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10 Best Electric Mountain Bikes in 2024

If you are thinking of hiking with a bike, you better buy electric bikes that are designed for mountain rides. They are very different from the premium regular electric bikes as their tires are tailor-made for rough mountain roads. You can also use the bikes on leveled roads. Most of them have a paddle system included in case you run out of battery in the middle of the road. The suspensions and brakes are powerful and so is the motor. The following is the list of the top 10 best electric mountain bikes in 2024 that you should consider buying and ride the steep hills with ease.

List of Top Best Electric Mountain Bikes Review

10. Ferty 2024 Fast Electric Mountain Bicycle


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This is a newly released electric mountain bike and the functionalities are spectacular. There are disc brakes on both sides, 21-speed gears and 3 acceleration levels to achieve a speed of 15.5mph. The bike is lightweight due to the construction of premium-quality aluminum and the strength of the frame has been enhanced using a special alloy.

The tires are tailor-made for rough roads and the suspension fork is capable of absorbing shocks and bumps conveniently. There are two modes of operations available. The seat is adjustable and there are LED lights and horns provided. The maximum weight capacity is 150kg and the charging time is 4-6 hours.

9. NAKTO Electric Bicycle Mountain Ebike


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This electric mountain bike comes with a 360-degree LED spotlight to ensure visibility in all directions at night. There are various speed throttles and the motor is powerful for riding on all kinds of roads. Even when the charging is over, you can pedal to travel any distance. There are 6 speed gears available and you can find disc brakes of both sides. The maximum loading capacity is 250 pounds and the charging time is 4-6 hours.

8. ANCHEER 2024 Electric Mountain Bike


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The bike has a powerful brushless motor of 350W that will help you cruise through the at the maximum speed of 15.5 mph. The battery is removable is which very handy and you can go 30 miles on one charge. Most importantly, the bike comes with an LCD screen to show you the speed, battery level, error and you can choose among 5 different speeds. The braking system is robust and works perfectly even in rainy conditions. There are 24-speed gears that enhance the power of climbing and the company offers two years of warranty.

7. Nakto Foldaway Electric Bike Mountain Bicycle


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This is a compact electric mountain bike and on top of that, you can fold the bike for easy storage. It is ideal for all the road surfaces and when the battery charge is over, you can pedal to cruise through. With one charge, you can travel a distance of 16-22 miles and the recharging time is 3-4 hours. The maximum speed achievable is 20 mile per hour. The frame is made up of iron and aluminum construction for higher durability and strength. There are variable speed controls available along with disc brakes.

6. EGO BIKE Electric Bicycle Mountain


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The construction of this mountain bike is extremely strong and ergonomic. The motor is one of the main highlights as it is a 500W brushless one that will help you cruise through the steep roads. The maximum speed at which you can drive is 23.5mph. There are 5 levels of speed and there are 7-speed gears provided. The maximum load capacity is 250 pounds. The frame material used is an aluminum alloy which makes it lightweight and weatherproof. The recharging time is 6 hours and you can go 20 miles per charge.

5. DJ Bikes Mountain Bike


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The bike sports a powerful 500W motor for long and steep hills. The frame of the bike is made up of the stainless aluminum frame and it is packed with Samsung battery. The suspension is of high-quality for greater comfort. The gears and brakes are also top-notch. There is comfortable cushion saddle for ease in the long ride. There is an LCD screen available and the rims are of heavy-duty. The battery does not over-charge and there is a key lock available for safety.

4. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike


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This electric mountain bike has 7 gears system and you can ride through any road at any desired speed. The maximum speed limit is 20mph and the driving force of the motor is 500W. The battery is removable and takes 6 hours for charging. The tires used are of the next level and they are durable in all road conditions. The maximum weight capacity is 260 pounds and the ergonomic design, adjustable seat, suitable hand bar and anti-slip tires make it one of the bestsellers in the category.

3. ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike


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This bike is made up of industrial-grade aluminum and it is super lightweight yet ultra-strong. There is anti-rust painting material used and it is sustainable against all weather conditions. The battery is of large capacity and the maximum speed achievable is 31 miles per hour. Coming to the wheels, they are fat and prepared for all roads.
The magnesium alloy integrated wheels have anti-slip property and the bike is foldable for easy storage. There is 21-speed transmission system and the LED light and horn are provided. It sports dual suspension system and the maximum load capacity is 150 kilos.

2. Addmotor HITHOT Electric Bicycles Mountain


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This is a beautifully-designed mountain bike with 500W brushless motor for extremely torque and speed. It comes with a 50inch LCD screen that shows all the required parameters and there is a USB charging port for smart devices. The battery is massive and last longer than most other bikes. You can carry 300 pounds of weight comfortably and there are lights on both sides. The shock absorber is robust and the frame is made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy.

1. Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

Cyclamatic Electric Mountain Bikes

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This is the bestselling electric mountain bike with the look of the bike is very stylish. It has 21-speed gears so that the ride can be as smooth as it can be. The dual suspension system makes the journey comfortable. With one charge, you can travel 25 to 30 miles. The full charge can be obtained in 4-6 hours. There are 3 different speed controls and the maximum weight sustainable is 220 pounds. The saddle is padded for longer use and the tires are design for all terrains. They also have reflectors for safety at night.


While buying an electric mountain bikes, do watch out for the motor power, the maximum load capacity, and the number of speed gears. Most of the above-listed top 10 best electric mountain bikes in 2024 have an LCD screen where you can keep track of speed, battery life, and other important parameters on the go. The longer life of the battery is always welcome and you should look for dual suspension and other miscellaneous features to fulfill all your requirements completely.