Top 10 Best Motorcycle Oils in 2020

Motorcycle oil is vital for the engines of the bikes to ensure that all the parts are frictionless less, and stress on the engine is reduced. Heat resistant engine oil is essential for the bikes for keeping off the formation of carbon and reduce the breakdown. Many of us undermine the significance of bike oil, not knowing that it can improve the burning of petrol in the cylinder, thereby increasing fuel efficiency.

Since the oil reduces the friction between different parts of the motorcycle, therefore, requiring less petrol to generate enough power for the motorcycle to move. Above all, engine oil is a vital lubricant if you are looking to improve the life of the bike engine.

Here, we bring some of the Best Motorcycle Oils that would improve the life of your bike engine and improve the performance.

List of Top 10 Motorcycle Oils in 2020 Review


10. Royal Purple High-Performance Air-Cooled Liquid Cooled Engine Oil

Royal Purple Motorcycle Oils

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This engine oil from Royal Purple is primarily formulated to come to the rescue of highly stressed out bike engines and transmission.  The oil is fully compatible with the air-cooled as well as liquid-cooled 4-cycle engines and wet-clutch transmissions. The proprietary synergetic additive technology of Royal Purple enhances the film strength compared to other synthetic and mineral oil.

Moreover, the oxidation resistance makes the performance better and ensure proper support. You do not need flushing before using this engine oil from Royal Purple. Your engine will become considerably quieter and smooth functioning post this engine oil.


  • Suitable for highly stressed engines and transmission
  • Compatible with air-cooled and liquid-cooled 4-cycle engines
  • Proprietary synergetic additive technology for better film strength
  • Prevent oxidation process


  • Slightly expensive compared to the other similar products

9. Maxima Anti-scuff Additive Wet Clutches Friction Reduction Motorcycle Oil

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Made in USA Maxima Premium4 oil is a superior engine oil with advanced additive technology meant high-performance motorcycle for increasing life and stability. The unique blend of petroleum base stocks and anti-wear additives ensure the viscosity stability for the compatible water-cooled 4-cycle engine.

Further, the oil is also powered with the extra anti-scuff additives for combating with the extreme loads and high temperatures in high-performance engines. Specially formulated from a premium petroleum base, Premium4 oil is turbo certified along with better specifications compared to similar engine oils.


  • Advanced additive technology for stable and long-life engine
  • Advanced anti-wear and anti-shear additives for viscosity stability
  • Loaded with anti-scuff additives for extreme loads and high temperature
  • Formulated for wet clutches and is turbo certified


  • Side Indicator on the oil pack would help the users better in checking the level of oil left

8. Mobil 1 Twin Synthetic Four-Cycle Motorcycles 20W-50 Engine Oil

Mobil 1 Motorcycle Oils

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This oil is recommended for high-performance four-cycle motorcycles that specifically mention 20W-50 engine oil. Mobil 1 ensures that the engine oil enhances the performance of the motorcycle engines that either has a standard engine/transmission lubrication system or a separate system.

Moreover, this Twin 20W-50 engine oil formulated to maintain the frictional characteristics required for the wet-clutch engine/transmission system. Thoroughly tested on laboratory dynamometers and in the field, the engine oil helps in offering optimum horsepower and acceleration to your bike. The efficient engine oil is formulated specially to withstand peak heat from the motorcycles and harsh riding conditions.


  • Based on the proven, advanced synthetic oil technology
  • Formulated to provide the necessary friction characteristic to wet clutch
  • Tested in the laboratory and the field
  • Enhances the horsepower and acceleration of the bike
  • Protects the bike from extreme heat or riding conditions


  • The price point might be a little higher

7. Motul 4-Stroke Motorcycles Ester Technology Low Sulphur Engine Oil


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An oil using the lubrication technology derived from high-end technical partnerships with the racing teams, it is apt to be used bikes with 4-stroke engines. The lubricant can be used in both integrated and non-integrated gearbox and wet or dry clutch. Further, the 100% synthetic ester material packed with anti-wear additives enhances the shear resistance of the bike.

