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10 Best Lift Top Coffee Tables in 2024

Need a chair that will act as a coffee table, have storage space and even the top will lift up? Well, your wish is just about to come true. The lift top coffee table is a spacious table that will qualify all these requirements. Interestingly, the upper part of the table is lifted up and will serve as a tray as well. You can also use as a workstation and enjoy working on it while resting on your couch. So, an all-in-one product that will be your ultimate choice.

As there are too many brands who claim to be authentic, the lift top coffee table review is your ultimate solution. Never consider going for fake products when you have premium options available.

List of Best Lift Top Coffee Tables Review on Amazon

10. AmazonBasics Lift-top Coffee Table

AmazonBasics Lift Top Coffee Tables

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AmazonBasics always brings some of the best products at a bargain price and has done the same with this lift top coffee table. Unlike other manufacturers, this one has high-quality wood construction which isn’t just finished on one side. This table has a rich Espresso finish which completely covers wooden pieces on all sides and doesn’t just give your table a stunning look, but also easy versatile assembly.

However, vanity is not the only strong suit this table offers. You also get high functionality due to its sturdy tabletop that is raised for better access to your work surface. Its design also allows you to place it in any room. It will become an attractive centerpiece that will complement all other furniture and home decor. Under the tabletop, you also get a storage space that is usually hidden. You can use this space for storing magazines, games, TV remotes, console controllers and more.

Key features:

  • Two open shelves at the bottom make for a great display or storage space.
  • You can buy this table without any worries since it has a one year warranty period.
  • Strong metal lifting mechanism works smoothly.

9. Sauder 414856 Edge Water


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Sauder has created this lift top coffee table from engineered wood, which means that it is a recycled product that is sustainable and has minimal waste. So, when you buy this table you aren’t just getting yourself a fabulous piece of furniture but also doing something good for the environment.

You get a tabletop which is 41-inches long with a width of 19-inches. Therefore, you get an enormous work and dining space that is easy to reach. The top is opened with the help of a little lift. Then it just moves forward to become a workspace for all.

Key features:

  • Three open shelves give you lots of storage space.
  • Weighs 10.9 ounces to make it easy during transportation.
  • Estate black finish looks brilliant on modern design.

8. Sauder 420421 Lift-Top Coffee Table

Sauder Lift Top Coffee Tables

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Sauder is a proud American company that has been delivering quality and reliable furniture to its customers for decades. Even after three generations, they maintain their high quality. Most of its inventory is from America with high standards. This lift top table from the brand is one of their finest creations and has a beautifully blended style with functionality. Under the top, you get a hidden chamber that is large enough for storing a multitude of things from blankets and books to games and remotes.

You also get open shelves that are used for storing more of your belongings or used as a platform for showcasing your collectibles and awards. Unlike other manufacturers, Sauder backs this table with a 5 year warranty period so that you can make a worry-free purchase.

Key features:

  • Award-winning customer service based in Ohio will solve all your queries.
  • A sustainable and environmentally friendly product having engineered wood construction. It is derived from high-quality trimmings and post-milling leftovers,
  • Have skid-resistant protectors on the feet to keep safe floor scratches.



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Logan presents to you excellence in furniture with this lift top table. It has a smooth metal mechanism which works silently to lift up the top and give you a raised work surface. As a matter of fact, this tabletop has tapered and rounded edges which mean no more of getting cuts or scratches.

You also get a large bottom shelf that is more than enough for all your storage needs, while more delicate items can be kept within the secured protection of the bottom drawer.

Key features:

  • Two smoothly polished metal knobs that look great and allow you to bring out the drawer with ease.
  • Two hidden compartments under the tabletop for storage.
  • Premium warm oak finish that gives this table a classic look.

6. VASAGLE Lift-Top Coffee Table

VASAGLE Lift Top Coffee Tables

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Unlike other furniture manufacturers who require you to have an arsenal of tools and extra money for assembly hardware, Vasagle has a more economical and intuitive approach. You get a lift top table that has design features which allow you to assemble this product without any tools.

Legs of this table have an integrated threaded metal connector. This lets you just screw in the leg to the table. Moreover, you get real wooden legs which are sturdier than it cheaper processed alternatives.

