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10 Best Electric Trailer Jacks in 2024

Hooking your trailer manually to your vehicle can be very stressful. It requires a lot of effort and troublesome endeavors every time to attach your trailer to the vehicle. Thus, you need to opt for an electric trailer jack. These devices allow you to easily connect your vehicle with a trailer. They are easy to use and have great weight carrying capacity. So, it becomes a piece of cake to use them.

So, need to find your pick? Then simply read our electric trailer jacks buying guide that will give you a thorough view of the top brands.

List of Best Electric Trailer Jacks Review

10. Hotsystem Electric Trailer Jack

HOTSYSTEM Electric Trailer Jacks

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If you love to go on trips on your own trailer, this product will be the perfect travel buddy for you. The jack can be used for any A-frame trailer, so you do not have to wrack your brains searching for the perfect match. Further, the product makes use of superior quality Q235 steel for the pipes of the item. These pipes are also galvanized to add strength to the structure.

Hence, the item turns out to be really durable in the long run. The item even has rain holes which prevent any fluid from accumulating on the product.

Key Features:

  • To give you a little more than just functionality, the jack comes in two shades you can pick from.
  • You can also use this product for boats.
  • Considering various unforeseen circumstances, the package has added a detachable hand crank with the product.

9. Weize Electric Trailer Jack


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Once you get yourself one of these jacks, you will not be able to switch into anything else. Proving it’s true worth with its performance, the jack is the proud owner of the title of Amazon’s Choice. In case there is no power available, you can make use of the rocker provided, to get the job done manually as well. Space otherwise remains securely closed with a lid.

One amazing thing about the product is that the height of this item can be adjusted. Therefore, the jack will take lesser space when you are not using it.

Key Features:

  • Even the mounting bracket comes as an extra perk with this product.
  • The outer tube on the item is black powder-coated, making it last much longer.
  • In case you have apprehensions regarding the quality of this product, the jack has a year-long warranty to convince you.

8. Uriah Products Electric Trailer Jack

Uriah Products Electric Trailer Jacks

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Notwo trailers are made the same way. Keeping that in mind, this jack comes in two different sizes, to cater to the needs of all. A storage bracket is already built inside the jack, which has its very own cap. This keeps unnecessary dust-out, increasing the life of the product. The footplate on this product has been intentionally designed to be extra-large. This way, you receive added stability while performing the job.

Furthermore, the jack also takes care of its own safety. If there are any chances of overheating through the motor, this jack is equipped with thermal protection to safeguard its system.

Key Features:

  • Installing this jack becomes a child’s play with the 7-way connector design.
  • The ball screw design, when paired with the brake motor, enhances the lift efficiency of the item.
  • The screw design also reduces friction.

7. Ram Trailer Products Electric Trailer Jack


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Raising or lowering is no joke, especially if you have physical ailments. Why go through all that trouble when you can have this product take care of the manual labor for you. The jack is able to both lower as well as raise with the help of two toggle switches. Thus, making the design really user friendly for anybody to use.

While the item has a retracted height, it can also be extended to cater to various trailers. With the feature of the drop leg, you also get some extra ground inches of lift that you can benefit from.

Key Features:

  • Since both the footplate as well as the inner tube is zinc finished, they both resist any corrosion.
  • The outer tube of the jack is black powder-coated, making the material resistant to any chipping or scratches.
  • To view things clearly in low light areas, you get the advantage of LED lights with this product.

6. Libra Electric Trailer Jack

LIBRA Electric Trailer Jacks

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Libra takes into account various factors while designing this product. The trailer jack comes with its very own waterproof cover, in case you get caught up in the rain. Standing as a pillar of quality, even the bolts on this item are all out of stainless steel. Steel is a material very well known for its durable properties.

Hence, when an extended usage is concerned, this product will not fail you. Even though this item is able to stroke 20% faster, it promises not to bother you with noises. Hence, this will be getting the job done.

Key Features

  • The drop leg on this item is removable.
  • Since the power cord is as much as 55-inches long, you will not be restrained because of the distance.
  • Since the mounting hardware comes with the product, you do not have to purchase anything extra once you get this product.

5. Buyers Products Electric Jack

Buyers Products

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This is a heavy-duty product which can be used all year long without any problem. The finish of this product has a weather-resistant cover. Therefore, whether it be dust or rain, this jack remains as good as new through ages. A leveling gauge has already been built in the jack. Hence, leveling becomes much easier for you to conduct.

Not only weather but this product also last through the test of corrosion. Because of the pre-wired system, all these jack needs is to be plugged into work.

Key Features:

  • The tongue weight lifting capacity of this item is 3500lbs.
  • With this product, you do not have to fear divots because of the spacious foot.
  • Besides, it comes with a weather-resistant and durable design as well as switches.

