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10 Best Diaper Pails in 2024

Getting rid of the baby’s diapers is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges every parent faces. Well, the best thing you can do to get rid of the diapers is to opt for a diaper pail. Certainly, there are many who consider that a DIY option will suffice. However, you never know what surprises your baby has in store. Well, these works extraordinarily when it comes to disposing of the diapers. Moreover, it also seals the odor thereby keeping your ambiance fresh.

While there are several pails available, it can be very intriguing when it comes to choosing the best one. Hence, we are listing the best-reviewed diaper pails just for you. So, take a look and make the right choice.

List of Best Diaper Pails in 2024 Review

10. Bubula Diaper Pail

Bubula Diaper Pails

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If you have got a little one, this is a must-have item for you. The product has steel all over the body of the pail. Steel is known for its durable quality. Needless to say, when it comes to long-lasting usage, you can depend on this product. Moreover, this product also makes use of aluminum. This makes the pail really lightweight so you can easily move it from one place to another.

Since the base has been thoughtfully given a taller design, you can reach it even while holding your baby. Besides, the aluminum construction also prevents the pail from absorbing any pungent odor.

Key Features:

  • In order to help you suit the pail to the interior décor of your room, this product comes in a wide array of pastel colors.
  • The ergonomic lid designs will make it easy to operate.
  • It makes use of standard-sized can liners; you do not need to spend extra on custom bags.

9. Dekor Classic Diaper Pail


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Dekor has created a long line of remarkable diaper pails that you can count on, and this is one of their best products. This product has been given a hands-free design. Therefore, you just need to press on the step with your foot, and the lid pops open. As a result, you can easily drop in dirty diapers. Plus, it conveniently closes down so you do not have to use your hands, making it much more effortless.

Further, to prevent your child from opening the pail and making a mess, the product also comes with a childproof lock on the flap.

Key Features:

  • It promises to take no more than 20 seconds for a quick bag change.
  • This special feature of rubber seals prevents the odor from spreading in the room.
  • The body of the pail is also scratch-resistant, keeping the product as good as new for a long time.

8. Busch Systems Diaper Pail

Busch Systems Diaper Pails

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For the environmentalists out there, this product has been made just for you. The pail makes use of recycled plastic in order to create the product, bringing no adverse effects on nature. Besides, the pail is also further recyclable. This eco-friendly pail has been designed keeping the cloth diapers, particularly in mind.

As a matter of fact, the holder for the carbon filter on this product is in the cute shape of a Teddy Bear. Therefore, making it look as good as it works. Apart from that, it has a strong clamp closure for easy operation. Plus, the pungent odor is never going to ruin your mood.

Key Features:

  • Having a wide opening, the pail can easily hold in the cloth diapers without any issues.
  • Because of the two side handles present, your lid remains shut unless you want to open it.
  • As an added trinket, you get carbon filters so you do not have to deal with the strong odor.

7. Playtex Diaper Genie Pail

Diaper Genie

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With its exceptional service, this diaper pail has already won the approval of many and bagged the title of Amazon’s Choice for itself. The item will surely have what you are looking for as well. The product is the proud owner of many awards, assuring you of the amazing quality of the pail. When it comes to smell control, this pail is unbeatable.

The product has an innovative double Air-Tite clamp which holds all the odor securely inside. Because of the built-in cutter, you can very conveniently cut the bag and tie a knot for easy garbage management.

Key Features:

  • With the many choices you get when it comes to color, you are sure to find one which suits your taste.
  • The product also has the much wanted antimicrobial function, keeping things tidy and infection-free.
  • It also has a special front tilt design in the bin. So, you can easily take the full bag out of the cutter, not requiring to touch the pail.

6. Creative Baby Tidy Diaper Pail

Creative Baby Diaper Pails

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When it comes to quality, Creative Baby tries to provide you with the very best of what they can offer. The diaper pail has a very unique feature of a rotating lid. Therefore, it is much more hassle-free task to open the lid and toss the diaper in. Moreover, the rotating design allows you to get the job done with a single hand. Hence, you can do it while you have your baby on yourself.

