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10 Best Water Balloon Launchers in 2024

Are you tired of throwing water balloon from your hands and want to give some relief to your hands? If yes, then why don’t you shop the best water balloon launcher that is available in numerous models in the market? This equipment is made for individuals who don’t want to settle with the low limits set by the human body. Upgrading yourself with these launchers will be a fun way to enjoy that you can’t enjoy with bare hands.

Our team receives numerous requests from readers about this equipment and how to choose the right model out of immense choice available out there. To easing buyer’s tensions, our team has made research and testing for creating a list of top 10 best water balloon launchers to buy in 2024. Brief information about each unit is added for your convenience. Let’s check out each one and shop the model you like the most.

List of Best Water Balloon Launchers Review

10. Ideas in Life Water Balloon Launcher (best for summer parties)

Ideas In Life Water Balloon Launchers

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Are you ready to have a fun blast in the upcoming holiday season? If yes, then shop this unit made from top quality material by Ideas in Life brand. It is an affordable product having top quality elastic straps and foam handles.

Play with this brilliant launcher will be an incredible option to relax with your friends and family. It is an ideal option to shop water balloon launcher at an affordable price.


  • Capable of performing ultra-fun shooting
  • Available at an ultimate price range
  • Equipped with high-quality handles


  • Constructions look pretty cheap

9. Anreoner Water Balloon Launcher (best for durability)


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Another awesome unit that one can shop for adding fun in any dull moment is this water balloon launcher from Anreoner brand. It is a heavy-duty product delivered with a set of 500 balloons.

On top of that, the company delivers it with a money-back guarantee and a portable carry bag for the convenience of buyers.


  • Heavy-duty launcher kit
  • Sold at an affordable rate
  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee


  • None considering its affordable price

8. Hydro Sling The Assault

Hydro Water Balloon Launchers

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The next unit that we want to mention is this launcher that delivered in a package with 150 free water balloons. There is a tremendous job performed by the company in the designing process of this product.

It has an impressive unit that can throw balloons at a distance up to 200 yards with ease.


  • Awesome instruction manual
  • Delivered with a free carrying case
  • Capable of throwing at a distance up to 200 yards


  • Complaints about throwing distance

7. Pokonboy (best 500 yards)


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This unit from Pokonboy brand is one of the best water balloon launchers that can throw at a distance up to 500 yards. It is a brilliantly designed unit delivered in a giant package having one heavy-duty launcher, two refill kits, and 500 balloons.

There are hose nozzles added on the unit for filling balloons easier and quickly with water.


  • Capable of performing long shots
  • Available to shop at an affordable price
  • Equipped with hose nozzles for easy filing


  • The harsh smell from material

6. Bunch O Balloons Water Balloons Slingshot (best under $30)

Bunch O Balloons Water Balloon Launchers

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With an ability to throwing balloons up to 100 feet, this unit is also capable of filling and toeing more than 100 balloons with one minute. This model from the Bunch O Balloons brand is manufactured using biodegradable and recyclable material.

It is a highly recommended unit for kids above 6 years due to easy and convenient use.


  • Equipped with a lightweight slingshot
  • Capable of filling balloons pretty quickly
  • Made using environmentally friendly material


  • Very costly to shop

5. Stream Machine Water Sports 80082 (best one-person water balloon launcher)

Stream Machine

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If you are one of those people who prefer battling again, then shop the Water Sports 80082 without looking further. It is an amazing device that allows the users to send balloons quite high in the air. The company delivers it in a kit having balloon tying tool, wrist balloon launcher, a filling nozzle, and a pack of biodegradable balloons.

This unit is a brilliant launcher to use for picnics and pool parties with ease. Also, using it is quite simple and easier, even for first-timers.


