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10 Best Wedge Pillows in 2024

Are you dealing with health issues related to snoring, back pain, respiratory problems, etc? If yes, then you need to buy a wedge pillow recommended by doctors for such individuals. These pillows have a brilliant triangular construction that can offer relief to back pain and assists in elevating legs.

However, you should be wondering how to found the right wedge pillow. There are hundreds of brands manufacturing this product that make things difficult. In this post, we will tell you about the top 10 best wedge pillows in 2024. Our team has created it after tremendous research that has lasted more than 30 hours. You only need to check it carefully and then make your choice.

List of Top Best Wedge Pillows Review on Amazon

10. InteVision Foam Bed Wedge Pillow (for the post-surgery patient)

InteVision Wedge Pillows

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Having two-layer construction, this comfortable and supportive product is a perfect option that you can buy for proper relief. This InteVision wedge pillow comes with a unique & built-in channel that boosts the air circulation and keeps the body cool.

It is a versatile item having a machine-washable white cover that doesn’t attain dust easily. This product is available in three different sizes that vary in price from each other.


  • Equipped with a 2-inch memory foam layer
  • Provide perfect support to patients after surgery
  • Delivered with a machine-washable cover


  • Some complaint about the gasoline smell in the pillow

9. hiccapop Maternity Wedge Pillow (ideal for pregnant ladies)

hiccapop Wedge Pillows

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This brand involved in the manufacturing of high-quality wedge pillows for ladies who are on maternity. You will find their product very comfortable along with offering the right support.

It is manufactured using top-grade materials that allow the pillow to last more than expectation. Additionally, the company delivers it with a carry bag so moving it from one place to another won’t be an issue.


  • Proper support throughout the night
  • Pretty easy to clean cover
  • Last long for many years


  • Not flexible enough

8. FitPlus Bed Wedge (best for snoring and GERD)

FitPlus Wedge Pillows

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Equipped with a firm texture, this excellent wedge pillows can offer great support to people who snore a lot. The company uses extremely top-grade foam that can adapt itself according to the shape of the user.

There is a gradual slope added on this pillow that relaxes the muscles and tissues greatly. In addition to snoring, this product can be a perfect option for side and back sleepers. The company sells it a two-year warranty along with a satisfaction guarantee of 60 days that is nothing short of a blessing for the buyers.


  • Equipped with a removable cover for easy maintenance
  • Perfect for people with back pain & snoring
  • Assists in dealing with acid reflux


  • Pretty average quality product

7. Brentwood Therapeutic Foam Bed Wedge Pillow

Brentwood Wedge Pillows

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If you want to give amazing support to your back, then this superb product needs your attention for sure. It manufactured by Brentwood brand using high-quality & flexible polyurethane foam that makes this product extremely lightweight.

You can have complete relief from pain along with some assistance with acid reflux by having this wedge pillow. On top of that, there is a breathable bamboo cover added by the company so that the pillow stays healthy for extended periods.


  • Made from completely chemical free material
  • Assists in easing digestion
  • Available in many different sizes


  • Zipper made from poor material

6. Restorology Elevating Memory Foam Pillow (best for the leg)

Restorology Wedge Pillows

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If you are looking for a high-quality pillow for resting your leg, then there won’t be anything better than this one. This wedge pillow weighs only 3.5 pounds and assists greatly in alleviating pain from the leg. The greatest thing about this product is that you won’t feel any pain in the back even after using this product for a complete day.

Besides that, the company delivers it with a 30-day warranty that makes it one of the best wedge pillows in the market. You can invest money in this product without having any second thoughts in mind.


  • Equipped with memory foam material
  • Perfect height for eliminating pain
  • Assist in recovering from leg pain


  • Not ideal for taller individuals

5. Xtreme Comforts 7” Memory Foam (best for shoulder pain individuals)

Xtreme Comforts Wedge Pillows

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If you are one of those people who often have to deal with shoulder pain, then you can think about buying an amazing model manufactured by Xtreme Comforts brand. It is suitable for people of all the age groups. Furthermore, the people who snore a lot will also receive benefits using this for sure.

