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10 Best Triple Monitor Stands in 2024

If you are someone who is into editing or an intense gamer, then a visual experience is of utmost importance. Sometimes a single more is of no help. So, you need to upgrade. A monitor stand that can hold more than one monitor is a great thing to add to your desk. It gets you a stylish look and allows you to easily arrange the monitors in any way you like. But what about something extraordinary? Well, a triple monitor stand is just what your workspace needs. It will let you set-up a beautiful viewing experience without compromising on the quality.

So, what are the picks we should consider? Here are the most popular triple monitor stands that every user has loved to date. Give it a check to know why.

List of Best Triple Monitor Stands in 2024

10. MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand

MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stands

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The MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand is an excellent device to go with. The device is so designed that each of its arms can hold any monitor between 13-inches and 27-inches. Next, the monitors can either be flat screened or even be curved screened ones. Besides, the outer arms have a tilt feature such that you can angle it between +35 and -35 degrees.

All the arms are loaded with a +90 to -90 degrees swivel and +180 to -180 degrees rotation. As a matter of fact, the central arms height is fully adjustable. The construction is from heavy-gauge steel ensuring a durable and long-lasting use.

Key Features:

  • Compatible not only with all kinds of LCD monitors but each of them a support load of up to 17.6 lbs.
  • This small and compact device. So one can hold all your monitors you can easily save a lot of space on your desk.
  • Indeed, a heavy-duty stand for supporting the extra loads.

9. VIVO Black Tripple Monitor Stand


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The VIVO Black Triple Monitor Stand is an excellent device to add to your workbench. This monitor stand is from heavy-duty material to take uploads. The monitor stand may even be clamped to the desk to get you all the extra space. Besides, it is compatible with desks up to 3.5-inches thick.

Moreover, the added grommet attachment is loaded with padding. Hence, it does not scratch or leaves marks on your desk. Each arm can hold a monitor between 13-inches and 24-inches. Finally, weighing up to 15.4 lbs. the monitors, once loaded, can be tilted, swiveled, and even rotated.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a cable management feature such that you can easily maintain all the cables coming out from everywhere.
  • It can support 3 screens simultaneously without any risk of breaking.
  • All the arms get full 360-degree rotation on all of them.

8. HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand

HUANUO Triple Monitor Stands

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This is a useful device to have if you have lots of work sitting in front of the PC. It is better to have more than one monitor as it gives you a comfortable edge as you are doing your work. This monitor can easily hold the bigger end monitors ranging from 17” to 32” in diagonal size.

Moreover, the monitors can range anywhere between 0 to 17.6 lbs for the arms to securely hold them up. Once mounted, you can swivel, rotate, and even tilt to get the most comfortable arrangement of the monitors.

Key Features:

  • With this, you can either place it on the table or even save the extra space using the C-clam to attach the monitor stand to the desk.
  • The arms have a gas spring system that allows you to effortlessly load and arrange the monitors anyway.
  • You can certainly improve your posture if working on this.

7. HUANUO Free Standing Tripple Monitor Stand


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The HUANUO System comes with very heavy-duty construction that can securely hold all your monitors up. Since the monitor stand will be holding up the monitors, you can easily get more free space on your desk. The stand is also clamped to the desk at the edge. One can do it using a grommet attachment freeing up even more space on your desk. For keeping the stand stable, you get rubber feet for steadiness.

Besides, the heavy-duty base at 11.8-inches x 13.8-inches is also well-suited to hold the monitors. They even having padding on the underside to ensure that there are no scratches or damage to the desktop. You can rotate, swivel as well as tilt the monitors in any direction. As a result, you want to gain you the most comfortable viewing angle easily.

Key Features:

  • Has an inbuilt cable management system such that you can easily arrange all your cables without making a mess.
  • The heavy-duty monitor stand can host both flat screen and curved screen monitors.
  • It can support up to 22 lbs in weight on each of its arms.

6 .WALI Premium Triple Monitor Stand GSDM003

WALI Triple Monitor Stands

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Looking to save some space on your desk? You can try the WALI Premium Triple Mount Monitor Stand. This beautiful construction of the device can hold up to three monitors at once with each monitor being up to 15.4 lbs. The device is compatible with monitors having a diagonal dimension of up to 27-inches.

Besides, the monitor stand also comes loaded with a 3.3-inches c-clamp and a 3.1-inches grommet base. Hence, easily allow you to set it against the edge of your table giving you all the space you need. The arms are rotatable by a full 360° angle and are also swiveled by 90° in both directions. They are also tiltable to provide you with the best and most comfortable viewing angles.

Key Features:

  • The arms have gas springs that move efficiently to allow you a comfortable position easily.
  • All kinds of mounting hardware that you require to set-up this triple monitor stand are provided in the pack.
  • In this package, you get a 10-year protection kit for hassle-free usage.

5. WALI Triple LCD M onitor Stand M003


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WALI Triple LCD Monitor Stand M003 is a brilliant device that can keep your place clean. This stand can hold up to 3 monitors to give you all the comfort that you need while you are working on big projects. Besides, one can load it on top of the desk or fixed long the edges of desks up to 4-inches thick. As a result, get you an extra bit of desk space.

The arms are adjustable in different directions to get you the most comfortable positions. You can tilt the monitors by 15° or swivel it by 90° in either direction to get the best view. Interestingly, it even ensures correct posture.