More gear protection and engine reliability are now easy to achieve with this low sulfur and phosphorus formula. Further, the oil is compatible with the modern emission regulation technology with the exhaust gas after-treatment systems.


  • Induced with Ester technology for enhancing the engine response
  • Low Sulfur and low phosphorus formula
  • Compatible with modern emission regulation technology
  • Suitable for integrated/non-integrated gearbox and wet/dry clutch
  • Anti-wear additives for shear resistance


  • none

6. YamaLube All-Purpose Mineral Oil Genuine OEM Yamaha Product Bike Oil

YamaLube All Purpose Motorcycle Oils

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YamaLube is a performance blended mineral oil compatible with all kinds of motorcycles, side-by-side vehicles, and scooters. Along with the stable clutch performance and the sturdiness to the engine, the oil also protects from daily wear and tear.

Further, the mineral-base oil and ultra-clean additives offer superior anti-frictional properties. Moreover, the oil is in line with the JASO MA requirements, including the highest certified motorcycle engine oil rating, ensuring the proper wet-clutch performance.


  • Genuine Yamalube OEM factory four-stroke all-purpose oil
  • Can be used in motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, etc
  • Oil is suitable for stable clutch performance and strength for protection against daily wear and tear.
  • All-purpose mineral oil meets all JASO MA requirements


  • The price point is slightly higher compared to other motorcycle oil

5. Castrol Trizone Technology Best Performance Shear Stability Engine Oil


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The Castrol Power1 4T power release formula is formulated for the high-performance bikes. The advanced, synthetic, and premium quality engine oil meant for 4-stroke motorcycles. The oil from Castrol is intended for delivering enhanced acceleration by minimizing the internal engine friction.

Apart from exceeding the industry specifications API SL and JASO MA-2 standards, this engine oil provides shear stability preventing viscosity breakdown. Castrol ramped up the oil quality by inducing the race-derived technology for engine performance. Moreover, Trizone technology safeguards critical zones like engine, clutch, and gearbox.


  • Trizone technology ensures protection of the engine, clutch, and gearbox
  • Technology derived from racing bikes for maximum engine acceleration
  • Prevents the bike from getting heated
  • Compatible with both air-cooled and water-cooled engine
  • Provides shear stability to safeguard against viscosity breakdown


  • Some users complained of having one quartz less than average quantity

4. Honda Pro GN4 Genuine OEM 1 Gallon Motorcycle Oil

HONDA Motorcycle Oils

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In a bid to provide one of the best quality engine oil, Honda introduced GN4 back in 1975, and this oil is from the same stable. One of the highest quality base stocks selected to create an additive package for the specific requirements for the motorcycle and ATV engines. Exhaustive testing and development have made GN4 a better option for shear resistance, cleanliness, and viscosity stability.

The 1-gallon pack is apt for the bikers who test the limits of their motorcycles, keeping them in the best condition. The oil protects the engine and other parts from overheating and against rough riding conditions. Designed for the modern engines, this oil ensures that the engine reaches its optimum capacity and minimizes daily wear and tear.


  • Genuine Honda OEM oil designed for modern engines
  • Formulated for the specific requirement of ATV engines
  • Continuous testing and development for better shear resistance
  • Prevents friction and heating of the bike parts


  • Packaging could slightly be improved

3. Shell Rotella Full Synthetic 5W-40 Dispersant Additives Diesel Engine Oil

Shell Rotella

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For the riders looking for an optimum fuel economy, this engine oil from shell offers the same but without compromising on the performance of the engine. Moreover, compared to the API CJ-4 engine oils, Shell Rotella offers better protection against better wear and tear of the engine. Other than that, the multi-functional dispersant additives, along with the synthetic base oil, also provide better protection against all types of deposits.

Apart from that, the low-ash generation formula safeguards against poisoning of the exhaust after-treatment of the devices. Generally, this will ensure that your bike is complying with all the emission norms and is efficient. With the Shell Rotella engine oil, you can be sure of better heat resistance and sustained protection between the time gap of two services.


