very affordable prices. We have also harmed you with detailed buyers that discusses factor to consider when making a purchasing decision.