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10 Best Puzzle Mats in 2024

As we’ve already completed the two-month mark of social distancing and various orders of staying-at-home due to the COVID 19 outbreak, Many people feel physically and emotionally drained for staying at home for so long even though most people recognize the importance of staying indoors and getting bored enough to follow the same routine daily.

We have got something exciting for you guys so that you can spend quality time with your family member in a competitive way. Mats don’t compromise with age group; anybody can play it. Assemble, then Reassemble and Great! You’re good to go.

Here, for everyone out there at home, we have provided you the best Puzzle Mats. Do check their availability and portability to find the best suitable for your family.

List of Best​Puzzle Mats​Review

10. Nessie’s Playground Mat

Nessie’s Playground Puzzle Mats

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The mat with a move up configuration spares your last advancement effortlessly in the riddle game. In this way, you can likewise continue your incomplete game whenever and anyplace. In addition, this mat accompanies a plain ground so that without much of a stretch play a riddle game with 1500 blocks.

The pack comprises of a felt mat, three flexible bands, and inflatable tubs. This moving mat makes it simple to convey your riddle games advantageously, all over. The counter slip base keeps the mat safe and clean from falling on ground. Mat accompanies dark shading, which keeps block noticeable without fail.

Key Feature:

  • It’s lightweight you can take it anyplace you need
  • It has High execution and an eye-getting look.
  • Sticky mat material for better dependability.

9. Ravensburger 17960 Puzzle Stow and Go


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You can Roll up and transport your even incomplete jigsaw puzzle. That is the reason it brings movability since it gives a Puzzle stockpiling and transport unit with the goal that you can safely store and transport your riddles in progress.

Rather than leaving your in-progress puzzle out, you can utilize this helpful unit to keep previously completed segments together and set up. This mat gives you sufficient space, estimating an entire 46 by 26 inches and pleasing approx 1,500 blocks. This Puzzle Stow and Go releases you for all intents and purposes anyplace with your preferred riddle in tow. A splendid yellow felt mat for high complexity, an blow tube, and two elastic bands won’t need to strain your eyes and make it simple to take puzzles with you any place you travel.

Key Feature:

  • It has Premium delicate felt mat (size: 46*26 inches) for simple baffling
  • Mat in brilliant yellow for simple interconnecting piece arranging and differentiation
  • Blow tube – overlap level for simple stockpiling when not being used
  • Includes two securing straps (puzzle excluded)

8. Puzzle Roll Up Mat by Tunery

unery Puzzle Mats

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In this item, with a moving framework is advantageous to store and supports peacefully. Mat additionally holds blocks with sufficient spaces. The advantage of this Mat is its level and without wrinkle top surface, that place the blocks in a solitary made sure about the position.

Puzzle embellishment set incorporates a smaller than expected pump, three flexible bands, a jigsaw mat, and an blow tube. It comprises of the drawstring sack that causes you to convey it wherever you travel. One of the most significant things is this mat is reasonable just for the children.

Key Feature:

  • Easy free conveying.
  • It is Portable and has a practical structure with an enormous limit.
  • It has eye catchy appearance.

7. Rollable Jigsaw Mat by Tomorotec


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The rollable mat make the most of your riddle games anyplace and whenever. The riddle extra pack likewise covers an blow tube, a couple of flexible fasteners, and a small scale pump. Besides, with the assistance of a small back pack, the mat can be carried and stored anywhere if you are on adventure.

The mat of size 46.5X26.5-inch permits you to play with the puzzle games which have approx fifteen hundred blocks. Moreover, the flexible elastic string bag keeps the blocks consolidated in one place without getting any piece misplaced. Indeed, even the dark shades of puzzle essentials place the blocks perceptible at any condition.

Key Feature:

  • It has a Storage pack that helps for simple putting away.
  • Easy to utilize and finish set.
  • It has Attractive blueprint  including 1500 blocks of the puzzle pack.

6. Jigsaw Mat by Ditome

Ditome Puzzle Mats

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The mat included a very thick flat surface which was very convenient to hold the blocks ranging from 300 to 1000 blocks, i.e., far less than the other mats that we’ve got for you. The slip- savy surface backs up the blocks while moving from one place to another.

This mat is light weight and can be taken from guest room to second floor without getting nuisance of the blocks. The plastic kits for holding blocks prevent the blocks from getting moisturized.

Key Feature:

  • Lightweight so that kids can carry easily.
  • It has a compression process so that it can be easily movable.
  • Long-term product,durable.

5. Mat Roll Up by JOHEXI


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In this product, you will have different layers which will be durable and smoother for using. The mat comes with sufficient space so you can spread your game match with approx 1500 blocks on it. Since the flatten surface is very comforting to complete your match without any diversion.

The edges are finished up with proper stitches on the border which will hold the blocks from falling down. Additionally, the blow tube also roll the mat with the blocks easily in one go. This comforts you with coming back to unfinished sessions anytime. It also consists of the bag pack that makes storage and maneuverability convenience.

Key Feature:

  • It has Durable construction and Unique/eye-catching design.
  • Can be easily rolled for quick storage.
  • Has Low maintenance and Foam tube.

4. D-FantiX Jigsaw Mat

D-FantiX Puzzle Mats

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In this product, you can place all your puzzles in a standby situation if you have to go out for a reason. The puzzle can be left out without any disturbance in your game. The puzzle dimension size of 41*30-inch with approx 1500 blocks of a puzzle. The pack includes blocks of puzzles, three tying elastics, a felt mat, small size pump, blow tubes, big backpack .

The surface is designed to keep the blocks at a place and easy to handle. The blocks game can be managed using the elastic fasteners without having any issue and without disturbing the game. This puzzle game is good to carry while traveling with kids so they can enjoy without any hassle of missing the brocks.

Key Feature:

  • Good for kids of 6+ age.
  • Brain storming easy puzzles for increasing IQ.



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The premium-standard game mat have black and flat surface to keep the blocks all together. Game kit has a canvas easy backpack for storing the mat smoothly. Additionally, the shoulder strap is easy for kids to carry without having stress on the shoulders.

The blow tube folds the mat for easy carrying. The puzzle game can hold 300-1500 block range. The wrinkle-impenetrable and flat surface doesn’t destroy your matches.

Key Feature:

  • It has an Eye-catching look and Long-lasting construction.
  • More broaden tube with best results.
  • It has Flap design and Easy rolling.

2. Becko Puzzle Roll Jigsaw Mat

Becko Puzzle Mats

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This product saves a lot of space as the accessories are convenient enough to tackle. The set includes 2 elastic at both ends to see the blocks from falling on the ground. The dark shades of mat find the blocks easily and will not misplace quickly. Puzzle almost includes same range of blocks as others mentioned above.

The kit pack holds the puzzle in rolled format and is easy to carry and handle for your fun. The game can be carried out without any hassle of disturbance while playing, you can go out, complete your work and start back from the same place you left.

Key Feature:

  • Huge capacity and has various functional accessories.
  • Kit is fully among one of the best puzzles.
  • This is a Wide application and easy to store.

1. LAVIEVERT Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Mat


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The puzzle can be crease free as even if you roll the mat it will not get crushed and will result with best user experience. The non-woven bag comes up with easy handling. The blow up tube is used to roll down the mat. The puzzles can be kept safely without falling somewhere outside the mat.

The dark side of color identifies the blocks with no stress. The blocks can be carried out easily without any issues.

Key Feature:

  • Pack for user usability.
  • It has High capacity and a full set.
  • Elastic bands and secure holds.

That’s it; these are the best Puzzle Mats in the market. We hope that you might find what you are looking forward to this article.