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10 Best Weighted Jump Ropes in 2024

Feel like getting some fresh air and the morning sun? Take it with you outdoors. Get that fittest body in no time and enjoy it! You can go for daily exercises; however, getting a weighted jump rope will also help you achieve a toned body. Having all the properties that can help to tone down and bring back the shape, it is even used in gyms. Plus, the length is not an issue as you can adjust accordingly.

However, you can now carry out exercises with these ropes just at your home. So, just take a pick from the weighted jump ropes buying guide and start the exercises now.

The Best Weighted Jump Ropes to Buy in 2024

10. Golden Stallion Jump Rope

Golden Stallion Jump Ropes

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Golden Stallion’s jump rope has its own niche of loyal users, and why not so? One of the most timeless and vintage designs in the market, this jump rope surely stands out like no other. The materials used in the jump rope construction explain this. An impressive combination of high-grade real leather and polished, it looks gorgeous. What else is more enticing?

As a matter of fact, the rope is adjusted as needed. Plus, the product has wooden handles that complement the whole product very well.

Key Features:

  • The very best quality of ball bearings is used for a smooth-serving jump-rope for a lifetime.
  • The length of the rope is flexible. Anyone can use it according to their own specifications.
  • This rope has an impressive length of 9-ft.

9. Fitpolo Jump Rope


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Durability is what you are promised with this weighted jump rope. A tough and resistant amalgamation of PVC and wires made of steel, this is meant to last for ages. The handles have memory foam construction and are ergonomically constructed for an ideal grip preventing any slip from sweaty palms.

Next, it has the smoothest ball bearing system that increases the speed and makes it one of the fastest ropes. Plus, the foam handle absorbs the sweat that in turn helps in obtaining a comfortable grip.

Key Features:

  • Fitpolo’s weighted jump ropes come with a total refund assurance in case you are discontented with your buy.
  • This jump rope is 9.8-feet in length but it is cut short according to necessity.
  • No more tangled wire woes! It is absolutely free of knots.

8. Redipo Weighted Jump Rope

Redipo Weighted Jump Ropes

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Sweat all you want with Redipo’s weighted jump rope. Its slip-resistant handles will keep your grip secured in case of excessive sweat on the palms. Plus, its user-friendly shape and the padded structure help you to grab the handles with ease. Its latest ball-bearing installation makes spinning the rope, smooth as butter.

The best part is that anyone can use it disregarding age or gender. Thanks to its quick adjustment system. Weighing just perfect, this product is fully slip-proof and is made for individuals of all ages.

Key Features:

  • It is super easy to carry around with you.
  • It may seem like a piece of rope but the surprise is that it is an entire body toning equipment. This weight enables you to burn double the calories that you would have done with a standard jump rope in the same time frame.
  • Indeed a portable product that will certainly come down to a compact size.

7. LOMA Premium Balanced


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This product is not just about a weighted jumping rope, it is also about a meticulous plan to get that beach body along with some very special training tools. Yes, it is special. Designed by one of the top boxers, namely, Lomachenko, you will be using the weapon of the master himself. And that too under his own guidance. This rope certainly promises not to cause pain or tiredness in your arm or shoulder area. Having an ergonomic grip, this adjustable rope will rightly fit in your palm.

It will come with a month-long diet chart and some extraordinary visual footage to do it rightly in one shot. So, stop thinking and start acting!

Key Features:

  • It is accompanied by a set of complimentary goodies like a trendy wristband and a lighter speed rope for advanced work-out sessions.
  • A host of physical fitness activities is done with this weighted jump rope. These are boxing, MMA, Crossfit or just shedding those extra pounds.
  • Perfect for men, women as well as children, it helps in increasing speed.

6. Sinrida Weighted Jump Rope

Sinrida Weighted Jump Ropes

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This hi-tech jump rope from Sinrida is sure to win anyone over. For anyone looking to make significant and precise physical fitness progress in a given time, this is the best option. Its cordless jumping function aids those who do not intend on skipping rope but wants to achieve similar benefits. Or probably due lack of space for spinning a jump rope! Swap between normal jump rope and the cordless one as and when you feel like.

The handles are slip-resistant so that a firm grip is ensured. However, the cherry on the cake for this product is its high definition LED display. Therefore, keeps a track of the number of circles you are jumping, the weight that you are working on. And above all, the calories that you are busting every minute you are working on this.

