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10 Best Off Road Jacks in 2024

Mainly used for car lifting during troubleshooting, the off-road jack is an integral piece of equipment for 4 x 4 enthusiasts. If you are one of those motorists who prefer to maintain their cars themselves, then this is a tool that you should always keep on hand. But at the risk of finding an unreliable model, it is better to look for the best offers on the market.

This is why we have hand-picked 10 of the best off road jacks in 2024 in a comprehensive review. Immediately after the review, you’ll also find helpful tips in the form of criteria you should consider before buying an off-road jack.

The Best Off Road Jacks in 2024

10. Michelin 92416 Lifting Jack

MICHELIN Off-Road Jacks

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Suitable for intensive use, this jack has great robustness which strengthens its resistance. Furthermore, the reliability of this equipment is high since it can lift a car with a maximum weight of 1800 kg.

However, the design of the rubber sole had not reassured some buyers in terms of reliability—some fear for its rapid wear. Able to lift a load of up to 2 tonnes, this jack is of remarkable manufacturing quality. Besides, it will give you great convenience in use thanks to the comfort handle and the compartment reserved for the storage of nuts.


  • Can easily lift a vehicle that weighs 2 tonnes maximum
  • Rotary handle and swivel give maneuverability
  • Storage space for practicality


  • Lifting amplitude not sufficient for certain cars

9. MICHELIN 009555 Trolley Jack


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This model from Michelin essentially aspires to quality. Its use is recommended on 4X4 or SUV type cars. In use, it is capable of lifting a load of 2250 kg. By adopting it, you could raise your vehicle to a height of 150 to 530 mm. The 70 cm lifting arm with which it is fitted also enhances the efficiency of this equipment.

You can also see that the model has a rubber sole to protect the body. If this equipment satisfied buyers, it is also thanks to its maneuverability. For this, it is accompanied by swivel wheels used to simplify its movement. The nuts also have their own storage space to increase organization.


  • Adapted for the lifting of utility vehicles
  • Great robustness helps support up to 2250 kg weight
  • Its efficiency is even more optimized with the lifting arm.
  • It has a protection feature made of rubber.
  • Casters and the storage of nuts give the convenience of use


  • Unreliable rubber pad puts durability to doubt

8. Pittsburgh Automotive Heavy-duty Floor Jack

 Pittsburgh Off-Road Jacks

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This device has a 6000-lb capacity. Therefore, it is reliable for lifting vehicles weighing up to 3 tonnes. The quality of the Pittsburgh Automotive brand is found in this product which exudes solidity and incorporates advanced technologies. In addition, it provides great practicality in use. The floor jack features a foam bumper that protects and keeps your materials or vehicle from getting damaged during lowering or lifting tasks.


  • It has great value for the money
  • Lifts its weight effortlessly
  • Rapid pump technology for fast and quick lifting
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy equipment


  • Irreplaceable set screw

7. Liftmaster High Lift Floor Trolley Jack

liftmaster Off Road Jacks

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This Liftmaster High Lift Floor Trolley Jack is another good option because of its quality which meets professional requirements. In terms of construction, the manufacturer has bet on quality steel material which provides the necessary robustness for the whole item. This article can be used to lift 3 tonnes of weight. Regarding the lifting height, it varies between 190 and 530 mm.

The performance of this equipment is also reflected in its ability to lift both wheels at the same time while ensuring the stability of the car. To facilitate the movement of the device, it has 4 casters.


  • Designed with sturdy steel material
  • Can lift up to 3 tonnes at a maximum height of 530mm
  • It moves with ease thanks to its rollers, despite being heavy-duty
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty period
  • Can lift 4 x 4, SUVs, pickups and vans


  • No protective rubber sole

6. Powerbuilt Triple Lift Jack

Powerbuilt Pittsburgh Off Road Jacks

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Designed in metal, this device has a robust construction which helps it to lift up to 4000kg easily. It is accompanied by a triple-lift unit which allows it to adapt to intensive use. Regarding the lifting height, the range is around 5 inches to 17 inches. To meet everyone’s usage needs, the lowering can be adjusted without level.

Besides, this tool has a large support plate which can pivot according to the desired position. In terms of movement, the 2 casters among the 4 wheels present can be maneuvered in all directions, according to your requirements. Meanwhile, the other two casters are fixed. The movement of this equipment is facilitated by the long carrying handle, which measures 40 inches in length.


  • Stylish and dependable
  • Great value for money
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Highly durable product from a renowned brand


  • No listed warranty period
  • Jack too tall for some vehicles

5. Facom 6T Hydraulic Trolley Jack


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The Facom model is a heavyweight hydraulic trolley jack that is both reliable and resistant. Indeed, its design complies with EN 1494-ASME-PASE standard. In addition, it is primarily made of quality materials that enhance its longevity.

As part of the intensive range of the Facom brand, this product has numerous improvements to optimize its performance. With a lifting capacity of 6 tonnes, it can quickly lift your vehicle with the integrated piston. It doesn’t come with a battery and neither does it require such.


  • It can remain functional for many years.
  • Can lift up to 6 tonnes
  • Complies with safety standard


  • No presence of casters to aid movement

4. Torin T30308 Long Double Piston Jack

Torin Pittsburgh

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Would you like to know how to choose the best hydraulic jacks of 2024? We now put you directly on the tracks of this Torin T30308 which can support up to 3 tonnes of weight. The lifting will be very fast thanks to the double piston system with which it is equipped.

