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10 Best Floating Globes in 2024

Geography might be boring for some but it’s really important to know our world properly. Therefore, to make it interesting and give a full view of the world in a compact way, the globes were invented. However, to excite the users more, the floating globes made its way to the market. It just not only provides valuable geographic information but also as a piece of art.

Want to make the most use of it? Then scroll through all the features of these best floating globes and your answers are right here.

Best Floating Globes – 10 Reviews:

10. Woodlev Maglev Magnetic Globe

Woodlev Floating Globes

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Woodlev has created a wonderful floating globe that can really inspire awe and wonder from anyone who visits your desk or sees it in your room. The globe has a construction of high-quality materials. In fact, it has a nice detailed map of the world with proper labels for the various oceans and continents.

It is indeed a wonderful toy for your kids this upcoming holiday season and increases their curiosity in science. You can also use it as a decorative desk piece. Just set it up on the provided base and watch it rotate freely in the air without support from a physical axis.

Key features:

  • Whether your base is turned upside or downwards, it wouldn’t affect the levitation.
  • Due to the LED lights, it can also act as a great night light in your bedroom.
  • Wireless induction technology also lights up the globe which is controlled via a touch button at the base.

9. Trenzsary Floating Globe


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Trenzsary has made a floating globe which is the perfect combination of art and science. It acts as a great piece of vanity anywhere in your home or office and also sparks the drive for innovation and learning within kids. Gift this to your young relatives this festive season so that they are more aware of the world they live in and have a better grasp of geography.

It also has a great illumination with an LED light when you power up the device. Moreover, the C-shaped magnetic levitation works as the platform that facilitates both rotation and levitation of the globe.

Key features:

  • Smoothly rotates mid-air due to magnetic characteristic.
  • Can show countries, seas, continents and the LED helps to make it beautiful when dark.
  • It has a beautiful 3-inches size.

8. Woodlev Magnetic Maglev 6-inches Globe

woodlev Floating Globes

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Woodlev always brings innovative and unique products and has brought to you another incredible floating globe. Unlike most other generic models that flood the market, it has a different design which makes it hard to spot. The globe has a diameter of 6-inches and has proper labeling of all the countries, straits, gulfs and other things. Moreover, it comes in a magnificent color combination of gold and black. On the other hand, the landmass is black while the rest of the globe is in gold.

It levitates on a base that looks like any ordinary book out of the shelf. So, you can just plug it in and with some neat cable management surprise your guests with a floating and rotating glove on your bookshelf.

Key features:

  • The power supply is certified by Underwriters Laboratories.
  • It has an auto-spinning system that helps to deliver smooth rotation.
  • Comes with a cloth that lets you easily clean and maintains this globe in top condition.

7. Senders Floating Globe


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Senders have brought to you a gorgeous floating globe that looks much better than most other models in the market. It has a base with an attractive, yet space-saving design. Instead of taking up plenty of space on your desk as you get with round flat bases from other manufacturers, this one has a C shaped platform.

The C shaped platform stands vertically and has a really small footprint. So, it beautifies your desk space without you having to adjust your laptop. It also comes with a power supply that can be plugged into a regular wall outlet. So, you can use it throughout North America.

Key features:

  • Power adapter has an LED light for an indication of electric current passing through it.
  • Since it is backed by a warranty period of 12 months, you can buy this without any worries.
  • Has multicoloured LED lights on the platform for illuminating the globe.

6. MOKOQI Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe

MOKOQI Floating Globes

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Mokoqi has crafted this floating globe from durable plastic that can stand the test of time. As a result, it won’t be severely affected by agents of corrosion. It can make any work station, desk or bedside table look much better with its unique design and properties. Show your guests and colleagues the incredible power of electromagnets that make this floating globe work its wonders.

The base has a C-shape and has been made from ABS for a rigid and stable position on any flat surface. Since the globe has plastic construction, it is light and also lets you easily set up and rotate more smoothly.