  • Better fuel economy with of up to 1.5%
  • Advanced multi-functional dispersant for preventing deposits
  • Low-ash generation blocking exhaust poisoning after the treatment
  • Anti-shear additives for viscosity stability


  • Rebate is available for maximum 4 gallons as per some feedbacks

2. Valvoline High Mileage Synthetic Blend Wear Protection Motor Oil

Valvoline Motorcycle Oils

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One of the pioneers in the motor oil category formulating the engine oils for addressing the specific requirements of the higher mileage engines. A fine blend of premium base stocks and synthetic, Valvoline engine oil enhances the performances significantly. The oil comes packed with seal conditioning agents, anti-wear additives, extra cleaning agents, and novel friction modifiers for the best protection. Moreover, extra detergents are significant as they remove sludge and deposits, keeping the older engine cleaner. Apart from that, antioxidants help in protecting the engine against clogging and the formation of a deposit.


  • The anti-wear film offers extra protection from engine breakdown
  • Easy to pour five quartz bottles with anti-glug tube
  • Antioxidants to prevent engine-clogging sludge
  • Extra detergents for keeping older engines problem-free
  • Seal conditioners preventing from oil leaks


  • The bottle needs to be stored in an upright position after usage after use to avoid leakage

1. AmazonBasics Full Synthetic 5W-20 5 Quart High Mileage Motor Oil


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If you are looking for engine oil that would be the best for your bike above 75,000 miles, then this High mileage motor oil from AmazonBasics is worth consideration. Apt for longer drain intervals, this full synthetic oil prevents engine parts against friction and protects from rust build-up and corrosion.

Trust of the brand and the capability of the oil to protect the engine against daily wear and tear makes it a good purchase. Further, the high resistance to viscosity and thermal breakdown are other positives that this oil has to offer to your bike’s engine. Reduce the exhaust emission with this high-quality engine oil from AmazonBasics.


  • Best suited for the engines above 75000 miles and longer drain intervals
  • Prevents the parts from friction and daily wear and tear
  • Prevents the viscosity and thermal breakdown
  • Minimizes the exhaust emission


  • The bottle could have been better according to the few feedbacks

Buying Guide: What Factors To Consider Before Buying The Motorcycle Oils

Let’s look into the factors that matter while selecting the Motorcycle Oil for your bike.

The Viscosity Of The Oil

You might have seen W, followed by some random numbers on the packaging of the engine oils. These numbers are not random, instead, define the viscosity of the oil at different temperatures. Generally, the numbers before ‘W’ would define “Cold” Viscosity and the after ones are meant for “Hot” viscosity. So, if you are planning a trip to a colder place, then the number before W should be low and so on. Similarly, there are other abbreviations such as JASO MA2, SAE, that you should be aware of before picking up the right engine oil.

The Gap Between The Two Services

Generally, the manufacturers would recommend the service frequency for the vehicles. During the servicing, engine oil plays a leading part in enhancing the life of the engine and revving up your bike again. However, if you have missed a few services, then prefer the engine oil meant for the bikes that have covered higher miles without getting serviced as and when required.

Fully Synthetic Or Semi-Synthetic

For the high-performance bikes, fully synthetic oil is most preferable. These synthetic oils are loaded with anti-wear additives and viscosity improvers. Although the synthetic blends or semi-synthetic oil would have the same specifications, your bike performance might not be optimum, and neither would be the engine protection.

Compliance Standards

All major brands of engine oils will mention the standards with which they are compliant. Look for the abbreviations such as API, JASO, or SAE on the bottles as these symbols indicate the quality of the oils.


Best Motorcycle Oils reduce the friction of the engine parts, thereby increasing the performance and longevity. Even during the servicing of the bikes, oiling is considered one of the most critical parts to ensure the smooth functioning of the bikes.

For our readers, we suggest that they should consider different factors we discussed before buying a suitable engine oil for their bikes. We hope our detailed buying guide and product reviews would help you in making a better purchase decision.

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