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10 Best Diesel Fuel Additives in 2024

If you have a diesel-based machine which can be your car or other commercial or industrial machinery, you must have a collection of diesel fuel additives. The fuel injection system of any diesel engine is the heart of the operation. But poor quality diesel can affect this system, and the performance takes a downturn. Substandard diesel can wear the components down, clog the filters and even make the valves sticky. With a diesel fuel additive, you can get rid of all these issues and give a boost to the performance of your machines. We have listed the top 10 best diesel fuel additives in 2024 that you can opt for buying.

Best Diesel Fuel Additives Review

10. REV-X Diesel Fuel Additive


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This diesel fuel additive has the ability to increase the performance of your engine. It also increases fuel efficiency and will increase by at least eight cetane points. It will reduce toxic smoke and exhaust emissions. In addition, It can treat 400 gallons of diesel and comes with a measuring compartment. All you have to do is pour in by squeezing the bottle. It also improves the cold starting of diesel engines and leads to a clean fuel system with its lubrication properties. This increases the detergent and comes in a size of 1.1 pounds.

9. Howes Diesel Conditioner Anti-Gel


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With this diesel fuel additive, you will be able to lower 20 degrees of your base fuel. It gives cold weather protection and is considered very effective for diesel as well as biodiesel which does not let the fuel get gelled and increases the fuel economy. It is considered very safe and will also increase the power of the fuel. This comes in a size of 3.6 pounds and has got many positive reviews from its users. It is considered one of the best additives for everyday use.

8. STANADYNE Diesel Fuel Additive


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This is an all-season fuel additive that is best for diesel fuel. It is a premium product that has the ability to tackle any problem with regard to diesel fuel. It has been approved by Ford and GM and comes from a fuel engine equipment maker. Also, meets the Cummins L10 Superior Test for maintaining cleanliness. It comes in a handy jar of 4.22 pounds. On the other hand, It can restore and increase horsepower and will reduce emissions. It does not contain any alcohol and helps in removing the water.

7. Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme Clean


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With this, you will be able to clean your tank, injectors, and lines. This has the ability to completely remove the water from your system. The diesel fuel additive boosts cetane and stabilizes the fuel. It will also lubricate the injectors and fuel pump. It will coat the tank to avoid any corrosion or rust. This comes in a size of 2.15 pounds and is a concentrated cetane improver. It will upgrade the power as well as the performance of your diesel equipment. This can treat a total fuel of 75 gallons.

6. Stanadyne Performance Formula


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This diesel fuel additive comes in a set of 24 bottles. It meets all the requirements of a fuel system and takes care of them. It reduces the consumption of fuel and works on all engines which run on diesel. Furthermore, It will work better even in cold and hot conditions. This can be used in any season. It can also increase horsepower and improve combustion. It gives better torque, acceleration, and power. This item weighs 14.4 pounds and will protect your fuel system. It improves efficiency and is alcohol-free.

5. DieselPower Diesel Formula Fuel Stabilizer


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This diesel fuel additive has the ability to prevent the formation of sediments. It also prevents sludge and protects the engine against corrosion. This can remove the water from the engine which can destroy the engine. This can also reduce the oxidation of the fuel through the process of thermal breakdown. This will clean the entire fuel system and will also lubricate it. It comes in a size of 2.07 pounds and is very simple to use. It will give you an easy start and will maximize the performance of your engine.

4. Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme Boost


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This can clean your tank along with injectors and lines. The diesel fuel additive will remove the water from your system and keep it clean. This will enhance the performance of your engine and boost cetane. It also stabilizes the fuel and lubricates the injectors and fuel pump. This will coat the tank as well as the lines to prevent corrosion and rust. It comes in a size of 4.05 pounds and can treat fuel of 150 gallons. This will also increase the mileage and provides the maintenance economy.

3. Archoil Diesel Additive/Fuel Additive


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This is a highly concentrated diesel fuel additive that can treat fuel of 250 gallons. It can stabilize the fuel and protect it from microbial growth. It also reduces the damage from water and avoids corrosion and deposits. This will protect your entire fuel engine and will also improve its torque. It will in producing more burn by reducing the carbon deposit. This is very powerful and comes in a size of 1 pound. This will also increase the efficiency and power of your engine.

2. Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Duo Oil Additive


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The diesel fuel additive is designed to improve power and compression and reduce friction. This will give the machine a boost, and the noise from the engine will be low. It will prevent excessive wear and tear, and therefore, the machine will be long-lasting. Moreover. it is a highly useful product to clean out tanks, injectors, and lines like never before. It comes in two jars, and one is for cleaning and restoring while the other is for cleaning and boosting.

1. Stanadyne Performance Diesel Fuel Additive

Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additives

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This is a collection of 12 cases of diesel fuel additive, and the product has been approved by many OEMs such as General Motors, Ford, Navistar and likewise. Therefore, it is the best diesel fuel additive you can use to get the best results. It is an all-season and all-purpose additive, and it is suitable for solving any diesel-related problem. The product has met all the standards in superior cleaning, and you can expect a significant boost in the performance of the diesel-based machine.


While buying a diesel fuel additive, check the purpose it will serve for a diesel mechanic. Some are good only at cleaning the diesel while others can clean and give an extra boost to the machine. You should definitely use a diesel fuel additive to protect your engine, eliminate water and varnish and deposits, and increase the fuel economy of the machine or vehicle. All the above products are extremely safe to use, and you will get the best value for your money.