Top 10 Best Yoga Blankets in 2020

Yoga helps to restore the peace in one’s mind. Some practice yoga in the comfort of their home while others prefer to go to different peaceful places to do their daily routine. Therefore, they certainly need a place where they can perform the moves comfortably. Well, the yoga blankets will never disappoint you with its performance. These are comfortable and one can just place it as well as use it at any desired location.

Having intricate designs and lovely motifs, the blankets come in different sizes and styles. When you have the liberty to choose from a wide range, then why should you settle for ordinary? Give the yoga blanket buying guide a read and the choice will now be yours.

The Best Yoga Blankets to Buy in 2020

10. MEXIMART Yoga Blanket

MEXIMART Yoga Blankets

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Add a traditional touch to your home with this one of a kind yoga blankets from MexiMart. Made with the best materials by the finest weavers in Mexico, these will liven up your home like no other. It is fit for keeping inside the house as a seating rug, a throw or simply as a yoga blanket.

You can also take it out with you on a picnic. Eye-catchy and unique, this yoga blanket is sure to earn you a few compliments. Furthermore, it is indeed an authentic Mexican Falsa Blanket that really looking amazing.

Key Features:

  • It is pretty large in size that will accommodate one and all.
  • It comes at a great price for a handmade item.
  • Next time a festival or cultural event is around the corner, be sure to add this in your list of festive décor items. It is just the right blend of tradition and utility.

9. Open Road Goods Yoga Blanket

Open Road Goods

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If a solid color is your style, Open Roads Goods have the perfect yoga blanket for you. It is one of the very few blankets coming from Mexico that sports a solid color. Unlike its market competitors, this yoga blanket comprises of a mixture of polyester, acrylic and cotton that will guarantee extended longevity. It is perfectly cleaned in the washing machine so use it out of doors, as much as you want.

Furthermore, the rainbow of hues is nothing but really pleasing to watch. Pick your color judiciously because there is many a temptation as far as the color of this yoga blanket is concerned.

Key Features:

  • It comes in an extra-large size to provide maximum space.
  • Comparatively thicker padding gives you optimized comfort.
  • Portability is no issue with this yoga blanket. Roll it up and lay it wherever you like- it will work fine both indoors and outdoors.

8. RollingSands Harmony

Rolling Sands Yoga Blankets

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RollingSands yoga blankets are weaved closely for extreme strength. First-grade quality attracts all sorts of yoga enthusiasts. Having an excellent combination of polyester, acrylic and cotton, it is not just hardy but also quite comfortable.

Its cushiony nature is especially useful in supporting the joints while you do yoga. Moreover, its thick high-quality material will trap heat and provide insulation when you use this as a blanket. Apart from yoga, it also serves as a picnic mat.

Key Features:

  • RollingSands’ yoga blankets are huge in size. Lay it on a double bed like a throw and it will instantly increase your room’s aesthetics.
  • Its solid color-blocked look makes it highly appealing. A single color body with complementary tassels does wonders to its overall look.
  • Surprisingly, the pretty thick and comfortable compared to any classic model.

7. Yoga Direct Thunderbird

Yoga Direct

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Available in unique patterns and uncommon color combinations, this yoga blanket from Yoga Direct is definitely one of the sought-after products in this category. The motifs are woven on the edges of the blanket, against a solid color background. You even a striped option in multiple colors.

The unique polyester, acrylic and cotton structure promises prolonged usage. It helps yoga practitioners in a number of ways. However, it is tucked under the hip or knees for certain exercises to increase the height or simple as support. You can also cover yourself with this as you relax into ‘savasana’.

Key Features:

  • The border of the yoga blanket has tassels, making it look even prettier.
  • This yoga blanket is also used as a rug or a throw is used both inside and outside.

6. Open Road Goods Thunderbird

Open Road Goods Yoga Blankets

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This Open Road Goods yoga blanket is from Mexico. The Golindrina Thunderbird design is a work of art, handed down by generations of skilled artists. The blanket is amply padded to provide comfort and keep you insulated from the cold as well.

As a matter of fact, it has cotton, acrylic as well as a polyester blend that gives all the softness to the product. Finally, it is large and even has a heavyweight that defines the quality of the product.

 Key Features:

  • It is 100% hand-made which make each yoga blanket special and a little different from other Mexican yoga blankets.
  • It is a multi-purpose object. One can use it as a throw or a blanket or something cushiony placed on the yoga mat.
  • Indeed a washing machine friendly so no lifting its weight and scrubbing with hands.

