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10 Best Bike Wheel Lights in 2024

Want something cool for your bike? The bike wheel lights are a trendy inclusion that will totally change the look of your bike. Coming in bright and beautiful colors, it will dress your bike beautiful. Once can fully view these lights from any given angle. Plus, these are rechargeable and can last for an adequate period of time.

In the bike wheel lights review, you are given all the best suggestions and the characteristics are jotted below. If you want some new way to dress your bike, then this is it.

List of Best Bike Wheel Lights Review

10. MACYWELL Led Bike Wheel Light


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Macywell brings to you bike wheel lights that are easy to use and is installed within mere minutes. In just three simple steps you can install these amazing lights with aerodynamic shape for making your bike look cool during the night-time.

For locking the lights in place you also get one zip tie for each light so that it doesn’t slide off from its position during motion.

Key features:

  • High-quality construction with super bright LEDs that increases riding safety.
  • These lights will look amazing even in dark.
  • Outer shell protects the light and battery from being exposed to the elements.

9. DAWAY LED Bike Spoke Lights

DAWAY Bike Wheel Lights

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Unlike most other competitor brands, Dawat is offering you a set of premium lights that don’t cost you half your wallet reserve. You don’t need any sort of tools for installation of this bike and can let it operates automatically.

It has motion sensor technology which is highly precise and can trigger the light to glow as long as the wheels are in motion.

Key features:

  • Battery saving design switches off the lights after a minute of inactivity.
  • You get a total of 30 different interesting patterns.
  • Also has a manual mode which you can turn on or off.

8. DAWAY Rechargeable


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Most LED bike wheel lights that flood the market have subpar quality and equip their lighting solutions with outdated lead batteries. Those batteries are harmful, have a high risk of leakage and need to be replaced very often.

Therefore, Daway provides you with a rechargeable battery with these lights. As a result, you don’t have to face that inconvenience. Just use your generic USB charger for charging up the efficient battery.

Key features:

  • 300 mAh battery is rather quickly charged. It is done just two hours.
  • Instead of spokes, it connects to the hub of your wheels.

7. Xyemao Led Bike Wheel Lights

Xyemao Bike Wheel Lights

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Xyemao offers you a very unique design and doesn’t rely on shell casings or other such complicated designs. You get easy to use string LED design which lights up with high brightness for providing you with an awesome look and safer riding standards.

It makes you focus while on the road and among friends. With the flashing mode, your bike looks like it’s from a future time period.

Key features:

  • Both of your wheels are covered in this deal, no need to buy an extra set.
  • Rugged and waterproof 20 LED.
  • These lights are certainly visible from every angle.

6. LifeHackist Bike Wheel Lights


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Winston & Bear set themselves apart from the rest of the competition by not just giving you an amazing product, but by also standing behind their craftsmanship and quality. You get a 12 month warranty period and also a dedicated customer care service that is always prepared to solve all your queries.

As a matter of fact, it features 360-degree visibility and recharged with the use of a USB cable. Lastly, silicone protection assures its longevity.

Key features:

  • Indeed a great gift for your family and other loved ones who love to ride their bike.
  • 7 colors and 3 light modes can shuffle through various amazing patterns.
  • Lights are powered by a Lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable.

5. CYCPLUS Bike Spoke Lights

CYCPLUS Bike Wheel Lights

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Now you can get a whole other level of customization with these lights from Cycplus than you can ever achieve with lights from other brands. Numerous LED chips on these lights are easily controlled via the “xuanwheel” app in the apple store or play store.

Just download the app, load images or text you want to be displayed on your wheel and you can also change it every day to your heart’s content.

Key features:

  • The dual bar X1 has a total of 192 LED pieces.
  • The X1 bar runs on a 1500 mAh battery.

4. TINANA Bike Wheel Lights


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Tinana bike wheel lights are operated both manually or automatically. When you switch to automatic mode, it uses its motion sensor to detect when the wheels are moving and lights up to create luminous and beautiful patterns.

With a gap of 4 seconds, these patterns are shuffled and the journey is never boring with a total of 32 pre-programmed patterns.

Key features:

  • Crisp and visible patterns that don’t distort as long as you are riding at 12 miles/hour or less.
  • Extremely lightweight at less than 3 ounces.
  • In auto mode, the lights turn off if the bike doesn’t move for 35 seconds.

3. Rottay Bike Wheel Lights

Rottay Bike Wheel Lights

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Unlike most other bike wheel lights Rottay offers you versatility and choice that isn’t available with competitor brands. The LEDs are RGB, which means they can light up in any color from the visible spectrum and can change patterns as well.

At the interval of four seconds, you get a different pattern and the total number of patterns can reach up to 30.

Key features:

  • Rating of IP55 shows its high resistance to water and dust.
  • You get a total of 14 LED lights working towards a spectacular vision.
  • One indeed has the liberty to choose from two options of modes.

2. Activ Life 2 Tire Pack LED

Activ Life

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Activ Life offers you some of the best-LED lights you can get on the market for your bike. You get a total of 22 LED bulbs which comes in attractive packaging and is a great gift for your loved ones.

Moreover, it’s also highly compatible with most bikes since it is installed on 12-inch kids bike all the way up to 29-inch bikes for adults.

Key features:

  • The rain or water splashes cause no harm to it and is durable.
  • Increases your bike’s visibility for other vehicles at night.
  • Is certainly installed in just a few minutes.

1. LeBoLike Bike Wheel Lights

LeBoLike Bike Wheel Lights

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These lights from LeBoLike are easily installed on the spokes of your rims and create an awesome visual effect when the wheel is in motion. You can buy the pack of 6 lights in various combinations to suit a color combination that best compliments your bike.

Finally, it also makes riding safer after dark since the truck and car drivers can easily spot your bike.

Key features:

  • Zip ties help you have a snug fit for the lights on spokes.
  • Doesn’t require tools or additional hardware.
  • The batteries are replaceable in nature.

Your ride will dazzle in the streets once the bike wheel lights are installed. It will surely catch the eyes of every passerby.