Top 10 Best Yoga Swings in 2020

Practicing yoga on a regular basis has a plethora of benefits. And yoga swings make the experience even better and more challenging. Furthermore, they also help in inversion therapy. Having an excellent construction, they bear your weight completely and help you to stretch your muscles without any hassle. It’s safe and will not cause any unwanted accidents.

In this list below, you can search through the best yoga swings available in the market. Explore your yoga moves, execute it smoothly and have full control over your yoga sessions!

Best Yoga Swings in 2020 Reviews

10. EverKing Aerial Yoga Swing

EverKing Yoga Swings

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Get ready to fly with Everking’s yoga swing. Having only supreme quality material that is good enough for making a parachute, you will be 100% safe in this. This yoga swing is capable of tolerating a weight of about 400 pounds. Its handles come with cushioning to administer maximum satisfaction. The swing set is complete with hooks, carabiners and straps that are extendable. In short, it offers all the quintessential things that you might need.

With regular use, it will relieve your backache, toughen your spinal cord, build up core strength and make you feel so good about yourself. Apart from that, it will serve as a fair hammock too where you can relax.

Key Features:

  • No installation hassles with this one! Suspend it from something hardy and you are ready.
  • Comes in 3 beautiful colors.
  • A complimentary bag that will fit the yoga swing in a compact manner, making this your indispensable travel companion.
  • This multi-functional yoga swing set obviously enables you to do yoga and pilates.

9. INTEY Aerial Yoga Swing


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Unlike most of its counterparts, INTEY provides you with a complimentary mount (along with the screws) with its yoga swing. Train all you want on its strong material, comprising of polyester. The polyester is of superior quality and qualifies to be perfect for the construction of parachutes. Plus, it has 3 rows of stitches which further gives it strength.

Most importantly, this swing comes with super comfortable handles for support. INTEY’s yoga swing is your solution even then. With its ability to endure as much as 200 kgs, all you need to do is to use it like a hammock and start on that perfect sun-tan!

Key Features:

  • It is perfect for doing yoga professionally or simply at home on your own.
  • Comes with two sets of hooks that are manufactured with the best kind of alloy- all for your safety!
  • Easy to assemble as it involves no hassle at all.

8. AGPTEK Deluxe Aerial Yoga Swing

AGPTEK Yoga Swings

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Can you believe that a 1200 gm object can endure 300 kgs weight? That is AGPTEK deluxe yoga swing for you. What opens up to be the base of your yoga adventures, becomes a small and portable 1200 gms thing that you can pack in a tiny pouch and carry away. If you are still not impressed, wait till you touch the fabric that is a silky and smooth taffeta.

The taffeta will be gentle on your skin while polyester will look after durability. Wait, there is more to this amazing product. It has 6 sturdy belts that are perfect even for the most demanding of workouts.

Key Features:

  • This swing is suitable for use inside the house as well as outside.
  • Do a variety of activities with this yoga swing like hanging, stretching or some intensive core strengthening exercises.
  • Install this in a matter of minutes. AGPTEK will prepare you to do the groundwork with its easy to follow, Youtube video. 

7. CO-Z Aerial Yoga Swing Sling


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This Yoga swing set from CO-Z is not only tear-resistant but also slip-resistant. Having materials such as polyester taffeta and a lot of thick pads, this ensures safety and comfort together. Its straps and daisy chains are perfectly adjustable so that it can fit you irrespective of your height.

What is more, it comes with a colorful bag to pack it all and take it with you. Most importantly, you will be able to use this yoga swing both outdoors and indoors.

Key Features:

  • It has the capacity to endure almost 400 lbs.
  • A number of functions are performed on it like stretching, swinging, inversion therapy or just as a hammock.
  • Super easy to set up anywhere.

6. Yoga4You Aerial Yoga Swing Set

Yoga4You Yoga Swings

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With its massive capacity to hold 600 lbs, it is one of the sturdiest options that you will find. It comes with carabiners and three layers of stitches which provide it with the strength. You can do a host of exercises on it. If you are just starting with yoga, familiarise yourself with this swing as you stretch and balance on it.

