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10 Best Infrared Thermometers in 2024

In this situation, it has become very necessary to check the temperature of people around you if the need arises. And you must do that too from a safe distance. Well, in that case, it is important to opt for an infrared thermometer. Sometimes also referred to as non-contact pyrometer, these devices let you take the temperature without making any contact. Actually, it makes you of the infrared spectrum to tell the temperature. Moreover, these products are available in large ranges too for using an industrial purpose.

Even if you have an eye on a particular product, it is wise to take a second opinion. Hence, study our infrared thermometers recommendations and pick a product that will be beneficial in the long run.

List of Best Infrared Thermometers in 2024

10. Berrcom Infrared Thermometer

BERRCOM Infrared Thermometers

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This product allows you to take the temperature of both adults as well as young kids, covering the entire family in the structure. Moreover, the product has an excellent high-end probe sensor. Because of this, the algorithm for measuring the temperature is much more accurate as well as stable. Besides, this product barely takes any time to give you the reading. So you do not have to wait any more than a second.

Of course, the product also promises to record a long range of 32 data sets. Thus, you can keep track of your changing temperature.

Key Features:

  • This assures that it can tell you the accurate temperature readings of liquids and other surface areas as well.
  • It can also accurately detect human body temperature from a distance of 3-5 cm of the forehead.
  • This medical-grade product is ideal for using it on your baby.

9. Mildsix Infrared Thermometer


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With this product, taking the temperature of a person becomes completely hassle-free. The product has no-contact technology. Hence, you need not disturb the person in any manner in order to take their temperature. Also, the product has an innovative light indicator. It has three different color modes.

According to your body temperature, the color of the light changes. Further, to keep you alert always, this thermometer also has an inbuilt fever alarm for you. The product will work just fine from a good distance of 3cm.

Key Features:

  • Whether you are more comfortable with the Fahrenheit or Celsius scale, the product allows you to view in any you prefer.
  • Having the special mute mode, you can take readings even when your little one is snoring.
  • With the large LCD backlit screen, you can easily read the figures even in the dark.

8. Prove Infrared Thermometer

Prove Infrared Thermometers

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This product does much more than just taking the temperature of your body. With 4 different modes of ear, forehead, room, food as well as to object, the product gives you an accurate reading in each case with the advanced patented technology. More than that, the product is completely free from any BPA or later. Therefore, the non-toxic thermometer is completely safe to use on your baby as well.

Also, the probe cover keeps the thermometer sterile for use at any time. Besides, this product comes with the added trinket of a carrying pouch, making the item even more portable.

Key Features:

  • If you are not really good with new technology, no need to worry. The detailed instruction manual will walk you through each easy step.
  • The probe cover on the product is magnetic, so taking it on and off can be done real quick.
  • In case the item is not being used, the product comes with an energy-saving automatic shut off function.

7. Hemps Infrared Thermometer


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When it comes to quality, you cannot get any better than this. This thermometer has shown exceptional performance, and satisfied many, bagging the prestigious title of Bestseller on Amazon. It is bound to have what you need as well. You will be glad to know, that your purchase will also make a small contribution to the healthcare workers. Different people are accustomed to different systems.

For that reason, this product allows you to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, whichever you find comfortable. Also, the thermometer makes use of high-quality material, which turns out to be really durable in the long run.

Key Features:

  • Keeping elders in mind, the display screen has been made large so it can be easily viewed by any person.
  • Since the product is lightweight, you can easily take it anywhere without feeling any bulk.
  • If you are still not convinced about the quality of the product, Hemps convinces you with a two-year long warranty on the product.

6. WeePro Infrared Thermometer

WeePro Infrared Thermometers

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Name what you want, and this product is sure to be already catering to it. If you are a little clumsy, the product comes with a laser function which lets you point on the person or thing of which you want to measure the temperature. The laser pointer can be turned off as well.