Key Features:

  • It is manufactured in two quirky colors. Take your pick now!
  • The length of the jump rope can be increased or decreased. Thus facilitating its use by men, women and children of all ages alike.
  • It is indeed absolutely hassle-free. Moreover, the weights on the handles are detachable hence suits both experts and beginners.

5. WOD Nation Weighted Jump Rope

WOD Nation

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Complete with removable weights on each handle, WOD Nation’s weighted jump rope is a must-try. Whether boxing is your interest or simply hopping on the rope makes you feel fit, it is totally your call. But whatever you decide to do, this jump rope will never fail to impress you. The anti-slip handles avert slipping from palms due to sweat so practice all you want!

The product is a combination of two different types of jump rope. On one hand, there is the light speed-jumping rope for advanced trainers. While on the other hand, there is a heavy rope for beginners to set their own pace.

Key Features:

  • The screws present in the handles allow adjusting the length as per the requirement. Therefore, no problems while choosing the perfect length jump rope for yourself.
  • If you are just a beginner, then this weighted jump rope is your ultimate rescuer.
  • The handles add an extra 1 pound to the weight of the rope.

4. Limm All-Purpose Fitness Jump Rope

Limm Weighted Jump Ropes

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This jump rope from Limm is the perfect balance between a fun, colorful design and super functional fitness equipment. It is 9.8-feet long rope is of the best quality materials to prevent it from being entangled. The ball-bearing fittings on the handles vouch for unlimited problem-free spins.

Jump as fast as a horse or slow and steady, this jump rope makes sure that you do it for prolonged hours without any discomfort, caused by perspiring palms. Not to mention its feather-light weight and you will enjoy training with it.

 Key Features:

  • This jump rope is totally adjustable so no worries about whether its’ size will suit you or not. Good for all genders and ages!
  • No more hassle in detangling the ropes as it is fully tangle-free.
  • The handles are of foam; therefore, you will feel no extra pressure on your palms.

3. N1Fit Weighted Jump Rope


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A favorite among all types of users, from novice to expert. This jump rope is an easy solution to most of your fitness problems. Be it losing unwanted fat, toning up the muscles or increasing stamina, this has a weight of 1.5 lbs. Therefore, it spins slowly compared to others.

Training on it, addresses the entire body, thanks to its weight and slip-resistant handles. Plus, if you are high on cardio-vascular regimes, this weighted jump rope will help you get rid of twice the number of calories as compared to ordinary cardio work-outs.

Key Features:

  • It is extremely easy to make alterations to the length of the jump rope. Thus, it is used according to necessity.
  • Apart from a sweat-free experience, it has a diameter of 12mm and a length of 108-inches.
  • It is used for other sports activities like boxing as well.

2. Pulse Weighted Jump Rope

Pulse Weighted Jump Ropes

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Get back in shape at lightning speed with the top-rated weighted jump rope in the market. Pulse brings you the ultimate fitness equipment. If you are a beginner, go for the rope without weights and if you are a pro, then attach the weights to the rope. No, there is no need to buy these separately; it is all there in one package for you.

It does not matter if you are working on your endurance level or just trying to lose some weight, this jump rope is the solution to all your workout needs.

Key Features:

  • It is a multi-purpose rope that is by both grown-ups and kids.
  • The length is shortened or stretched as per the requirement.
  • This product has a state of the art design handles, consisting of memory foam. As a result, it is perfect for any kind of jumping style.

1. Crossrope Weighted Jump Rope Set


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Are you a hardcore fitness enthusiast? Then, this weighted jump rope from Crossrope assures to keep your palms blister-free for the longest period of time. Its’ handles are manufactured in such a way that no matter how much you exercise, your hands are safe. The best part about this product is that it comes co-ordinated with a complimentary fitness application. In fact, it is applicable for use on your cell phone.

Ignoring the fact that you are a novice or expert, this app has something for everyone. If you are honest about your regimen, a month is all you need to improve your physical health considerably.

Key Features:

  • Two distinct ropes for a variety of work-outs. Of the two ropes, one has less weight for high-speed, extensive training. While the other is thicker and heavier to facilitate an easy handling for beginners.
  • It has a unique and latest ‘Fast clip system’. As a result, ensures quick attachment of either rope to handles while switching from one type of work-out to another.
  • It is completely devoid of unnecessary knots that form when the jump rope coils or tangles.
  • The size of the jump rope ranges from as much as 9.5-feet to 8-feet.

Keep increasing your stamina and get the body in shape with the help of best weighted jump ropes. These are sturdy and you can tick off those body goals.