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10 Best Toaster Ovens in 2024

A toaster oven is an incredible equipment that can be useful for performing a variety of things that range from making a toast to baking a cake and even roasting a chicken. They are a wonderful option for those who don’t want to shop for a full-sized oven as it takes lots of space. It is manufactured by many different brands that confuse the buyers and let them make the wrong choice.

After research that lasts many days, our team has created a list of top 10 best toaster ovens to choose from in 2024. Here, each model is tested individually as we want to ensure readers end up buying thrilling equipment. We have tested it by making many different dishes so that its compatibility can be checked adequately. Have a look at all the models and bring home the one that suits you perfectly.

List of Best Toaster Ovens Review on Amazon

10. Luby Extra Large Toaster Oven (best French door toasted oven)

LUBY Toaster Ovens

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The list will begin with an exceptionally designed unit that can be yours at a very affordable price. It is a large toaster oven model that fits even in the smaller spots quite easily. Toasting up to 18 slices of bread and a 14-inch pizza is a very convenient task after buying this model.

There is a separate temperature selector added by the unit that ensures you can control the heating range as per the requirement. You can set a different temperature for upper and lower racks allowing you to cook foods at different heat range. This French door designed a product that doesn’t occupy much space.


  • Extremely convenient operation
  • Very solid capacity up to 18 slices of bread
  • Give a great range of cooking flexibility
  • Simple controlling


  • Crumb tray can’t be removed

9. Oster Toaster Oven (best budget-friendly pick)


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If you want to have complete value for the money, then this toaster oven from Oster brand is the perfect choice to make. It has a true convection cooking system that comes with a digital control panel having lots of preset functions. It includes defrost, toast, warm, broil, and bake convection among others.

There is a large interior added on the toaster oven that can effectively keep cookies, pizza, and casseroles. The product can provide a wide temperature range that ranges from 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It is one of the best toaster ovens that deliver with 7 cooking settings.


  • Come with a very solid baking pan
  • Perform very quick & even cooking
  • Super low price
  • Seven different cooking settings


  • Rubber feet made from poor material

8. Ninja Foodi Digital Toaster (best for easy cleaning)

Ninja Toaster Ovens

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Are you one of those people who hate cleaning and want to minimize it to the lowest? If yes, then we suggest you shopping this model from the Ninja brand. There is a removable crumb tray added to the unit that makes cleaning effortless. Furthermore, the back panel can be easily accessed for deep cleaning.

It can toast up to 9 slices at a time or a 13 “pizza that is more than adequate for a normal breakfast. The complete meal can be toasted for as low as 20 minutes saving your time. The manufacturer delivers this unit after testing it against the hand-cut system.


  • Very large capacity
  • Fits even in a low space
  • Powerful 1800 W heating system
  • Solid capacity up to 9 bread slices


  • Complaints about the smell when the toaster is new

7. Kitchen Aid KCO211BM Digital Countertop Toaster Oven


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The newest model launched by Kitchen Aid can be a great addition to your family that crafted in a sleek and compact construction. It can effectively accommodate nine slices of bread at one time that let you perform work pretty quickly. There are separate functions in the unit for roasting, pizza, cookies, reheat, broil, bagel, and many more.

Furthermore, it has an easy to understand interface that makes sure even a beginner can easily control the unit. There are two basic dials and starter system for convenient operation. The display added on the unit allows the user to read calculations with minimal effort. Overall, we will say that you will love its working even by a mile.


  • Crafted with a non-stick interior for easy cleaning
  • Convenient to read digital display
  • Equipped with nine preset cooking functions
  • Pretty larger capacity


  • A little bit harder start & stop button

6. Hamilton Beach 31126 Toaster Oven (best 6 slice toaster oven)

Hamilton Beach Toaster Ovens

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Are you one of those people who want to complete their job quickly? If yes, this model is definitely worthy of shopping in every possible way as it can heat six slices of bed all together. There are a top-class toasting and baking performance offered by this unit. Apart from being one of the best toaster ovens, this unit has a very exceptional design that makes sure it looks brilliant in your kitchen.

The manufacturer has added a 30-minute timer that notifies with a bell on completion. Also, there is an optional stay-on setting added for making things convenient. The biggest benefit of this unit is better air circulation for quicker operation.


  • Very easy to clean spills
  • Equipped with two different rack positions
  • 30 minutes timer for trouble-free heating
  • Perform very even cooking


  • Complaints about chemical smell by some buyers

5. Cuisinart TOB-260N1 Stainless Steel Toaster Oven


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If you are looking to enjoy the features of a full-sized oven in a smaller size, then this model will suit your needs perfectly. The Cuisinart TOB-260N1 is a highly impressive model that comes with a three year warranty and a solid nine-slice toast capacity. That’s not all; the company provides a great sort of accessories that can be very useful.

