Top 10 Best Women’s Tennis Rackets in 2020


The craze for learning new skills has always taken over many individuals at some point in time. And tennis is one such that both men, as well as women, adore. But in order to perform the best in the court, the right equipment is needed. The women’s tennis rackets are indeed a great choice that helps you to be an ace in the field. It provides the right balance and comfort.

Given is the list of top women’s tennis rackets that will keep you active in the game and will also benefit the beginners. So, give it a read and achieve the best feat.

List of Best Women’s Tennis Rackets Review

10. Babolat 2020 Boost Strike Tennis Racquet

Babolat Women’s Tennis Rackets

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Having a minimal price, this racquet has a carbon fiber frame to resist all the aggressive impacts. As a result, it is perfect for buyers. The controlling power of the racquet is high so the players get confidence while playing with it. Featuring a 10.4 strung, your shots will be indeed perfect.

Besides, it includes 3 headlights, as a matter of fact; you never have to miss on any shot. Lastly, the Babolat addiction string truly defines the quality of the strings.

Reasons to use:

  • It gives you a feeling of soft-touch, providing you with ease and comfort.
  • This is rather a good amalgamation of spin, speed and power.
  • The lightweight of this bat makes it easy for anyone to carry it while traveling.

9. Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Lite Tennis Racquet

Babolat Women’s Tennis Rackets

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This Babolat Racquet is the potent adaptation of the bat used by Raphael Nadal. This racquet will provide you with flexibility, ease and comfort. It gives you a high controlling power. The lightweight rather makes it easy for the player to play with it swiftly and soothingly.

In addition to that, this is a powerful spin apparatus with FSI spin technology. Overall, you can play in a swifter way with this racquet, made up of the new Frame-String Technology.

Reasons to Use:

  • The aerodynamic frame gives a faster swing to chase through with more balls.
  • This bat improves the feel with the ball as the cortex system strains out the vibration.
  • Indeed has one of the best strings by USRSA Master Racquet Technicians.

8. Do It Tennis Wilson Racquet Starter Kit

Do It Tennis

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This racquet set consists of 1 Racquet and 3 Wilson Pink Intrigue balls. Firstly, the pink color works as an attraction for women. This bat has an oversized head and this bat can easily filter out the vibration with the help of the Stop Shock Sleeves. Thus they provide you with greater control.

Furthermore, the power of the racquet certainly increases with the sweet spot in it via V-matrix Technology. Providing sufficient power for playing, one will certainly get 9 points light head along with it.

Reasons to use:

  • This racquet has a sweet spot with more power. And it all happens cause of V-Matrix Technology.
  • The racquet with 3 balls rather makes a perfect gift set for tennis lovers.

7. HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket

HEAD Women’s Tennis Rackets

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This racquet is the best deal for beginners and casual players. The oversized head indeed gives a larger sweet spot which actually helps the players to chase the balls well. Most modern techniques are used to build this racquet. As a matter of fact, this is improvised athletic equipment.

Along with that, the Nano titanium technology makes the bat light-weighted therefore easy to carry. Above all, the vibration is reduced increasing the stability with the Head Light Technology.

Reasons to use:

  • It is certainly bat is made of titanium hence it is durable.
  • This bat offers more power and permanence.
  • This racquet is agile and handy.

6. Wilson Federer Adult Tennis Racket


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This racquet is named after one of the milestones of the tennis world. It certainly provides forgiveness, potency and immovability. Moreover, it is designed in a way with an everlasting red and vivacious look that will fuel up your passion for tennis.

Given that, it aids in maintaining the balance of the product. Added USP? It has already taken part in 500+ grand slams.

Reasons to use:

  • The stop shock pads help to minimize the vibration within the bats.
  • The moisture is easily absorbed with the perforated grip thus rise in your comfort.
  • This is rather featured with Airlite bumper guard.

5. Wilson Hyper Tennis Racquet


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This racquet is ideal for the players as they are power frames with squat and concrete swings. The oversized head of the racquet endows it with more efficiency and power. Due to its heavyweight, it fetches more stability through the swings. Furthermore, it is idyllic for players with long and fast strokes.

The hyper hammer certainly makes it movable, flexible and efficiencies it with more controlling power.

Reasons to use:

  • The open string pattern of the bat indeed gives it more power and stability.
  • The headlight feature provides more mass to the handle helping the player to control it in a better way.

4. HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet


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This racquet bat is extra long in length and features a string pattern of 16*19. The racquet is 1 head heavy with 115-square inches. It is very easy to carry the racket and play with it. The weight of the racket is 8 oz i.e. rather considered as light weighted.

However, it has 28.5 mm racquet beams that provide all the support. Finally, the size of the head is 115-square inches and will do justice to your game.

Reasons to use:

  • This racquet is made with the incorporation of titanium as well as graphite.
  • Due to the mixture, the racket is certainly light-weighted and has potency.
  • The racquet is very included in the list of longevity as it contains graphite.

3. Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket

Wilson Women’s Tennis Rackets

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When the contact of the bat with the ball is less than perfect, the 112-square feet head of the racquet guarantees high power and comfort. You can assail the ball with extra impetus with the 27.5 extra lengths.

However, this bat has aluminum construction, as a result, the strength factor is enhanced. This is a synthetic product made in the USA and then imported.

Reasons to use:

  • It is made with volcanic frame technology that bestows the racquet with more control and permanence.
  • The racquet has stop shock pads that help in controlling the vibration
  • The power strings of the bat indeed increase the power.