5. YogaDirect Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket


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Another amazing yoga blanket from Yoga Direct. You have a number of choices when it comes to this yoga blanket. What an array of beautiful colors! Not just the aesthetics, the quality is also note-worthy. It has polyester, acrylic and cotton construction that makes a strong base, ensuring durability.

The skilled craftsmen who belong to Mexico were behind the construction process. It means that you are ordering an authentic blanket to be brought to you, directly, from Mexico City.

Key Features:

  • Added thickness for a warm and cozy experience.
  • It is rather extra thick and weighs just 3.35lbs.
  • Super easy to clean! Turn on your washing machine, throw this in and mission accomplished.

4. YogaAccessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket

YogaAccessories Yoga Blankets

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An eye-dazzling collection of yoga blankets, right at your doorstep, from Mexico. Fold it and keep it as a seat while you sit and do yoga on your mat. Or unfold it on the beach for a suntan session. You can even wrap yourself up in winter with it.

No worries at all as this will keep you insulated no doubts about it. If your yoga mat is not fitting into your bag, then leave it. Take the yoga blanket with you for some much-needed stretching in the lap of nature.

Key Features:

  • Wash it in the machine or scrub it with hands- it is your call. Either way, it is a no-hassle affair, for sure.
  • It is extremely portable. All that you need to do is fold it and tuck it in your bag.
  • It will be one of the brightest accessories in your room. Place it as a throw on your old chair or bedsheet and restore a pleasant look to your room.

3. Canyon Creek Yoga Blanket

Canyon Creek Yoga Blankets

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Canyon Creek’s yoga blanket is from expert hands in Mexico. The blanket is very cushiony because of the superior quality of acrylic cotton threads, used in making it. Stretch out on your yoga blanket and attain your personal zen.

It will also double up as your cuddle companion on a cold, rainy night as you sink into your bean bag and enjoy some horror movies. As a matter of fact, these blankets are certainly handmade that gives a personal touch to this product.

Key Features:

  • It’s a multi-purpose blanket! It will form the base for doing yoga or a rug to sit on, or you can even make your pets lie down on it.
  • Have 10 different variations that are equally beautiful.
  • You will face zero ordeals in washing this. Pop it into your washing machine and it will become as good as new.

2. El Paso Designs Mexican Yoga Blanket

El Paso Designs

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A tough yoga blanket of acrylic that is also a reflection of ancient Mexican traditions. El Paso Designs brings to you, yoga blankets that have meticulous construction. Each strand of acrylic is interwoven into alluring patterns which forms this rich-textured blanket.

A multi-functional blanket, you can use it for a variety of yoga postures, namely, like a yoga mat, a picnic rug or just as another piece of your home décor. Moreover, it has an authentic traditional feel to it and is extremely soft.

Key Features:

  •  El Paso Designs use recycled elements to make this yoga blanket. Mother Nature surely seems to be smiling!
  • Super light for a blanket! Weighing only a couple of pounds, it is easy to handle and easier to carry.
  • El Paso Designs gives you too many choices to select from. Not one, not ten but twenty-four options to take your pick. Too much to handle?

1. Benevolence LA Mexican Blanket

Benevolence LA

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Enjoy it yourself or gift it to your dear ones, this 100% original Falsa blanket is perfect for everyone. Each blanket is interlaced by talented artisans in Mexico in traditional methods like using a loom, carved from wood. This method renders each blanket to be unique and up to date with fashion. Not much of a yoga person but you like the color? You can still get it. Its multifunctional character ensures its use in most day to day chores.

If you are planning to go to the beach this weekend, then be sure to take it with you. You can just use it as a rug to sit on. It is a Boho throw on your bed or just be what it is supposed to be- a yoga blanket. Use it in any way and it will not disappoint you.

Key Features:

  • It is compatible with washing machines. Just take care to turn the knob to the gentle cycle and that is all.
  • Have a bohemian décor at home? Then this is your go-to blanket. Place it anywhere in your home and it will add to its boho appeal, for sure.
  • It has 9 attractive combinations to please every kind of customer.

Hit the beach or have a family picnic to any place, these beautiful yoga blankets will be your companion for yoga sessions. A luxurious place to sit it, these are gorgeous.

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  1. Admin – Old version of this article

    Yoga blankets must be thick enough to provide support during practice, they must also be light enough to carry around. A good Yoga blanket must also be soft and comfortable against your skin. We have compiled a list of Yoga blankets that would make your Yoga practice even more efficient. Here is a list of the best Yoga blankets on the market.