The availability of a three-year warranty is pretty excellent in the long run. Another impressive highlight of this unit is the presence of a pizza stone accessory that can be very useful. If you have a bigger household, then invest money in this quality toaster oven.


  • Backed by a three-year warranty
  • Very quick preheating up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easy to understand controls
  • Solid quality stainless steel construction
  • Consistent and even heating


  • Electrical cord made from poor material

4. Nostalgia RTOV220RETRORED

Nostalgia Toaster Ovens

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This powerful and compactly designed unit cooks, toasts, and broil food pretty quickly and conveniently. The Nostalgia brand has added four heating options that let you temperature anywhere between 250 & 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, it comes with a one-hour timer that makes sure you can enjoy a convenient experience.

There is a power light indicator added in the unit that can be very handy in certain conditions. The availability of a solid glass window and stainless steel handle adds the required durability to the system.


  • Available at a very affordable price
  • Very powerful 1,500 watts heating
  • Handy 1-hour timer
  • Stainless steel handle for a better experience


  • Very basic design

3. Breville BOV900BSS Smart Oven (best for capacity)


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There are lots of buyers who want to buy a toaster oven with a larger capacity. We have added BOV900BSS with a motive to fulfill the needs of such buyers adequately. It comes with super convection technology that makes sure even heat distribution across the surface.

There are more than 10 different cooking functions available in the unit that boosts its versatility. On top of that, this product is backed by two years of limited product warranty.


  • Easy to read LCD
  • Perform heating quickly
  • Availability of 13 different cooking functions
  • Cook a great range of foods


  • Defects in countdown timer

2. Panasonic FlashXpress Compact Toaster Oven (runners up)

Panasonic Toaster Ovens

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This compactly designed toaster is manufactured from a superior brand like Panasonic who has a very positive reputation in the market. The FlashXpress is sold at a very genuine price that won’t create trouble for the pocket of buyers.

You can cook a range of dishes on this equipment that includes cookies, toast, and frozen snacks among others. It is available in three beautiful colors like black, white, and silver. Overall, we can say this unit is a brilliant option if a shopper is looking to buy a toaster oven.


  • Very accurate temperature controlling system
  • Convenient & easy to use
  • Pretty high efficiency
  • Crafted in a compact design


  • Little bit maneuverability issues

1. Breville Compact Smart Oven (editor’s choice)


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The toaster that everyone will love is this brilliant toaster manufactured from a brand like Breville. It can reheat the food quite brilliant and quickly in a uniform manner. The capacity of this smart oven is 4 slices or 12 inches pizza that is quite wonderful if we talk about the toaster oven.

There is a nonstick cavity coating that makes sure the unit can be cleaned quite easily. It has an easy to read LCD where you can calculate time and temperature. Furthermore, the availability of eight cooking functions makes sure you can cook food adequately.


  • Transmit heats intelligently
  • Equipped with a smart element IQ system
  • Pretty solid capacity
  • Range of cooking functions


  • Complaints about the flip page in some models

How to choose the best toaster oven?

The list of things that needs to check while buying a high-quality toaster oven is quite long. However, all of them don’t hold equal importance, and that’s why we are going to tell you about the major ones in detail below:

  • Temperature Range & Adjustments

The unit you are shopping should have different temperature range so that you can heat food according to your cooking requirements. It let the users make adjustments to their food.

  • Display

There should be an intuitive display available on the toaster oven you are shopping. It should be clear to read so that the condition of food can be tracked conveniently.

  • Advanced Heating System

If you want to make cooking effortless, then you should look for the advanced heating technology in the oven you are shopping for. Some come with convection heating, while others have an interactive system. However, you should choose one that matches your cooking style accurately.

Automatic Cooking Settings

This feature can be very handy for individuals who look at the same type of food again and again. Having an automatic feature will make sure you can preset the heat for cooking common foods like bread, pizza, or chips.

  • Timers & Alerts

Although toaster ovens can cook brilliantly without any need to monitor food, having timers and alerts can turn out to be very useful to know when cooking gets completed. The majority of models come with an integrated timer that alerts the users when food gets ready.

  • Easy Cleaning

As we all know, cooking involves lots of mess that isn’t easy to clean. That’s why it is important that the tray should be removable and slides out for cleaning. Also, a non-stick interior can be a useful feature for effortless cleaning.

  • Size

Everyone has a different space in their kitchen. Many times people face problems to set up a toaster oven due to its larger or small size. You should buy the unit whose size is compatible with the space of your place.


A toaster oven is an indispensable equipment that you can use for cooking a variety of snacks and foods. There is a great range of models available to shop in the market, but choosing the perfect unit is a must-do thing. We have provided the list of best toaster ovens that will be very helpful for making you the right purchase.

If you still have a concern regarding this equipment and want it to get answered, write it in the comment section. We will be ready to answer your queries at the earliest.