Because of the piston system, both the diaper and the odor are safely sealed inside the pail. So, no reason for not choosing this product.

Key Features:

  • With this product, cleaning is a complete breeze. The product is dishwasher safe, hardly requiring you to put in any time or effort.
  • The product also puts an end to your compatibility dilemma. It can easily be paired up with any disposable bag.
  • Most importantly, you will be able to easily use it any 13-gallon disposable bag.

5. Dekor Plus Diaper Pail


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This is another praiseworthy product from Dekor. Maintaining hygiene is very easy with this item, requiring barely any application of your hands. The diaper pail has a foot pedal, which can be used to open the lid wide open for an easy drop. More than that, the pail also has a self-closing system, so you do not need to fuss with the lid once you drop the diaper in.

This also removes your trouble of requiring to bend or squish your diapers into a mess. With a childproof lock, you can make sure to keep your toddler away from looking into the pail.

Key Features:

  • The refills of this product are powder scented. Therefore, any odor problem is taken care of.
  • Whether it is cloth diapers or disposable ones, this pail can hold any kind without complaints.
  • At one time, the product can hold as many as 60 diapers, so you have to make fewer trips to dispose of the contents.

4. Ubbi Diaper Pail

Ubbi Diaper Pails

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Innovation has a new name with Ubbi. This product will help to save a lot of your money in the long run. It does not require any special bags. Therefore, the pail is also very eco friendly, having minimum wastage. If that was not enough, the pail has a complete steel body. The steel lends the required sturdiness to the pail.

Apart from that, the steel also ensures that the product remains completely rust free no matter how much moisture it is exposed to. While the body has steel, the pail itself has a porous plastic. This lets the odor spread and gets trapped before the steel, so that, your sensitive nose can be spared.

Key Features:

  • Not only attractive colors, with this product, you also get to have a choice between different patterns.
  • It boasts as many as 10 different awards, to speak for its excellence.
  • To reduce air disruption as much as possible, the product has a sliding lid.

3. Munchkin Diaper Pail


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This product aims to keep your space clean as well as smelling good. The product comes with a special cartridge that provides you with puck baking soda. The baking soda is from Arm and Hammer and it is provided in the lavender scent. Hence, any pungent smell will be taken care of the moment you toss the diaper.

Moreover, this product can be refilled in any way you prefer for more convenience. You can either use the ring and snap, or the seal and toss system.

Key Features:

  • You will be very glad to know, with each pail purchase, Munchkin will plant a tree on your behalf.
  • With a special self-sealing system, your refill is twisted tight each time you close it to avoid bad odor.
  • The product promises to hold as many as 150 diapers at one single time.

2. Skip Hop Diaper Pail

Skip Hop Diaper Pails

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The diaper pail has a very practical design, so you do not need to fuss much with it. The product mostly fits any kitchen bag, so you do not have to look for custom sized bags for the pail. Furthermore, the steel bin resists any odor and features a dual airlock system, which allows you to dispose of without spreading the smell to the nursery.

With the childproof lock on the product, your curious little one will not be able to get their hands inside the pail.

Key Features:

  • As an added bonus, special storage space is provided which will be able to hold wipes for you.
  • With the slender design of the pail, this product is really suited for places with a space crunch.
  • The product only needs a good wipe to remain good and new.

1. KaryHome Diaper Pail


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Sitting at the top of our list, this is the best diaper pail that you can opt for. When one product can come to many uses, it is always welcome. This product can be used as a common trash can in many settings, on top of being a diaper pail. On top of that, the pail has can be hung from different places, making it hardly take up any space in the room.

With the innovative design, this product can also act as a good dog proof trash can. Finally, the sliding lid is also equipped so it quickly resets by itself.

Key Features:

  • For a non-toxic use, this one has been made environment-friendly.
  • The product has a sliding design for the lid.

So, look for the diaper pails and refills for making the whole process a little less hassle-free. These will totally reduce your task of keeping your home free of odors and provide a great experience.