Complying with the ASME standard, this equipment guarantees safer use. With a weight of 11kgs, the jack is lightweight and easy to carry. This is why it has no caster.


  • Double piston gives efficiency
  • Complies to safety standards
  • The off-road jack is very light and easy to carry


  • Reports of some model’s leaking fluids

3. Draper 39055 Jack

Draper Off Road Jacks

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Manufactured according to EN1494 standard, this device has a high-quality design. It guarantees reliable use thanks to its overload protection system. One of the advantages of getting this affordable material is that it is able to lift a load of 4 tonnes safely. Regarding the lifting range, it varies between 194 and 372 mm.

To enhance the efficiency of this equipment, the saddle is notched. If you take a little time to observe the device, you will notice that the handle is constructed in two parts. This is to make handling more convenient so that you can enjoy comfortable use. Also, the base of the jack is large enough to ensure its stability during use.


  • Compliance with EN 1494 standards gives safer use
  • It comes with overload protection.
  • Higher capacity


  • Insufficient height

2. Blackhawk B6350 Jack

Blackhawk Pittsburgh Off Road Jacks

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If you are looking for top-quality hydraulic jack suitable for offroad vehicles, then this might be for you. This product ensures a lifting capacity of 3500 kg or 7000 lbs on a height of 5.5 to 22 inches. The manufacture of this cast iron material provides better resistance against external factors that could damage it.

Its use is therefore essential during vehicle-lifting work. Also, it has a particularly solid rubber sole that can absorb shocks. In addition, it brings great practicality to use thanks to the casters, two of which are fixed and the other two pivoting 360°. Besides, the handle greatly simplifies transport.


  • Professional equipment with a high load capacity
  • Designed in cast steel, this material is sturdy and reliable
  • Integrated with fast-lifting technology
  • Heavy-duty construction


  • The jack is very heavy

1. Hi-Lift HL484 48in Jack

Hi-Lift Off Road Jacks

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In the first position in this offroading jack review, is the Hi-Lift Jack. For real off-roaders, the Hi-Lift Jack delivers serious power. It is a unique type of car jack for vehicles with high ground clearance, such as all-terrain vehicles and agricultural equipment. This bad boy has a heavy capacity of more than 3,000 kg or 3.5 tonnes of weight. It also has a lifting height of 48 inches. It is a bit heavy at 28 pounds.

Although not really compact, this jack is narrow and perfect for throwing in the trunk of a truck. Several accessories are available, including an all-terrain base to help with stability on difficult terrain.


  • Robust construction
  • The Hi-Lift Jack has an impressive lifting height
  • High capacity
  • Users appreciate its reliability
  • Suitable for intensive use


  • This jack is not compact

Purchase Guide 

An essential tool for lifting your SUV or 4 x 4 before changing a wheel or during any intervention under the vehicle, an off-road jack is not easy to choose. To simplify the purchase, we will introduce you to several criteria to take into consideration.

How to choose a good offroading jack

Lifting capacity

Before deciding on the model to order, you must first refer to the load capacity of the device. In reality, this factor defines the maximum weight that the material can support during use. Expressed in kg or in tonnes, this parameter can range from a few tens to over a hundred kilos, depending on the brand you choose. When doing your research, try to take some time to educate yourself about this so as not to make the wrong choice. You could find this information in the product description sheet.

Otherwise, you will also be able to request it directly from the seller.​​ If this characteristic is mentioned in this buying guide for the best off-road jacks, it is because it is a decisive criterion at the time of acquisition. You should, therefore, ensure that the equipment you are about to acquire can support the weight of your vehicle. As a guide, a model for 2 or 3 tonnes can do the trick if you own a standard car. On the other hand, if you have a utility vehicle, choose a jack of 3 or 6 tonnes capacity, depending on its weight.

The ground gap

Would you like to know to buy a hydraulic jack with better value for money? If you cannot answer it, it is advisable to take into account the distance to the ground of this material. Remember that the jack will be useless if it cannot be positioned under your vehicle. This characteristic is all the more important for cars where the chassis is particularly low as for heavy goods vehicles.

Considering this parameter is also essential if you do not want to damage the bodywork of your automobile. In this case, you will have to take the height of the jack into account and then compare it to the space between the bottom of the car and the ground.

Lifting height

One of the essential criteria for acquiring a hydraulic jack, the lifting height must also be prioritized. In this step, you will need to make a careful comparison between the maximum height of the device and the stroke. It is also necessary to check the number of steps in the piston.

Most of the products that are currently sold on the market have two or three floors. Opt for models with a large number of steps. In addition, some manufacturers also offer to lift extensions. Some of them provide only one, while others offer several. This solution is ideal because you can realize many applications while using the same material.

Components of the jack

When you have toured these features, you will still have to look at the elements present on the equipment before going through price comparison. To begin with, the existence of a rubber sole is strongly recommended. Above all, it protects the bottom of the car and reduces the risk of slipping. The item you buy should also have an overload valve to optimize safety in use.

Indeed, it guarantees safer use and makes it possible to combat the risk of an accident. On some jack models, you may also have a double piston system. This process is very useful as it makes lifting faster.

 Our Verdict

The most recommended off-road jacks are notably the Hi-Lift HL484 48in Jack. It is capable of lifting up to 3000 kg over a maximum height of 48 inches. The Blackhawk B6350 Jack also stands out for its high quality which allows it to lift a maximum load of 3500kg, with a possible height of around 5.5 to 22 inches.