  • Can be used even by a single person
  • Capable of pushing balloons through the air
  • Come with a package having all the needed accessories


  • Complaints about balloons popping before throwing

4. CX Blaster Water Balloon Launcher (best 200-yard)

CX Blaster Water Balloon Launchers

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The next one that we are going to mention in list is this exceptional model from CX Blaster brand. The company has used surgical tubing for manufacturing this unit that allows it to throw balloons to a distance up to 200 yards.

There is also a high-quality balloon launch pouch added for the convenience of buyers. Also, you can shop this 100% US-made product by paying a pretty decent amount.


  • Equipped with rip-proof vinyl grips for better convenience
  • Can be yours at a reasonable price
  • Made using high-quality surgical tubing


  • Pretty low throwing range up to 200 yards

3. KAOS Catapult Water Balloon Launcher (best budget-friendly pick)


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Are you one of those people who play with balloon launcher once or twice a year? If yes, then you shouldn’t invest in costly units as this affordable option can fulfill your needs adequately. Despite being an affordable product, it can shoot at a distance up to 300 feet.

It is a three-person launcher that delivered by a company with water bombs, so there is nothing that needs to be shopped separately. Also, you will get 50 water balloons free with this top-grade unit.


  • One of the cheapest launchers to shop
  • Equipped with high-quality slings
  • Delivered with water bombs and balloons


  • Foam gets broken out from the handle after some years of use

2. Seabillies Beast (best 300-yard)

SEABILLIES Water Balloon Launchers

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The individuals looking to throw balloons up to 300 yards should shop for this model from Seabillies brand. It is a solid package that comes with things like launcher, water balloons, and instructions manual.

It is a highly recommended product for both kids as well as older people. You can shop it for having backyard fun with family or friends together.


  • Delivered with easy to understand instruction set
  • Equipped with a complete set of accessories
  • Slings made from high-quality material


  • Can’t throw the balloon at a distance more than 300 yards

1. Timi Tree Water Balloon Launcher (editor’s choice)


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If you are one of those people who don’t get satisfied with anything less than perfectness, then this water balloon launcher needs to be shopped. It is an excellent option for outdoor parties for enjoying with a splash. Apart from balloons, you can use this unit for many other things like splash balls, nerf balls, pumpkins, and snowballs among others.

The main thing that makes this product superb is its ability to send balloons for longer distances. It is a worthy unit that deserves to be top any list of water balloon launchers for sure.


  • Manufactured with high-quality material for long-lasting fun
  • Throw balloons up to 500 yards with minimal effort
  • Available to shop at a convincing price range


  • Demand three people to get operated

How to choose the best water balloon launcher?

There are tons of considerations to keep in mind while shopping this unit as we know the market is full of models. Many buyers avoid even looking at them and get disappointed later. Have a look at them in detail below:

  • Materials

The most important thing to check in a launcher is the material used for making the parts like tubing and handles. When it comes to tubing, go for the nylon material as they are most durable. Vinyl will also be a better choice for long-lasting models.

On the other hand, try to find models that come with rubber handles as they aren’t only comfortable, but also don’t break easily.

  • Size

The next thing that you shouldn’t miss while shopping the launcher is the size of the balloon. It will get determined by checking the size of the cradle that tells about the size of water balloons fits in it.
Always keep in mind that the weight of bigger balloons is more and that’s sending them to long distances will be a harder prospect.

  • Price

This machine is available in a variety of price range, so the chances of getting confused are quite higher. If you ask our team, then try to go for a mid-range that is available under $20.

If you are looking for something extraordinary, then the models available between US$ 25 and US$ 30 will be an ideal choice to make.


Each product mentioned in this post is worthy of your investment for sure. Our team has tested all of them briefly to ensure that the buyers don’t have to compromise with quality. A backyard water balloon fight will be a thrilling thing to do on a holiday that you shouldn’t miss.

Shop one of these best water balloon launchers that mentioned in this list after calculating your needs convincingly. Please try to stay within your budget without putting too much strain on your pocket. If you have a query regarding this unit, then write in the comment section without any hesitation.