Key features:

  • It takes around half a minute for setting up the globe.
  • Globe rotates horizontally and continuously as long as you have power supplied to the stand.
  •  For superior protection, the base has also been coated with rubber oil.

5. FUZADEL Floating Globes


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If you are looking for a nice and innovative decorative piece for your desk or a great gift, then look no further than this floating globe from Fuzadel. It will appeal to people of all ages since they operate on magnetism that has always attracted human from a very young age. It has an oval-shaped base. Next, it has several pieces of LED beads on the inner wall for illuminating the globe even in the dark.

Since the body of this globe ahs a combination of silver and black, the lights also bounce back to create stunning visuals on the globe.

Key features:

  • A minimal amount of force is more than enough for rotating this floating globe.
  • As a matter of fact, the magnetic globe will certainly rotate automatically.
  •  The globe weighs less than a pound and is set up with ease.

4. Soditer LED Luminous Levitating Globe

Soditer Floating Globes

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Soditer has created a floating globe that will interest both kids and young adults and also act as a creative piece of decoration on your desk or side table. Other than mimicking our planet with all its continents, countries and oceans, it also shows you the constellation made by various star systems in the galaxy. It has a base with a marked center point that marks the position for setting up your globe with little to no effort.

With models from other manufacturers, you have to do a lot of guesswork and struggle for long durations before the globe can have a stable levitating position.

Key features:

  • Premium quality ABS construction makes it resilient and long-lasting.
  • Has rounded off smooth edges which minimize chances of injury.
  • In total, you get around 88 constellations on the globe with everything from Lynx to Pyxis.

3. Carejoy C shape Decoration Floating Globe


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Carejoy has made a really high tech levitating globe and is delivering that to you at an affordable price. They use magnetic suspension technology which implements the use of magnetic field sensors, strong electromagnets and other components for making this scientific artwork look and function the way it does.

Just plug the C-shape base with power and place it on a horizontal surface. After that, you just have to keep the globe within the C-shaped base and set it up so that it can float in mid-air. You will also feel the strong magnetic force affecting the globe when it is properly setup.

Key features:

  • LED lights of different colors that highlight the globe and also act as a night light.
  • It uses just around 250mA of power at 12 volts for operating the globe.
  •  Comes with a US wall adapter that operates within the range of 110 volts to 240 volts.

2. zjchao Floating Globe

zjchao Floating Globes

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Zjchao offers you a floating globe that doesn’t just appeal to elementary school kids, but also to adults as an attractive desk piece. Firstly, it has a sturdy ABS base which is smooth and lightweight compared to metal. It is also less vulnerable to water and dirt exposure. It has a stem extending from the base that curves and sits right above the globe.

Moreover, it has more than enough room for accommodating the 8-inch globe. In fact, it also has an LED light at the top. In just a few steps you would be able to set it up for your kid to learn about all the different countries and geographic locations while a slight force is more than enough to keep the globe rotating on your desk.

Key features:

  • Magnetic field sensor and strong electromagnets enable levitation with electric current flowing through them.
  • Available in both black and blue color.
  • The power cable has a length of around 1.5 meters for easy reach.

1. FU ZHOU Floating Globe


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This floating globe from Fu Zhou offers you a much better art and science piece for decorating your desk than a shiny rock. It works on the same principle as fast maglev trains where strong electromagnets with opposite poles repel each other in balance to make an object float.

While maglev train passengers enjoy frictionless, smooth and fast rides, this floating globe will be a great conversation starter with anyone who enters your workspace. You can also use it as a great gift for entertaining and promoting scientific curiosity in your children.

Key features:

  • Light on the side of its C-shaped base makes the globe look even more wonderful.
  • Comes with a white stick that helps you align and set-up the globe.

See the world through a whole new way and let your children learn more about the world in an interesting way. The float globes are pretty intricate and appealing.