4. LippertElectric Trailer Jack

Lippert Electric Trailer Jacks

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Let the various features of this product do the talking. The jack has helical cut gears. Because of this, the product creates much lesser noise compared to other jacks. Also, even though the noise will be reduced, the operating efficiency ends up improving because of the gears. The product offers you no less than 4 LED lights.

Hence, the place becomes amply illuminated, so you can do the task without any problem even at night. Because of the use of LED, you can also be assured that minimal energy will be consumed.

Key Features:

  • If you find yourself in a sticky situation with no power supply, the manual crank lets you do the job in emergencies.
  • The durability of the product is improved because of the enhanced rocker switch.
  • You can say goodbye to any possible chips and cracks, as this product comes with a textured casing.

3. Bulldog Electric Trailer Jack


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If functionality is not enough to please you, this product has got a little more you can look forward to. The jack comes in a choice of two different colors to suit your personal liking. The surfaces of this item are corrosion resistant, which keeps the product as good as brand new for a long time.

Furthermore, you get to adjust the height at your will, allowing you to take care of a number of different trailers. The item also boasts a drop leg travel as an added plus.

Key Features:

  • With a 5 year long warranty to assure you, there is no scope of doubt left when the quality of the item is concerned.
  • The light on this item is angled so you can clearly see the coupler in darkness.
  • Besides, it comes with 3500 lbs of weight capacity.

2. SuperHandy Electric Trailer Jack

SuperHandy Electric Trailer Jacks

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This product will far exceed all your expectations when it comes to quality. The trailer jack has heavy-duty hardened steel gears. Next, the steel thus, lends it’s sturdiness to the structure. More than that, the motor of this item has been wisely given plastic housing. Hence, you do not have to worry about water or moisture ruining the product over time.

As far as the footpad goes, it has a universal fit for a wide range of use. Because of the much-needed powder coating on this item, you do not have to worry about rusting anytime in the future.

Key Features:

  • The operating switch is really easy to use making raising or lowering a hassle-free task.
  • The product has a safety lock pin to make the item even more secure to use.
  • With a long 48 inches power cord, you do not have to stick to the power supply uncomfortably.

1. Husky Electric Trailer Jack


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This is a true innovation when electric trailer jacks are concerned. This product can be controlled with a remote, so you can use the jack from wherever you are standing. Besides, it also has a backlit panel, making it much easier to see. When the product is not in use, it is better to keep it neat and tidy, it extends its longevity.

For that reason, the jack comes with a protective cover for when the product is in storage. Since the drop leg is also present, it will be much easier to do the job no matter what type of terrain it is. Also, the drop leg can be extended for fitting the height requirements.

Key Features:

  • The lift capacity of this jack is an exceptional 5000lbs.
  • The LED light system on this product is 3 sided.
  • Any remote power draw is eliminated with the availability of the sleep circuit.

Why should you buy electric trailer jacks?

Raising or lowering one of those huge trailers is no joke. For those who have a physical ailment, it can be especially taxing on their body. To avoid all that trouble, you just need to get one of these items. Since the item runs on electricity, you will need to apply no manual labor, as the press of a simple switch will take care of the business.

What are some of the things to keep in mind when looking for electric trailer jacks?

The first thing that you have to watch out for is the metal used for the parts of the trailer jack. Here, you can settle for no compromises but stainless steel. The steel provides the required strength to be able to handle the big automobiles, as well as makes the product durable. Besides, being rustproof, it truly makes sure the jack lasts you for a lifetime. Apart from that, to make the product resistant to any possible corrosion too, the metal should be powder coated as well.

Although it might seem paltry, in case you have one of the Big trucks or something similar, having a long power cord becomes vital for you. Hence, you should look for trailer jacks that come with some of these accessories.

If you have to look for a trailer jack that will match the size of your vehicle, it can become really confusing. For that reason, you have to look for a more flexible option. One way you can settle this is by getting a trailer jack where you can adjust the height of the item. That way, you will be able to work on a range of different sizes without any problems.

You might be caught up in a pickle where you are not being able to find any power source to use your trailer jack. In case of such emergencies, many such electric trailer jacks also allow a manual job, coming with their very own crank. To avoid such sticky situations, you should aim for one which provides the same facility.

If you can score a trailer jack with a 7-way connector design, then the installation will get much easier for you to handle, taking much less time than you will anticipate.

How are LED lights helpful in electric trailer jacks?

In case you need to use the product in the dark, it can be a real struggle if you cannot see anything. Or, if you are traveling through a low light area, or even the trailer may not be too visible to work on it simply. For all such cases, the LED lights play a vital role to guide you to get the job done. Along with LED lights, you will be wise to pick a trailer jack which also provides a backlit panel. That way, you will be able to view everything clearly no matter how dark it gets.

By now you may have known what to buy and what not to. These electric trailer jacks for cars will not let down your expectations in any way.