2. Athletico 3 Racquet Tennis Bag


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This tennis bat will last long as it is made of water-resistant, durable 600D polyester. You can easily assemble the gear in one place with the help of multiple XL compartments. The padded shoulder strap allows you to clutch the bag easily. And it will rather not provide any pressure to your shoulders.

Above all, the padded cover will shield your rackets. The back pockets are also available in the bag where you can easily keep your wallet and phone.

Reasons to use:

  • This tennis bag has XL front pockets that can easily hold tennis accessories like grip tape, balls, towel, etc.
  • The bat is light-weighted hence can easily travel with them.
  • Three oversized rackets will certainly fit in the bag due to its wide opening.

1. HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

HEAD Women’s Tennis Rackets

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Your child can start her first tennis lesson with the Head’s racquet series. This bat has aluminum construction, thus, it is light weighted. And it is certainly easy for anyone to carry and play with it. Moreover, it is made with all the advanced techniques to enhance the state of athletic equipment.

Having a minimum weight of 8 ounces, one can tackle it effortlessly.

Reasons to use:

  • A perfect solution for beginners.
  • The special feature of this bat is the “headlight balance”. It indeed helps to minimize the vibration and sustain the stability when striking the ball.
  • The racket is durable as it is made of O-beam aluminum, can easily last long.

So want to be a player that could make the world proud? The women tennis racquets will help you to make the most of your talents. If you’re looking for the best women’s tennis shoes check here for the best choice!

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  1. Admin – Old version of this article

    Playing tennis is one of the most favorite outdoor games among women. Some of them take it as a hobby to keep themselves fit while others take it up as a profession. There are professional tournaments available for women to progress in tennis. But to begin with, one should know that the tennis rackets for men and women are different. There are tailor-made rackets available for women which are lightweight and more power and speed generating in comparison to men’s. Check out the top 10 best women’s tennis rackets below.

    List of Top Best Women’s Tennis Rackets Review

    10. Wilson Hope Lite Tennis Racquet

    This is a perfect tennis racket for women players, and it has a lightweight frame. It comes in a Diamond Edge design and has got strung. This will give you great control, and you will also feel good. With this, you will not get any unwanted vibrations as it has got stop shock pads. It is lightweight and very comfortable. This is also very strong and is an ideal gift for female tennis athletes.

    9. Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racket

    In this women’s tennis racket there is an increased sweet spot which will enhance your performance. With this, you will get greater control and minimize shock vibrations. This has also got a good grip, and you will be able to hold it comfortably. This is made up of AirLite alloy and is also lightweight. This is perfect for beginners and will give you the power to perform.

    8. Wilson Triumph Tennis Racket

    If you are looking for more power during your tennis match, then this is the perfect racket for you. It has got many amazing features and will give you greater control. This has got an enlarged sweet spot and is perfect for female tennis players. This is ideal for beginners and it also o weighs less. It is a perfect gift for someone who is in tennis and is a great value product.

    7. HEAD Tennis Racquet

    This is a super-oversized tennis racket for women where the pattern of the string is 18/19. With this, there will be good control in your game, and you will also get the power to perform. This has also got a very good grip, and you can choose from three different grip sizes. This has got resistant strings and is made up of titanium. This will give you a lightweight feel and has got a large sweet spot.

    6. Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racquet

    In this tennis racket, there is a large head, and it will give you the power to perform. With this, you can attack the ball very well, and it has also got a head light balance. This will give you improved comfort and will reduce the vibration when you are on the court. With the added length you will get a swing, and you can also hold it comfortably. This tennis racket is suitable for both men and women.

    5. Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet

    This is an imported tennis racket which is ideal for stability and power. It has got longer main strings which will allow you to perform very well. With the stop shock pads, there will be an improved comfort, and you will also reduce the unwanted vibrations. This has got a comfortable grip and will make you hit with depth and power. The arc technology of the racket, as well as the perforated grip, will absorb moisture.

    4. Wilson Adult Strung Tennis Racket

    With this tennis racket for women’s, you will get added control, and you will also get greater stability. With the perforated grip, you will get cool comfort, and it will also absorb the moisture. The power string will give you enhanced power, and there will also be reduced vibration with greater control with its stop shock pads. This is available in two different colors, and you can also select from various grip sizes. The design of the racket is outstanding and very attractive.

    3. Wilson Hyper Hammer Tennis Racket

    In this women’s tennis racket you will bet increased stability as it has got head heavy balance. You can select from various grip sizes and is perfect for players with compact swings. It has got an oversized head which will give power and forgiveness. In this, there is an open string pattern which will give you more spin and power. With the added length, you will hit the ball with ease. The construction is of high-quality and therefore, it is one of the most durable women’s tennis rackets available.

    2. HEAD Strung Tennis Racquet

    If you want to get a tennis racket where you can select the grip size, then this is the one you are looking for. It is lightweight and is made up of graphite and titanium. It will give you the exact power to perform when you are in court. This is also a durable product and will also give you a great feel. It comes with a strung and has got a large sweet spot cover. There are different sizes available, however, you have to buy a head cover.

    1. Wilson Tour Slam Strung Tennis Racket

    Made up of aluminum, this women’s tennis racket will give you great stability and power with its volcanic frame technology. It is synthetic and will give increased power with the power strings. With this, you will also get great control and reduce the racket vibration as it has got Stop Shock Pads. This comes in different colors, and you can also select from the many grip sizes. This has got lightweight strength as it has got AirLite alloy frame.


    While buying a women’s tennis racket for yourself or as a gift item, you have to select the right size. A wrong size will make it uncomfortable for the player to give her best performance and lose interest in the game. There are beautiful designs and colors available to suit one’s personality and choice. All the above-listed best women’s tennis rackets are of high-quality construction and sure to last for years with regular use.

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