    List of Top Best Yoga Blankets Reviews

    10. Canyon Creek Authentic Mexican Yoga Falsa Blanket (Assorted)

    This blanket is made of high-quality materials. It does not fade or bleed after washing. It is not too heavy and can be carried around. It is also beautiful, and this product is available in nice colors including Dark Blue, Grey, Light Purple, Sea Green, and Burgundy. It is also large and durable. It is also soft and does not scratch the skin. It also has a great texture. It is great for Yoga.

    9. Nu-Source 54″ x 80″ – Yoga Studio Quality Blanket

    This Yoga blanket is thick and washes well. It can be machine washed as well. It is extra long to support all heights. It is made of high-quality materials. It is soft and shows little signs of wear after frequent usage. It is also great for Yoga in the park. It does not come with a smell out of the box. It is a great gift idea for anyone needing a blanket. it is big enough for a picnic for two people. It is perfect for Yoga and it is also a great support for your knees during certain Yoga poses.

    8. Rolling Sands Hand Woven Classic Mexican Yoga Blanket

    This blanket is soft, and it feels comfortable against the skin. It is also large and versatile. It can be used as a beach or picnic blanket. It is soft, and it also washes well. It is machine washable. It does not come with a strong smell out of the box. It is well woven and the great craftsmanship is evident. The colors are also vibrant, the color options include cool Mint, Grey, Pink, and Red. It is also great for daily Yoga practices.

    7. Hand Woven Solid Color Mexican Yoga Blanket

    This blanket has a sophisticated look. It also has a natural rustic look which makes it stand out. It looks good and washes well. It is also easy to wash. It is big and very soft. It also comes in attractive colors, it is available in Navy Blue, Orange, Forest Green, Mint Green, Purple, Caribbean Blue, and Charcoal Grey. This blanket is also sturdy and thick. This blanket provides warmth without being too bulky or heavy. It feels good against the skin and it is perfect for Yoga. The quality is great and the size is right.

    6. Open Road Goods Mint Green / Teal Thunderbird Heavyweight Yoga Blanket

    This blanket supports you during Yoga practice. It is great for Restorative Yoga. It is also soft and thick. The weight is perfect, not too heavy nor light. The color is also vibrant and beautiful. It does not come with any strong smell out of the box. It holds up well after washing, no discoloration. It feels good against the skin. it is well made and it can also provide good support for your knees when you are practicing certain Yoga poses.

    5. Yoga Direct Thunderbird Ultra Mexican Yoga Blanket

    The blanket is soft and large. It is also heavy, probably not the heaviest but it is heavy enough to keep you warm when you use it for that purpose. It is also really thick and made of high-quality materials. It is available in attractive colors including Red, Tan, Purple, Light Blue, Charcoal Black, and Orange. The rustic is strong. The Thunderbird design is also beautiful. It has an expensive look and it is also comfortable. It holds up well after washing and the colors remain vibrant. It can be used as a picnic blanket or even a beach blanket. It feels good against your skin.

    4. YogaDirect Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket

    The YogaDirect Deluxe blanket is thick and well made. It is perfect enough to support you when you are practicing many restorative Yoga poses. It is also thick enough to keep you warm. It is as good as new even after a good thorough wash. The colors still remain vibrant and there is no shrinkage after washing it. The colors are nice, it is available in Red, Purple, Grey, Blue, and Brown. It is also made of high-quality materials. This blanket does not itch or scratch your skin.

    3. Handmade Solid Color Yoga Blanket — Thick Mexican Blanket or Throw — Made for Yoga!

    This Yoga blanket is soft and comfortable on the skin. It is beautiful and comes in many attractive colors including Turquoise, Blue, Green, Grey, and Mint. The size is also great, not too small or too big. It is heavy enough to provide comfort and warmth. It is also light enough to carry on travels. It is sturdy, and it is made of high-quality materials. It does not shred when you wash it. You can wash it in a washing machine and the color and quality remain the same. It is definitely durable and will last a long time.

    2. El Paso Designs Mexican Yoga Blanket

    This blanket is soft and well made. It is also light in weight. This Yoga mat is also made of high-quality materials. It is also comfortable on the skin. It is also stylish, and the colors are nice. The available colors include Teal, Black and Gray, Turquoise, Neon Green, and Cool Mint. It is also big and thick. This blanket is perfect for the purpose, not too thick, not too thin. It is a perfect gift idea for anyone who loves Yoga.

    1. YogaAccessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket

    This blanket is thin enough to provide flexibility for several uses, but it is also thick enough to provide warmth and cushioning. The colors are also vibrant. The size is perfect, it is big. They are also soft and sturdy. It is still nice and vibrant after washing. It is also thick enough to be used in the place of a Yoga mat, it does not slip on wooden floors. The fabric also feels comfortable on the skin. It is also made of high-quality materials. It is also light in weight.

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