Key features:

  • The massive weight-bearing capacity of 200 pounds.
  • Along with a hassle-free lift, you certainly get adjustable feet to make adjustments as needed.
  • The table gets great depth and detail due to the unique birchwood graining.

5. Ashley Furniture


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If you have been looking for that extra touch of function and luxury, then this lift top coffee table from Ashley Furniture will definitely suffice your needs. Most lift top coffee tables are having little to no personal touch. But this one is unique since they are finished by hand and have a premium traditional design which accentuates the beauty of your living room or study room. It has plenty of surprises and rich features that won’t fail to impress you. It has caster wheels on all four feet which allows you to move the table effortlessly to the perfect spot in the room.

When it’s time for a remodeling of the house and the furniture needs to be shifted to another room, casters allow you to do that without any heavy lifting or disassembly. The lift top is also used not just for working, but for dining space. It is large and sturdy enough to hold grand meals.

Key features:

  • 4 drawers with hardware finished in a dark-bronze tone for a classy look.
  • Comes with all the tools and hardware that you need for a quick and easy assembly.
  • Drawers have sturdy handles that last you for a long time.

4. Dorel Living

Dorel Living Lift Top Coffee Tables

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Dorel Living offers you a lift top coffee table which makes a stark contrasting look with its tabletop and the rest of its body. The faux marble top while different is accentuated even more due to the black finish of its legs and shelf. It has a solid design with superior craftsmanship which makes it durable and long-lasting.

The mechanical hinge further allows smooth lifts which means that your table lasts for a longer duration. Lastly, it even acts as a tray table for keeping all your necessary food and beverages.

Key features:

  • The sturdy and solid table weighs just less than 50 pounds.
  • The mechanical hinge facilitates a smooth motion that will cause no hindrances.
  • Compact but doesn’t lack a generous storage shelf hidden under the tabletop.

3. HOMCOM 39″ Modern


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Homcom brings you one of the most affordable and minimalist lift top coffee tables that you will find on the market. It has a clean look with wood grain color that lets you place it in any room. You get a floating work surface which is lifted up and stays higher compared to the table. So you don’t need to reach out to the table with extra effort while having your dinner or doing work.

Compared to other lift top tables this one also features an extra-large shelf for storing your laptop, grafting tools, books and much more.

Key features:

  • Has premium materials construction like stainless steel and composite wood.
  • You can put anything on the table as long as it weighs 45 pounds or lower.

2. Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee Table

Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee Tables

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Yaheetech always comes up with products that sweep the competition with its competitive pricing and high price to performance ratio. This lift top table from the brand is one such fine example. It offers you incredibly high quality and craftsmanship at an unbelievably low price. The tabletop is lifted by a spring-loaded push mechanism having metal construction. It lets you lift up the top and bring it back with equal ease and minimal effort.

There isn’t any cranky noise either. So, when you want to work with your laptop at night, no one in the house is going to be surprised or awakened by cranky sounds. The top isn’t just for work either. You can use it for dinnertime and can even enjoy some snacks on it while watching the television on your couch. You don’t need to run to the hardware store for extra investment either. It ships with all the hardware that you need.

Key features:

  • Made from MDF board that has the CARB Phase 2 certification for low formaldehyde emissions.
  • Strong enough to support up to 121 pounds of weight.
  • Comes with bumpers made from foam pads to reduce shock and noise.

1. Tribesigns Lift Top Coffee Table


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At a very affordable price Tribesigns brings to you a table which has a top that lifts up and moves forward for more accessibility. You get your work surface right in front of you and don’t need to lean in uncomfortably for editing or making adjustments to your spreadsheets.

The large tabletop provides ample surface and has a high load-bearing capacity to hold not just your laptop, but coffee, meals and more. Apart from a spacious table surface, it has round corners will not hurt any individual.

Key features:

  • Legs have solid pine wood construction for a stable and firm structure.
  • Metal lifting mechanism has a rust-resistant coating for prolonged use.
  • Hidden shelf and open shelves provide plenty of storage space.

Decorate your home, store the essentials and place it any location, the lift top coffee table is aesthetically pleasing.