Top 10 Best Gaming Backpacks in 2020

If you are going on a holiday but don’t want to leave your favorite games midway, then you probably need a gaming backpack. They are specially crafted bags that allow you to play games without any difficulty on the road. There are special compartments in these backpacks that allow you to store a plethora of gaming stuff. However, finding a perfect product out of hundreds of products isn’t an easy task. That’s why we have created this list of top 10 best gaming backpacks in 2020. Have a look at this list and buy the backpack that suits your needs.

List of Top Best Gaming Backpacks Review

10. CoolBell Laptop Backpack

CoolBELL Gaming Backpacks

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If you have a large screen laptop to play games, then buying this backpack will turn out to be the smartest choice for you. There are main compartments and one pocket in the front. You can keep the laptop in the main adjustable compartment, whereas the remaining two can be used for holding gaming gear and related accessories.

Furthermore, the things in the bag will stay protected due to its shockproof foam padding from the scratches, accidental drops or bumps. Also, the material used for making this backpack is resistant to rain.

9. Bonvice 18.4” Gamer Laptops Backpack

Bonvince Gaming Backpacks

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It is one of the most amazing gamer backpacks that comes in a comfortable strap design. The Bonvice backpack can conveniently hold laptops having screens up to 18 inches. There is additional padding provided for ensuring maximum support to your stuff.

It is equipped with solid compartments for laptop, whereas the organizer pockets allow you to store accessories like clothes, stationery, and books. Furthermore, your gaming gear will remain safe from water due to resistant ballistic nylon.

8. Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack

Everki Gaming Backpacks

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The Everki Beacon is one of the best gaming backpacks that comes with a plethora of amazing features. It has an ultra-soft padded compartment where you can accommodate up to 18” laptops. There is a buckle system in the backpack making sure you can open the compartment fully or partially for easy loading.

It is equipped with dual hand carry handles making sure you can lift the bag easily. Furthermore, the gaming console sleeve making things easier for tourists.

7. Dell 50KD6 Gaming Backpack

Dell Gaming Backpacks

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It is an amazing gaming backpack having bright red accents inside and EVA-molded front shield for protecting the things. There is a high-quality pull-over rain cover on the backpack that makes sure your stuff remain protected from the pain.

The company has used rear mesh padding for creating this product that makes sure you feel cool while traveling with it. Furthermore, this backpack available at quite an affordable price for making sure no one puts too much pressure on their pocket.

6. ASUS Republic of Gamers Shuttle Backpack

ASUS Gaming Backpacks

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If you are looking for a sturdy product at an affordable price, then buying the ASUS Republic of Gamers Backpack is the smartest choice that you can make for now. It can hold 17-inch laptops effectively along with a plethora of accessories effectively.

Also, there is a quick-draw holder where you can store notebooks. Furthermore, it is a perfect choice for the school going students too.

5. CTA Digital Universal Gaming Backpack

CTA Gaming Backpacks

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There is no way that this list of best gaming backpacks will be completed without mentioning the CTA Backpack. It is a perfect product for gaming consoles, such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. There are three layers in this gaming backpack each having sealed zips.

Furthermore, the company has added five accessory storage pockets that are enough for storing your small stuff. Other best features in this gaming backpack are console protection sleeves and exterior headphones port.

4. Lenovo Legion Armored Gaming Backpack

Lenovo Gaming Backpacks

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The Lenovo Legion is an exciting backpack that can effectively store the 17-inch laptop effectively. There are three large compartments for keeping your big stuff, whereas 16 small pockets are enough for placing additional things like gadgets, gaming consoles, etc.

Furthermore, the company has added weatherproof cover for offering maximum durability. There is proper air ventilation stored by the compression molded back panel available in this backpack.

3. FreeBiz Backpack Gaming Laptops

FreeBiz Gaming Backpacks

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If you own a fairly large laptop at an affordable price, then it is best to buy the FreeBiz Gaming Backpack without any further discussion. It can effectively keep the laptops as large as 18.5 inches. It comes in an airflow back design and comfy straps for keeping the things handy.

There are a plethora of pockets in the backpack where you can store things like phones, pencils, etc. Furthermore, the extra padding offers maximum support to the back. You can buy this exciting backpack without worrying about anything.

2. Ghostek NRGsolar Series Laptop Messenger Backpack

Ghostek Gaming Backpacks

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The Ghostek NRGsolar is a versatile bag that equipped with the 8.8-watt detachable solar panel and built-in 1600 mAh battery. It has a water-resistant body that offers proper protection to the stuff from the rain. Furthermore, there is a dedicated compartment where you can fit laptops up to 15 inches without any problem.

There are five different USB ports on the bag out of which two work on solar energy. Also, the backpack has several compartments where you can keep your gaming stuff and related accessories.

1. Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack

Everki Gaming Backpacks

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The Everki Titan tops our list due to its amazing features and dedicated compartments. It is capable to open up 180 degrees that allow you to go security checks with no problem. There is a large compartment in the backpack where you can store laptops up to 18 inches.

This backpack is fully resistant against all the weather elements like snow, dust, and rain. You can carry all your gaming accessories on this laptop without any problem.


We believe that you should enjoy this list of the top 10 best gaming backpacks in 2020. You should go for the one that suits your needs perfectly. If you have any question or suggestion regarding this article, please tell us in the comment section. If you are also looking for the best gaming chair & gaming desk check here for the best choice!

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