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10 Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50 in 2024

Are you looking for best gaming keyboards under $50, but puzzled after seeing so much variety in the market? There is a great range of brands available in the market selling gaming keyboards at different prices. However, the costlier never means better, and that’s why you need to be smart while shopping for this device. Many companies try to trick the customers by selling keyboards to the buyers with a claim to be better than others. However, the real thing is which one to trust.

In this post, we will present a list of top 10 best gaming keyboards under $50 in 2024 that created by our team after a terrific testing process. Check out the complete list and then buy the one that will work perfectly for you.

List of Top Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50 Review on Amazon

10. Rii RK100 Multimedia Keyboard (best for prime gaming)

Rii Gaming Keyboards Under $50

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We will begin our list with this highly impressive device that you can buy for experiencing prime gaming at its best. The RK100 supports all the systems quite effortlessly and lets the users have an awesome experience.

This keyboard equips with three colors LED that you can exchange as per the choice. Furthermore, the addition of standard 104 keys and 11 specially designed multi-media keys can be very useful for gamers.


  • Proper comfort due to its intelligent and ergonomic constriction
  • Easier viewing due to large printing letters
  • Pretty decent price range


  • Little bit sticky keys

9. Thermaltake Tt Prime 3 (best anti-ghosting gaming keyboard)

Tt eSPORTS Gaming Keyboards Under $50

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Finding a gaming keyboard providing better protection from ghosting than this one at such a price will be an impossible task. It is available in many different types of colors like red, blue, aluminum and many more.

The gaming becomes better than ever with its six dedicated macro keys and three storage profiles. Your gaming session will be smoother due to its anti-ghosting and anti-spill construction.


  • Equipped with highly-functional keyset
  • Adjustable brightness power
  • Complete protection from ghosting and spilling


  • The installation process is very complicated

8. BlueFinger Gaming Keyboard (best for construction)

BlueFinger Gaming Keyboards Under $50

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If you always prefer buying products in a stylish design, then you need to shop this Blue Finger gaming keyboard. Along with having a beautiful look, this product doesn’t lack in terms of quality due to high-quality & durable ABS material used for manufacturing it.

It comes with ten multimedia hotkeys that make access easier for gamers. This keyboard is compatible with all types of compatible systems.


  • Equip with three breathing and three LED modes
  • Awesome tactile feedback with its mechanical keys
  • Full protection from cracks


  • Pretty bulky not ideal for small desktops

7. Aula Rainbow LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard

AULA Gaming Keyboards Under $50

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With its full-size anti-ghosting keys, this keyboard is a perfect option for having detailed and smoother gaming. It is one of the best gaming keyboards under $50 that come with a gaming mode that locks out the major keys.

On top of that, the company has added three brightness adjustable LED backlight modes that one can’t expect at such a great price. Also, the spill-proof feature keeps the environment safer for gamers.


  • Come with a fully enabled key set
  • Provide different color backlighting
  • Perfect for enjoying detailed gaming


  • Pretty average effectiveness

6. Cooler Master Devastator 3 (best lightweight gaming keyboard)

Cooler Master Gaming Keyboards Under $50

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The Cooler Master Devastator 3 is a great buy that you can choose for having an awesome gaming experience. It is available in three different styles that give an extra choice to the buyers. There are six multimedia keys installed on this keyboard for faster access.
To prevent sliding, the company has added rubber pads on the bottom area. You will have a thrilling feeling after buying this budget-friendly keyboard.


  • Equip with seven LED modes including different colors
  • Practical gaming sensor
  • Provide perfect grip


  • Spacebar demand hard effort sometimes

5. VicTsing Mechanical Keyboard

VicTsing Gaming Keyboards Under $50

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It may not be manufactured by a popular brand, but this keyboard is capable of beating even some of the bigger brands in terms of performance. There are pretty amazing tactile feedback and positive responsiveness offered by this keyboard.

This keyboard is fully resistant against the water and capable of lasting longer than one’s imagination in such a price. Furthermore, the fatigue prevented to a greater extent with its ergonomic construction.