The total thickness of this wedge pillow is 7.5” that is ideal for individuals who often experience acid reflux. Along with that, you don’t have to buy too much money for buying this unit.


  • Boost blood circulation
  • Give relief from neck & shoulder pain
  • Ideal for all age groups


  • The bamboo smell might irritate some people

4. Mabis DMS Healthcare Foam Wedge Pillow (recommended by doctors)

Mabis Dmi Healthcare Wedge Pillows

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The fourth position in this list is kept by an amazing wedge pillow manufactured by Mabis brand. It is a doctor recommended product having durable foam and versatile uses. The gradual slope of this pillow assists in eliminating respiratory issues.

Along with that, you will find great relief from neck & shoulder pain. Sleeping with this pillow will ensure proper blood flow to the brain and better circulation. Overall, it is an excellent product that you can buy for excellent support.


  • Equip with high-quality machine washable cover
  • Boost blood flow in the body
  • Perfect for effective leg elevation


  • Little bit harder foam

3. Aeris Large Memory Foam Wedge Pillow (best for breathing issues)

AERIS Wedge Pillows

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Many people deal with health issues about breathing that is a common problem in the United States. The Aeris brand has manufactured this wedge pillow for such individuals to give them some relief from breathing problem along with GERD, snoring, and poor blood circulation.

The company has used high-quality 100% memory foam so that the users have proper comfort with it. On the other hand, it comes with a machine-washable cover made from white bamboo. It is a brilliant choice that you can make for complete comfort.


  • Made using a high-quality and sturdy material
  • Easy to clean and long life cover
  • Delivered with a lifetime replacement guarantee


  • Pretty expensive to buy a wedge pillow

2. MedCline Advance Positioning Wedge Pillow (editor’s choice)

MedCline Wedge Pillows

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The product loved most by the researchers and testers is this advanced wedge produced by MedCline brand. It is a substantial product that offers relief from a great range of health problems related to body aches, poor blood circulation, acid reflux, and many more.

It has high-quality foam that never loses its shape even if used for an extended period. In addition to its health benefits and awesome quality, the people love this product due to it’s easy to remove & washing cover.


  • No sliding due to pillow’s advanced positioning
  • Equipped with a top arm pocket for better stability
  • Adequate support and comfort


  • None at all

1. MedSlant Wedge Pillow ( best long-lasting wedge pillow)

MedSlant Wedge Pillows

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This amazing and long-lasting wedge pillow is a hypoallergenic model that can last for many years. The MedSlant brand has used pretty high-quality foam that gives optimum support to the back. On top of that, the company has added a 7-inch slant with a motive to offer mild elevation.

On the other hand, the hypoallergenic memory foam used in this product along with a good smelling neutralizer. Furthermore, the length of 28” ensures that you have enough space in the room. It is a complete package that you can buy for having convincing results.


  • Provide perfect sleep
  • Made using hypo-allergenic memory foam
  • Deliver with a microfiber and washable cover


  • Inferior need some improvement

What are the characteristics needed to be checked while buying a wedge pillow?

If you want to buy the best wedge pillow, then you have to check the following characteristics in the product. Check out each of them in detail below:


These pillows are available in many different shapes like flat, contour, etc. You should first decide which shape suit you perfectly and then decide according to them.


The weight of wedge pillows starts from two pounds and go up to 10 pounds. Both light and heavier ones have their benefits. When it comes to lighter ones, they are easier to maneuver, but these pillows aren’t ideal for sleeping as they move easily.

On the other hand, the heavier ones are very tough to maneuver but move pretty less so that the sleep doesn’t get disturbed.


The high-quality wedge pillows are the ones that manufactured using top-grade memory foam. On the other hand, you should go for the covers made from synthetic fabrics. Anything made from other than this won’t be a good option.


You have to clean the cover of your wedge pillow consistently. That’s why it is important to buy a pillow that can be cleaned with minimal effort.


Spending money in a wedge pillow will turn out to be a great investment that you should make for getting greater returns. However, you need to be smart and choose one from this list about best wedge pillows. Go for any of them according to your needs, and it guarantees that you won’t get disappointed at all.