Then, the sky is the limit as you build up your core muscles, inner strength and even, improve on your sleep and concentration. The best thing about this yoga swing is that it helps to build your body. Plus, it also increases the blood flow and builds core strength.

Key Features:

  • The tough silk-Nylon combination will ensure longevity for years to come.
  • Has soft foam handles.
  • The swing comes with an extremely useful e-book that will take you through the whole DIY set-up process, one step at a time.

5. Aum Active Aerial Yoga Hammock


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Achieve your inner zen with Aum Active’s yoga swing. A no-fuss setup procedure, as small as just a couple of pages so that you can begin as soon as possible. Your journey towards a healthy body and mind will be as smooth as it can get with this superior quality yoga swing.

The swing comes with Tricot that is delicate on your skin as well as strong on the inside. Furthermore, the top-notch carabiners that this swing has further enhanced its strength. Above all, it is completely easy to set up and completely safe to use.

Key Features:

  • It is capable of supporting weight as high as 500 lbs.
  • This yoga swing can also work as a hammock.
  • Its material stretches to a great extent in the horizontal direction while stretching very little vertically, ensuring an optimum experience.

4. Wellsem Aerial Yoga Hammock

wellsem Yoga Swings

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Climb up its durable 10 feet long Daisy Chain or perform inversion therapy on its nylon hammock. This yoga swing from Wellsem is a blessing in disguise for all that pain in the lumbar area or for the sleepless nights full of unruly thoughts. This swing is available in a number of beautiful colors. Plus, it can bear a weight of 2000 pounds. So, pick any and you are good to go. The swing uses 40 Denier Tricot material in its construction. Thus, you can be completely sure about its robustness and strength.

 Key Features:

  • Has an excellent and professional design.
  • Offers double point hang for more safety.
  • Completely easy to install.  

3. Yogatail Aerial Trapeze Yoga Swing


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This one, here, is a promise for you. Yogatail presents you considerable relief from back pain in return for just seven minutes of hanging upside down from the swing set. The balance on the dual Daisy chain straps that can increase or decrease according to your needs. Moreover, the soft handles offer you the ultimate healthy experience.

Finally, it is super simple to clean. Just put it in the washing machine or wash it with hands, both will work fine. With its construction from the best quality materials, it is soft yet highly sturdy.

Key Features:

  • It does not count whether you are hanging from a tree’s branch or stretching in your living room, this yoga trapeze will be your go-to support system both indoors and outdoors.
  • It can carry up to 600 pounds without any hassle.
  • This yoga swing set is compact. What may seem like an expansive swing set, will transform into an almost 12 inches package after folding.

2. UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing Set

UpCircleSeven Yoga Swings

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Discover your eclectic side with the UpCircleSeven Aerial yoga swing. Let go of any trouble as its shimmery tones dazzle your senses. Just relax as it swings you towards your inner Nirvana. Not only is the cloth made up of parachute standard material but also triply reinforced with stitches. It also has a supplementary safety feature.

In order to avoid any slip or accident, two 200 pounds iron weight hangs from the swing set. However, do not forget to clutch the cushiony handles for ensuring safety from your side.

Key Features:

  • You can perform any kind of core strengthening activity without even the slightest of worries.
  • An absolutely free of cost travel bag to pack it in and go train anywhere.
  • Use it inside the house or outside, it will benefit you anyway.

1. YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze


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With a staggering 10-year warranty for any dysfunctional or defective part, the Yogabody trapeze is the undisputed winner of this category. Do you sit at your computer for long hours and tremendous backache follows? Well, not anymore. This yoga swing is the one-stop solution to all your spinal problems.

Its professional design, soft fabric and gymnasium quality handles of premium rubber, have your back- both literally and metaphorically. This swing can carry up to 600lbs of weight.

Key Features:

  • It is one of the best options to do inverted exercises and that too, without any trainer.
  • If you are feeling more confident, why not use it for core strengthening workout as well. It will relieve you of any tension in the back region and build power in your stomach and abs.
  • The swing is very easy to install.

Perfect your yoga moves and obtain full flexibility. The yoga swing set will certainly make your fitness routine tough and also make doing tough move safe for you.

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