Top 10 Best Roof Rack Cross Bars in 2020

Most of the vehicles do not come with a roof rack to carry heavy items. However, if you are traveling a long distance road for a vacation or transporting heavy goods, a roof rack is a must. There are sturdy roof rack cross bars available to install on top of your cars and other vehicles like trucks. You can carry all your goods, kayaks, surfboards, and almost anything that is difficult to carry otherwise. The following is the list of the top 10 best roof rack cross bars in 2020 to purchase.

List of Top Best Roof Rack cross Bars Review

10. AUTEX Crossbar Roof Rack

AUTEX Roof Rack Cross Bars

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The crossbars perfectly get installed on the side rails of most of the popular vehicles. These roof racks also offer a stress-free installation. Moreover, the bars have the construction of durable marine-grade aluminum alloy. These bars come with the black powder-coated surface for rust and water resistance.

The cross bars also have the maximum loading capacity of 150-lbs. Furthermore, these roof racks with aerodynamic design and end caps reduce the wind noise. The bars allow a no-tool, no drilling or cutting installation.

9. Subaru Cross Bars Roof Rack

Subaru Roof Rack Cross Bars

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The crossbars are made of high-quality material to last year after year. These roof racks also ideally fit on the maximum car side rails. Moreover, the bars come with a high loading capacity. The aero-style design of these cross bars with end caps prevents the wind noise.

The bars are also very much sturdy and resistant to water, rust and all weather. Furthermore, you get these roof rack crossbars at a cost-effective price. The bars support very easy installation and dissemble.

8. Triten Universal Roof Rack

Triten Roof Rack Cross Bars

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The crossbars come with the maximum length of 53-inch. These roof racks also have the locking mechanism and smooth aerodynamic design. Moreover, the bars are modifiable according to the side rails of your vehicle. The bars come with the necessary hand-tool for a stress-free installation. The bars also cause no damage to your car. Furthermore, the crossbars are highly capable of holding your luggage, snowboards, camping gear and kayak.

7. Seah Hardware Universal Roof Bar

SEAH HARDWARE Roof Rack Cross Bars

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The crossbars have the smart design to fit all 4 doors of your car without side rails. These bars also fit the side rails with lesser than 6.4-cm rails. Moreover, both of the bars come with the maximum length of 48-inch. The bars are made of durable steel tube for a solid lifespan.

The bars also have the changeable position. Furthermore, these bars involve a simple installation and removal. The water and weather-resistant bars are capable of holding 1800-lbs of weight. Each bar has the maximum loading capacity of 150-lbs.

6. Mophorn Roof Rack Crossbars

Mophorn Roof Rack Cross Bars

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This roof rack crossbar is made of durable aluminum alloy. The bars also have the maximum loading capacity of 396-lbs. Moreover, the blade style and smooth surface of these bars effectively reduce the wind noise. The bars offer a very easy installation without any modification, drilling or cutting.

The bars also come with the robust construction to last longer. Furthermore, the anti-corrosion, rust-resistant and all weatherproof coating of these bars make them sturdier. The locking mechanism of the bars provides the anti-theft protection.

5. Spec-D Tuning Cross Bar

Spec-D Tuning Roof Rack Cross Bars

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Constructed with long-lasting and lightweight aluminum, the pair of crossbar has the black satin powder-coated finish. These bars also come with the anti-corrosion and waterproof construction. Moreover, the cross bars come along with all required installation guide and hardware. Each bar has the maximum loading capacity of 150-lbs.

The cross bars also come with the maximum length of 43-inch. Furthermore, a single bar can easily hold a bicycle. These bars come with a pocket-friendly price. The adjustable roof racks easily fit on the maximum car side rails.

4. Thule Roof Rack Bar

Thule Roof Rack Cross Bars

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This 53-inch crossbar comes with a wind-diffusing texture surface on the t-slot cover. This wind-diffuser also helps to distribute the air flow and reduces the wind noise. Moreover, this bar comes with the maximum loading capacity of 220-pound. The box-beam aluminum extrusion process of this crossbar makes it the sturdiest roof rack crossbar.

The rack crossbar also comes with the T-shaped strips with etched measurement increments. Furthermore, this strip allows a no-tool, faster and tape measurement-free installation.

3. Malone Universal Car Roof Rack

Malone Roof Rack Cross Bars

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These two pieces of crossbars come with the length of 50-inch and 4 locking towers with anti-theft locking mechanism. These bars also allow a tool-free and quicker installation. Moreover, these bars with adjustable mounting towers mostly fit the side rails of many cars.

The cross bars also come with the rubberized and rust-resistant coating to last longer. Furthermore, each of the bars has the maximum capacity of holding 132-pound. The square bars offer a tight and secure fitting for rack accessories.

2. Yakima Round Crossbars

Yakima Roof Rack Cross Bars

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These bars are constructed with sturdy vinyl covered galvanized steel. Each of the bars also comes with the measurement of 58-inch. The bars allow a very fast and easy installation. Moreover, the roof rack cross ideally holds 4 bikes at a time.

The bars also come at an affordable price. Furthermore, these bars easily mount on the truck bed. The bars are very strong and last for a really long time. These bars permit you to hold two paddle boards with ease.

1. Apex Roof Cross Bars

Apex Roof Rack Cross Bars

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Made of high-quality and lightweight 150-lbs. aluminum, the pair of the crossbar does not catch rust. The bars also easily install on any vehicle, crossover, or SUV rooftop side rails up to 50-inch to one side. Moreover, this bar involves a no-tool mounting. The rubber-coated clamps with easy-to-turn adjustment knobs allow a stress-free installation. The cross bars also have the key-locking mechanism on the knobs to prevent them from stealing.


If you often go out for long-distance trips on your car and the things you carry with you do not fit in the limited space of your car trunk, do not worry anymore. The roof rack cross bars provide you with the much-needed space to carry rather large-sized objects and heavy objects. You do not have to block the interior of the car or vehicle carrying them. You can tie all the items on the roof with straps and drive with the peace of mind.

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