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10 Best Tablet Wall Mounts in 2024

There is no doubt that a tablet is much better than a smartphone if you want to see videos, reading e-books or surfing the internet. No one will be surprised if someone called it a mini version of television. Things become much better if you want to use a tablet wall mount as it improves the comfort and convenience level.

However, finding a perfect product is a very difficult task as you have to choose between hundreds of options. To help our readers, we have created a list of top 10 best tablet wall mounts in 2024 after tremendous research. All you need to do is check out each of them carefully and buy one that works best as per your needs.

List of Top Best Tablet Wall Mounts Review

10. Impact Mounts Universal Detachable Tablet Wall Mount

Impact Mounts Tablet Wall Mounts

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Our list starts with this version of Impact Mounts that allows you to attach the tablet to the wall very easily. It is made from high-quality ABS plastic that makes sure your tablet remains fully secured. The main feature of this device is it allows you to rotate 360 degrees that allow you to change the views quite conveniently.

This universal detachable mount equipped with a single wall docking station that makes things easier for everyone. Overall, it is a perfect product where you can invest money.

9. Monoprice Safe and Secure Wall Mount

Monoprice Tablet Wall Mounts

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If you are looking for a solid product that offers proper stability and security, then buying Monoprice Wall Mount will be a perfect choice. It comes with a strong steel casing that allows it to last long for many years.

Additionally, there is a sturdy base in this wall having three screw holes that make sure you can fasten it to the wall easily. You will also get the liberty to block the home button with this product.

8. Dockem Koala Wall Mount

Dockem Tablet Wall Mounts

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This amazing tablet wall mount is created for people who want a combination of functionality and aesthetics without paying too much money. The Dockem Koala is a beautiful product having heavy-duty strips and a compatible body.

There is also a locking mechanism on this wall mount that allows you to allow you to keep the device irremovable. It is a perfect product to enhance your experience in a better way.

7. Arkon Heavy Duty Tablet Wall Mount

Arkon Tablet Wall Mounts

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The Arkon Heavy is one of the best tablet wall mounts that will not only keep your tablet secure but also boost up your viewing experience to a greater extent. It has an aluminum construction and comes with customizable legs.

You will get a two-year warranty on this wall mount that makes sure you stay free from worries. There is also a drill base for installing the wall mount permanently.

6. Loctek Fleximounts Kitchen Desk Mount Bracket

Loctek Tablet Wall Mounts

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The Locket wall mount is an exciting product for people looking to hold the tablet in a proper place. It comes with a high-quality alloy structure that makes sure you don’t buy one again in the near future. It fit a mobile device having a screen size between 7 & 11 inches.

Furthermore, this product allows the users to watch the content from a variety of angles due to its 360-degree rotation feature.

5. CTA Digital PAD-KMS Tablet Stand

CTA Digital Tablet Wall Mounts

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It is a versatile product that can be used as both a kitchen stand as well as the wall mount stands as per your convenience. There are two mounting bases in this stand that make it very easier to install. The CTA PAD-KMS is a lightweight aluminum wall mount having a beautiful look and 360 rotation feature.

Also, it comes with a quick-release button so that you can insert or remove the tablet very conveniently.

4. iKross 2-in-1 Kitchen Wall Mount Stand

iKross Tablet Wall Mounts

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It is a top-class product made from top-notch quality aluminum that makes sure the stand can efficiently resist wear and tear. This iKross product is one of the best tablet wall mounts available in the market. It is equipped with three hex keys allowing you to perform things easier.

The product comes with a set of wall mounting plates that make the installation process easier. You can go to this stand without any need to research further.

3. Nite Ize Original Steelie Wall Mount Kit

Nite Ize Tablet Wall Mounts

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There is no way anyone will miss the name of the Nite Ize in the list of best tablet wall mounts. It is a stylish product that can be attached to the wall through a drywall anchor and screw. The company has made this product using high-quality material making it a sturdy product.

This product based on magnetic mounting technology allowing you to install it quickly. It is a universal mount that fits with a mobile phone of all sizes.

2. The Joy Factory Carbon Wall Mount

The Joy Factory Tablet Wall Mounts

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If you want a complete of your mind about the security of your tablet, then buy the Joy Factory wall mount without researching further. It comes with two spherical joints so that you can position the screen in any direction as per your requirement.

There is an easy to use tightening lever in the wall mount that minimizes neck strain and back pain.

1. Bentley Mounts Universal Tablet Wall Mount

Bentley Mounts Tablet Wall Mounts

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The product that top our list is the Bentley Universal Mount that comes with a flexible swivel arm and stylish silver finish. You can extend its arm anywhere from 2 inches to 13 inches according to your convenience. It is very quick and easy to install due to its top-class features.

This amazing wall mount is compatible with the majority of tablets up to 11 inches. It is made from durable plastic and aluminum that offer complete protection to the tablet.

Buying Guide For Tablet Wall Mounts


Tablet wall mounts are composed of different types of materials, and you need to see if it lets you use it for a long time. It can be of metal or plastic, and some can have both materials. Select the one that can be perfect for everyday purposes.

Construction: Always go for the one that allows you to use it for a long time. It makes sure there will be value for money and can resist multiple elements. Select the one that comes in an elegant design, and you can see if it lets you use it conveniently.


To make sure there will be a reliable performance, you can find the one that comes with built-in cord clips. You need to see if it lets you have a quick and easy installation. It must protect from scratches and come with a strong grip.


Compatibility is one of the most important factors that you will have to see while buying a tablet wall mount. You need to make sure if it is compatible with your device. Some of it can have universal compatibility. Apart from this, it comes in different shapes and sizes, and you can see if it suits your purpose.


With adjustability, you can have a better advantage. Some can have 360-degree rotation allowing you to have better flexibility. You will also find the one that can swivel in 180 degrees and allow you to tilt it at multiple angles. This is a vital consideration and makes sure there will be maximum compatibility.


The one that comes in a versatile design will be an ideal consideration. Go for the one that offers you many options and allows you to use it according to your needs. It must offer you better comfort and deliver exceptional performance. Some will also let you mount it in multiple ways.

Anti-Theft Feature: If the tablet wall mount comes with anti-theft functionality, then there will be secure performance. There will be better safety and is a highly protective feature. With it, you can prevent the stealing of your tablet.


Select the one that offers maximum flexibility. It has to be a highly reliable product and meet all your needs. You can find the one that lets you have easy docking and undocking. Ensure if it lets you have hassle-free installation and come in a perfect size so that you can save space.


That’s all, we will conclaude our list of top 10 best tablet wall mounts that have complete detail about the features. Buy one that suits best to your needs. Don’t forget to tell us about your selection in the comment box.