As it has a single hand operation, it can be used anywhere, from schools to malls and of course in your own house. Even if you are 36cm away from the person, this product will not fail to give you an accurate reading.

Key Features:

  • Since the batteries required for the thermometer come with the package itself, you can use the product right out of the box.
  • The curved edges on the handle mold to the shape of your fingers giving your ergonomic comfort.
  • Furthermore, this product allows you to customize and change the fever alarm temperature to your own choice.

5. Purea Infrared Thermometer


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Innovation has a new name with Purea. This product comes with two different types of probes, one thicker and the other one slimmer and pointy. This allows you to take readings of any hard to reach places, like the ear of a baby. Most importantly, the thermometer is ideal for the impatient ones, as it assures you to give accurate results in no more than a single second.

It has been given an anti-skid design so that the thermometer does not fall off of your hand.  In case you still have any concerns regarding the quality of the product, Purea brushes all such thoughts aside with a whole year warranty on the thermometer.

Key Features:

  • Since the product has a one-button operation, it is very user-friendly for anyone.
  • Equally effective for both adults as well as children.  So, the temperature will be accurate.
  • The product allows you to interchange between units of measurement.

4. Etekcity Infrared Thermometer 774

Etekcity Infrared Thermometers

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If you are looking for a superior quality thermometer specially meant for inanimate objects, this is the one you should go for. The handle of the product has curved edges. This matches the natural curve of your fingers, to give you a comfortable and sure grip so that your hands do not feel strained easily.

Also, with the availability of the laser, you will be able to get accurate readings of items without necessarily needing to walk up to the object. The product is FDA, FCC as well as CE compliant, so you do not have to worry about the safety of this item.

Key Features:

  • More choices have never hurt. For that reason, this product comes in two different color combinations that you can choose from.
  • With the low battery indicator, you will never run out of battery mid-measurement.
  • In order to save up on the battery, the product also has an automatic shut off function.

3. GoodBaby Infrared Thermometer


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This product has been designed with a lot of care. The product makes temperature taking a complete breeze. In case you have babies with light sleep, the mute function of the thermometer lets you take a temperature without any sound. Also, because of the LCD backlit screen, you can conveniently read them figures even in pitch darkness.

Furthermore, the product sports an intelligent light indicator. With the various colors, this indicator tells you if your temperature is above the normal.

Key Features:

  • Measurements can be taken from a safe distance of one inch away as well.
  • Since the thermometer has a 35 memory recall function, you can monitor any changes in your temperature.
  • With the convenient carry pouch, your item will remain clean and tidy when in storage.

2. Ancrown Infrared Thermometer

ANCROWN Infrared Thermometers

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This product is truly one of it’s kind. The product will be perfect for professional settings like in factories or shops. This thermometer is wall mountable. Hence, you can set it up anywhere, and it eliminates the need to carry it, or manually take the temperature for each person. With no second party involved, this thermometer has a truly non-contact system of taking temperatures.

In case the temperature is higher than the usual temperature, the fever alarm immediately alerts with a beeping sound.

Key Features:

  • It allows you as many as three different ways to install the item, to suit every type of set up.
  • Since the product has USB charging for power supply, you do not need to keep buying wasteful batteries.
  • The product ensures that it can detect as many as 50 people in under a minute.

1.​​ iHealth Infrared Thermometer


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This product is suitable for places with a space crunch. With a very slim design, it barely takes up any room when the product is not being used. Besides, the 15.5 Deg handle is not only comfortable, but the design was given with a purpose. It gives the best angle to get accurate temperature measurements. If you are not well accustomed to such devices, the manual instructions will guide you through the functions and safety precautions

When the reading is done, the thermometer efficiently lets you know with a very gentle vibration.

Key Features:

  • To give the most accurate readings, the product is given as many as 3 different sensors.
  • The product is safe to be used by both adults as well as children.

Keep your temperature in check and always ensure safety. The infrared thermometer accuracy settles any tension in your mind and makes you feel secured.