A hair clipper is used to cut human hair conveniently. They are more popular in the professional hair salons and the professional hair stylists and barbers prefer them over razors and scissors. In fact, even when it comes to balding, there are hair clippers available to do it perfectly. Not just that, some of them are multipurpose in function and you can use for trimming beard and body hair. The following list contains the top 10 best professional hair clippers in 2020 that are worth purchasing.

List of Top Best Professional Hair Clippers Review

10. ANDIS Professional Barber Adjustable Clipper


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With this professional hair clipper, you will be able to cut both dry and wet hair. It is available in sleek housing and will comfortably fit in your hands as it is very light. Here you can do lever adjustments which allow you to choose from fine to coarse. This is a heavy-duty clipper which is very powerful and operates in a quiet mode. This will also not get heated fast and is a perfect equipment for professional stylists. Whether it’s styling, shaving, trimming, or outlining, this one product will do everything for you.

9. Andis Barber Combo-Powerful Clipper


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The professional hair clipper is perfect for keeping a man groomed. In this, you can easily adjust the blade clipper and is suitable for all-around styling. This is perfect for professional use as it has got high-speed magnetic motors. It is very cool during operation and is also very quiet. There are hanger loops in this clipper which allows you to store them easily. This is a perfect trimmer combo kit which is also very lightweight. It is available in 120 V and will last for a very long time.

8. Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

Wahl Professional Hair Clippers

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Wahl is the most popular brand in the professional hair clipper category. This particular hair clipper produces sharp performance and it has a powerful motor that delivers performance at twice the speed. The barbers and stylists can produce a surgical cut with quickness, preciseness and effortlessly. All the accessories are available including clipper, combs, cleaning brushes, blade guards and much more. The clipper is lightweight and has an ergonomic grip for long duration usage.

7. Wahl Professional Super Taper Hair Clipper


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With this professional hair clipper, you will be able to create any type of design without any problem. This is perfect for experts as it will deliver a sharp performance. This can be used for different types of hair and will give you ultra-close trimming along with smoothness and precision. It is also very stylish, compact and is lightweight. The durable product can be used in professional salons with ease. The standard 110V clipper will also allow you to trim your beard. You can also easily detach, clean or replace the blades.

6. Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High Performance Hair Clipper


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The product features under Amazon’s Choice for the hair clipper category. You can use it for hair cutting as well as beard trimming. It has a highly powerful and durable motor and the performance is superior and consistent for a lifetime. Besides, the blades are self-sharpening and suitable for all hair types. There are stainless steel clip guide combs for smooth and easy operation. The 8-feet heavy-duty cord does not heat up over a long duration constant use. Besides, a premium storage case is provided to keep the pieces organized.

5. Wahl Professional All Star Clipper


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This is another amazing professional hair clipper which will give you a sharp performance and is a versatile product. The ergonomically designed product is capable of doing various tasks like edging, blending, and fading. With this, you will be getting other accessories like an instruction manual, cleaning oil, brush, and attachment combs, and it is also very lightweight. They are very suitable for professional barbers and artists and is very compact as it is only 6.25 inches long. The comb attachments are made up of plastic and the blades are made up of steel.

4. Oster Classic Salon Pro Hair Grooming Clipper


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This is a very powerful hair clipper where there are 76 detachable blades. This is perfect for heavy-duty use as it has got a universal motor. The body is very solid and durable too. It is very long, break resistant, and very convenient to hold. With this product, you will also be getting lubricating oil, blade guard as well as a cleaning brush. This is ideal for experienced barbers and comes in an amazing design. The power cord is 10 meters long and it is also very compact. The product is lightweight but is crafted for quality.

3. OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper


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This is another powerful clipper that operates quietly and it has a pivot motor. The steel blade adjusts among different sizes. It can cut all hair types whether it is dry or wet. The ergonomic design helps the barbers to cut hair with it all day long without any issue in its performance. The grip is easy and suitable for long duration use. The package includes blade guard with lubricating oil and cleaning brush.

2. OSTER Classic Universal Motor Clipper


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This professional hair clipper is very durable and has a break-resistant housing. It is very powerful and the universal motor is perfect for commercial use. Here the blades are detachable, and you will also be getting other accessories along with it. The cord is also very strong and is 9 foot in length. The heavy-duty performing clipper can cut any type of hair without much effort. It comes in an ergonomic design and is perfect for both wet and dry hair.

1. Wahl Professional Cord/Cordless Magic Clip


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This hair clipper is perfect for professional use as it has got high precision blades. This will allow you to move freely as it is cordless and is also very handy. This is powered with a lithium-ion battery and will let you do easy blending and fading. You will be able to create any design with ease. You will also be getting all the accessories including a recharging transformer, red blade guard, and attachment combs. The lightweight product measures only 6.25 inches and it is also convenient to hold.


If you are running a hair salon and you can still use the traditional scissors and razors, you need to upgrade yourself. Moreover, one can buy these professional hair clippers for home and personal use. You can get the desired hairstyle as you will have full control over how much you shape and the area you are trimming. Besides, you do not have to buy a beard trimmer separately as some of them can be used for trimming bread and body hair as well.

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