10 Best Headlight Restoration Kits in 2022

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If you have a car or any vehicle for that matter, you know that the headlights get foggy, yellowish, and hazy after a few months of usage. It has more to do with environmental factors and less to do with the quality of the lenses or glasses. Therefore, having a headlight restoration kit is essential so that you can clean and bring the headlights back to their original form and increase their longevity and improve their performance. Check out the top 10 best headlight restoration kits in 2022 below.

List of Top Best Headlight Restoration Kits Review

10. Turtle Wax Headlight Cleaner and Sealant

Turtle Wax Headlight Restoration Kits

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This is an easy to use headlight restoration kit which is based on a 2-in1 formula. You can use it regularly on all types of headlights, be it new or old. This will prevent yellowing and will ensure that the cloudiness will not reoccur. It has OEM acrylic resins which will help in reducing oxidation. With one easy step, you will get a clean and clear headlight. You can also use it for plastic windows, clear plexiglass and translucent plastics. This is very safe for use on headlights and will restore the lenses.

9. H&A Quality Headlight Restoration Kit

H&A Quality Headlight Restoration Kits

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With this headlight restoration kit, you will get clean and dry headlights. With an easy three steps, your headlights will get restored in no time. You don’t require any skill and can be performed very quickly. This is a perfect solution for dirty, yellowed, foggy, and scratched headlights. With this, you will also be getting a drying cloth as well as a glove. You will have to just clean it, dry and then give a wipe. This will fill in the cloudiness and make them appear crystal clear. This will also give a UV coating on your headlights.

8. Mothers NuLens Headlight Renewal Kit

Mothers Headlight Restoration Kits

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This is very quick to use and is perfect for all types of acrylic headlights. The headlight restoration kit will safely restore the shine of the headlight in no time. It will clean away the stains and yellowing and will buff out the smudges, flaws, and scratches in just a single step. This will also protect from future degradation with its PowerPlastic 4 Lights. With this, you will also be getting a polishing tool and a backing plate. The oxidation inhibiting polymer will leave a tough protective layer for guarding your headlights.

7. Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit

Meguiar's Headlight Restoration Kits

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This is perfect for hazy, oxidized and yellowed headlights. The headlight restoration kit will protect against the re-oxidation and yellowing of the headlights for almost a year. It will give you outstanding results as it has been combined with drill powered polishing. This will give you crystal clear headlights and enhance your visibility at night. This will clear cloudy headlights and give them a completely new look. This is very effective and will preserve the brilliant clarity. This is also very easy to apply and will easily clean the fog.

6. Meguiar’s PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish

Meguiar's Headlight Restoration Kits

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This headlight restoration kit is based on a gel formula which is very flexible and rigid on uncoated clear plastics. This will quickly restore the clarity and will remove fine scratches, cloudiness, oxidation, and yellowing. The MDA technology will remove the defects of the lights and will improve the optical clarity. This can also be used on clear plastic surfaces, brake lights, plexiglass, and plastic windows. This can be used very easily and in a single step, it will give you a brilliant clarity.

5. Meguiar’s Headlight and Clear Plastic Restoration Kit

Meguiar's Headlight Restoration Kits

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If you are looking to make your headlight look clean and new then this is the one for you. The headlight restoration kit will perfectly remove oxidation, yellowed, and scratches from the headlight. This comes with a wool pad which can be used effectively in restoring the headlights. The kit contains the wool pad, cleaner/polish, finishing pads, and defect removal pad. This is also very quick to use and can be done in a single step. You can also use it on other uncoated clear plastic surfaces like helmets, boat windows, and motorcycle windscreens.

4. Wipe New Headlight Restore Kit

Wipe New Headlight Restoration Kits

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This headlight restoration kit will increase the lifetime of your vehicle’s headlight. This is very easy to apply and will last for washing many vehicles. The American made product will clear your car’s lens in just a matter of time. Once applied, this will last for years and will save your money and time. This is an innovative product which effectively removes the yellowing, cloudiness, and scratches from the headlights. Just give a simple wipe to use it and get a clean and dry headlight in a matter of seconds.

3. Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer Kit

Turtle Wax Headlight Restoration Kits

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There are three pads available of different grits ranges. Depending on the condition of the headlight, you need to choose accordingly. Apart from that, there is spray lubricant, lens clearing compound, lens seal wipe and much more. You can use the product on various lenses as well as plastic surfaces. You can restore a dull yellowish headlight in less than 10 minutes. Any discoloration can be removed and with multi-stage wet restoration pads, you can remove the scratches.

2. Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit

Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kits

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This is a complete headlight restoration kit with which you can remove haze and corrosion from headlights easily. The product comes with a lifetime warranty and the performance is unmatched. You need to take three steps only for providing UB protection to your lights so that they do not look dull or hazy with time. The light output will be restored like a new light and the beam pattern will also be back to its original.

1. 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System

3M Headlight Restoration Kits

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Apart from headlights, you can use this headlight restoration system on taillights, fog, and direction lights. The kit contains a polishing pad as well as sanding discs. You can save a lot by buying the kit and increase the longevity of the lights in your vehicle and make them appear new all the time. The cloudy and dull lenses and glasses will get clear. Within just an hour, you can remove the scratches and dullness of the lights. It is also useful for plastic lens surfaces as well.


There are different types of headlight restoration kits available based on the package content. Depending on the material of the headlight lens and cover you have, you should buy the restoration kit according to their compatibility. Apart from that, some are applicable to all lights, even car body, helmet, window glasses and much more. If you have a vehicle, it is essential for you to have a headlight restoration kit.

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