  • Equipped with 12 multimedia and 87 non-conflicting keys
  • Minimizes fatigue even if you use it for hours
  • Perfect for marathon games like Call of Duty and PugB


  • Non-existent customer service

4. Azio Levetron L70 (best for tight budgeters)

Azio Gaming Keyboards Under $50

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If you have an extremely tighter budget, then Azio L70 can be your top choice. Despite being priced less than US $30, this product has all the necessary features for making gaming better than ever. It has a very beautiful blue lighting and crafted in such a way that your hands don’t ache up even after hours of use.

There is a useful volume adjustment knob added for making the process convenient for the users. This device is worth your investment in every possible means.


  • Available at an unimaginable price
  • Equipped with detachable palm rest to minimize tiredness
  • Awesome blue color lighting


  • Pretty basic functions but you can’t complain considering its price

3. Eagletec KG010 Mechanical Keyboard (best for backlight)

Eagletec Gaming Keyboards Under $50

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With its awesome backlights, this keyboard can attract anyone in a matter of minutes. The Eagletec brand manufactures it in many different colors and backlights for giving an extra choice to the buyers. The KG010 is a top-grade entry level gaming keyboard that can turn out to be an awesome investment later.

It is one of the best gaming keyboards under $50 having providing conflict-free experience to the gamers. This product constructed using high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum material.


  • Provide perfect illumination for playing games
  • Manufactured with material that can last long
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows


  • Known for causing USB power surge sometimes

2. Corsair K55 (best for quick games)

CORSAIR Gaming Keyboards Under $50

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Are you one of those people who play a lot of quick action games? If yes, then shop the best gaming keyboard under $50 in the form of Corsair K55. It is an efficient device that comes with responsive keys and three RGB backlighting zones.

This product also equipped with six programming keys that assist in boosting speed while playing games. On top of that, they offer tactile feedbacks in less than a microsecond. The majority of buyers get surprised by the performance of this keyboard considering its price.


  • Boost performance speed to a greater extent
  • Equip with detachable wrist pad for better comfort
  • Crafted in a beautiful construction


  • Minor complaints about crashes

1. Redragon K552 (editor’s choice)

Redragon Gaming Keyboards Under $50

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This product delivers most when it comes to the budget of $50 as you can’t expect better performance than this one. It is one of the cheapest, yet durable keyboards manufactured by Redragon brand. It equips with excellent mechanical switches that made for gaming purpose.

The features like gold plated USB connector stand, double-shot injection molded keycaps, and LED light make it a perfect choice for hardcore gaming lovers. Also, there is solid longevity, resistance, and durability offered by its mechanical keys.


  • Equipped with custom mechanical switches for an amazing gaming experience
  • Provide crystal clear backlighting with its molded keycaps
  • available in a variety of colors


  • Lack of number pad may be an issue for some people

How to choose the best gaming keyboard under $50?

If you follow things mentioned below, you will end up buying a high-quality gaming keyboard in the budget of US $50.


There is a chance that you will find keyboards with backlights up to 15 colors in this price range. It is up to you on which type of color combination you like the most. Backlighting is an important feature for gamers, and that’s why you should be clear about your choice.

Mechanical switches:

There should be faster and precise keystrokes provided by switches on the keyboard along with awesome tactile feedback. Always buy one that can offer both of these.


If you are a little bit tighter on a budget, then it doesn’t mean you have to compromise with the quality. Never fall for the cheap keyboards and buy ones that made from materials like aluminum or ABS plastic. The gaming keyboards made from PBT plastic is the worst options.


Always invest your money in a gaming keyboard that is capable of preventing ghosting. That’s why always buy one that comes with anti-ghosting technology.

Macro and extra keys:

The dedicated macro keys can be very helpful in setting custom profiles for specific games. On the other hand, having extra keys in a gaming keyboard is always a plus point. It can be very useful for playing games like MMOs.


That’s all, you have received all the important information regarding best gaming keyboards under $50 in this article. It is very important to have perfect gaming tools if one doesn’t want to ruin their gaming experiences. The products mentioned in this guide has all the features that can make your gaming experience better without putting too much pressure on the pocket. If you have a query regarding gaming keyboards, then write it down.