Key Features:

  • One can also mount it on VESA mounting holes with dimensions of 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100mm.
  • The monitor arms are extendable and retractable to suit your needs to a height of 31.5-inches.
  • This allows the rotation of 360-degrees for fixing in a landscape as well as portrait mode.

4. Mount-It! Triple Monitor Stand

Mount-It Triple Monitor Stands

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The Mount It! Triple Monitor Stand is from heavy-duty steel as well as aluminum alloy so that it doesn’t give up on heavy-weight. It features an integrated cable management system to easily take care of all your cables. Next, it can support larger monitors ranging between 24-inches and 32-inches. Interestingly, it can withstand a load of 15.4 lbs.

Furthermore, the arms come with gas springs such that you can easily adjust in any direction you need. The middle monitor is height adjustable by a simple turn of a knob on the mounting bracket.

Key Features:

  • The VESA plates easily come off by using a quick-release function. Besides, it can put back by simply putting it in.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty to take care of any defects or damage.
  • For up and down adjustment plus full swiveling with the help of 90-degrees adjustments as well as 360-degrees rotation.

3. IMLIB Triple Monitor Stand


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If you are looking for a durable product that is sure to last you a long time, you can try the IMLIB Triple Monitor Stand. The monitor stand can support LCD monitors up to 27-inches diagonal. The arms can swivel, tilt, and even feature 360° rotations to allow you to view at any angle. Besides, the handy device is also integrated with a cable management system. Hence, it cleanly hides away all the cables coming to and from the device.

Having a construction of high-grade aluminum and heavy-duty steel, this is a sturdy and durable mounting stand. Lastly, it keeps everything in place with the use of c-clamps as well as grommets.

Key Features:

  • The metal body has a gas spring system such that the arms are easily moveable about to get the ideal position.
  • Given that, each of the arms will easily take up weights of a maximum of 17.6-pounds.
  • One can put as many as 3 monitors easily.

2. VIVO Triple LCD Stand

VIVO Triple Monitor Stands

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The VIVO Triple LD Stand has an innovative design that allows you many advantages. The strong arms can hold up to 30” monitors and can support a load of up to 22 lbs. VESA mounts with 75×75 mm and 100×100 mm mounting holes are compatible with this. Next, the arms are tiltable, rotatable, and swivel to get you all kinds of arrangements for comfortable viewing.

Moreover, the strong and durable LCD monitor stand is entirely from steel and aluminum. As a result, makes it very sturdy while keeping it lightweight. The body is laid with a cable management system. Hence, ensures that the cables coming out from the monitors do not get tangled up.

Key Features:

  • The sturdy device gets a manufacturer’s warranty for 3 years to take care of all the defects.
  • The package comes with a C-clamp attachment. It allows you to easily attach it firmly to the edge of your desk.
  • The VESA plates are certainly removable whenever the requirement arises.

1. AVLT Monitor Desk Stand


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If you are looking for a user-friendly monitor mount, you can take a look at the AVLT Monitor Desk Stand. This is a strong device that can easily hold 3 monitors with each of them weighing up to 15.4 lbs. Furthermore, the VESA mounting hole compatible arms can hold monitors between 13-inches and 27-inches screen.

Plus, the arms are adjustable by a combination of tilt, swivel, and rotatory movements. Thus, ensures the correct and comfortable viewing position.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a pole that goes up to 15.9-inches to ensure easy height adjustments!
  • The base of the stand takes just 4-inches x 4-inches on your desk.
  • You can even save that by mounting it along the edge using a C-clamp and grommet attachment.

How to Buy the Best Triple Monitor Stand?

Getting the best monitor mount out there is not difficult a thing. You have to find one that is adaptable and suitable for your needs. A good monitor stand has to be from heavy-duty materials such as aluminum or steel. Ensuring that the arms have gas springs gets you an edge with the adjustments as it can be done very easily. You should also try to get a monitor stand that features swivel and rotation functions. As a result, allows you to arrange it any way you want.

Just check the load capacity of the stand you are hoping to buy and you will be good to get a brand new triple monitor stand. The final thing to consider would be the cost. Fix a budget beforehand because you will get so many choices that you will be riddled as to which one to get.

Which is the best triple monitor stand to go for?

When you look for monitor stands online you will come across lots of options with very similar features. Hence, makes it difficult to choose which one you want. However, to ensure that you make a perfect choice you should try the ones from reputed companies. The VIVO monitor triple stands and WALI monitor mounts are some of the best deals that you will find out there. You can also go for a brand that offers warranty features to be certain of getting help if the monitor stands start showing signs of defect.

Are Monitor Stands Safe?

A primary concern while looking for a monitor stand is to ensure whether it is safe to use or not. After all, you will be mounting your expensive monitors on this stand and it is mandatory to check how well the product is going to last. Generally, such stands are from metals such as steel or aluminum which ensures a high degree of safety and durability. Just check and buy certified stands or go for the big brands if you are having doubts. Most of the monitor stand that you find it very safe indeed. The entire construction with all the nuts, bolts, attachments, and everything else is very safe to use.

Final Verdict

Never miss on an impeccable workspace when you have the benefit of getting one. The triple monitor stand installations will enhance your viewing experience in many ways.