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10 Best Under Desk Foot Rests in 2024

Footrests are important if you have a long desk job. The footrests help to relax your leg muscles while providing you with the utmost comfort. It helps in the blood flow and keeps you relieved even after sitting for long hours. If you have a sore foot or need aids in overcoming feet related issues, the under desk footrest will help you. However, it’s comfortable and has supreme grip over any surface.

Having issues in comparing and finding the appropriate match? So just study all the features and see which products meet all the characteristics.

Best Under Desk Foot Rests – 10 Reviews on Amazon

10. Ergonomic Innovations Foot Rest Under Desk

Ergonomic Innovations Under Desk Foot Rests

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The under-desk footrest is something essential that you need. Keeping the best comfort in mind, this features an arc. The arc provides various heights for your foot, to suit your comfort level. Thus, you can adjust your foot position according to your choice.

Mounted on an arc, the footrest creates a rocking motion. The rocking motion helps to circulate your blood while you get some rest, or are stuck sitting for long with restless legs. As an added advantage, you do not have to worry about the hygiene issues regarding the footrest.

Key Features: 

  • They promise the footrest is hygienic and anti-microbial, suggesting barefoot usage for the best results.
  • The footrest is washable, so it can be as good as new anytime.
  • A unique way to use the footrest is to turn it upside down.

 9. Well Desk Foot Rest Under Desk

Well Desk

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If you are stuck in front of your computer for prolonged hours, and that causes chilling pain on your back, or knee, or feet, Well Desk has a solution. This luxurious footrest, helps you to improve your posture, and never misses a beat to make you comfortable. This especially improves support and comfort to you, at the same time.

Furthermore, very easy to open, the cover makes washing trouble-free. Now clean it anytime you want. Lastly, the zipper makes sure it does not scratch the ground or leave any marks or blemishes behind.

Key Features: 

  • A special anti-slip tread is added to the footrest thoughtfully. This helps to keep the footrest in position and does not glide away creating discomfort every once in a while.
  • Comes with a convenient washable cover. The cover reduces the hassle of washing the whole footrest.
  • The cover’s zipper is thoughtfully placed on the edge of the cover.

8. Office Ottoman Foot Rest

OFFICE OTTOMAN Under Desk Foot Rests

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Whether your feet do not reach the ground, or the floor is exceptionally cold for you, this footrest has got you covered. Made from premium quality material, it promises to last you for a long time. Though the footrest is durable even with shoes on, barefoot fun is suggested for the best experience.

The anti-slip tread makes sure the footrest easily grasps on to any floor. Further, the bonus is, it also makes sure that the foot receives mild massage therapy, even at work. So, no more pain or uneasiness!

Key Features: 

  • Unlike other footrests, this does not only have the natural rubber micro bead tread on the underside but all over.
  • Have hypoallergenic medical-grade foam construction, this footrest promises to help a lot of ailments.
  • Sprain, arthritis, foot surgery are only some of the various issues it helps to combat.

7. ErgoFoam Foot Rest


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If you seem to never find the right footrest for you, and everything seems too low for your foot, you don’t need to look around anymore. ErgoFoam has introduced a new and unique footrest, specially meant for this purpose. Coming with a two-inch lifter, you can actually adjust the entire height of the footrest. You can even put it under your knees, to help the knee pain when lying on your sofa.

Whether it be your office or to a long trip, this lightweight footrest is taken anywhere with ease. As a matter of fact, it is adjustable in nature. Hence, you can set it as per your comfort level.

Key Features: 

  • The compact size makes it painless to carry it anywhere.
  • Designed in North America, ErgoFoam assures you of its superior quality. The combination of velvet and a non-slip bottom is just what you needed to pamper your feet.
  • This large product acts as great support for sore feet.

6.  HOKEKI Foot Rest Under Desk

HOKEKI Under Desk Foot Rests

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Hokeki takes special care to deliver the best to you and your feet. Not only does it double as a rocker to enhance your blood circulation, but you can always use it to relieve other stress points. You can use it to hold your laptop and work on it with ease while lying down. The arched side being on the bottom makes sure the laptop does not get overheated.

The spongy footrest does not sink down with the foot pressure or appear too hard on the feet. Besides, you can always place it under your knees to relieve the pain while lying down, or even use it as an armrest. Since it comes with a washable cover, hygiene is hardly any issue.

Key Features: 

  • Indeed has a 30D high-density sponge and Velboa construction and the quality speaks for itself.
  • Drives away the primary concern of the footrests being too hard or easily deflated.
  • Fully slip-proof surface helps you to obtain a sturdy surface.

5. AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest


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If sitting for hours in front of a computer for your job, has deeply affected your back and posture, you finally have an easy long term solution. This footrest with an elevated top, contributes immensely to improve your sitting posture, thus reducing your back and leg pain.

Coming in a sleek black design, it easily blends in with the surrounding décor. You would not be catching any unwanted attention with this footrest, while you comfortably sit for hours without an issue.

Key Features: 

  • Needless to say, this product has plastic construction. Therefore, stays securely put on your carpet and leaves no mark on any material whatsoever.
  • The entire surface in textured into longitudinal lines and dots. It provides added ergonomic massage to the foot.
  • It helps to reduce soreness, as well as improves blood circulation.

4. Huanuo Ergonomic FootRest

HUANUO Under Desk Foot Rests

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This is innovation right under your feet. This cushion comes with wheels makes sure you get to move your feet the way you want to, while under your control. Specifically designed for restricted office spaces, the footrest lets you move your feet in any direction you desire. Coming at a universal size, this is ideal for all people irrespective of their height. As a matter of fact, this looks after all their needs.

One very useful innovation is the adjustable height settings. You can change it to a low and a high height setting. As a result, serves your preferred alleviation point. Further, it offers you two rocking motions to suit your choice.

Key Features: 

  • The hassle of reinstalling to change the height is gone since you just need to flip over the footrest to acquire the desired height.
  • The wheels have ridged rubber construction. It not only provides a fantastic grip but also keeps your floor tidy and spotless.
  • Certainly, a compact product for daily use.

3.Essentials Home & Office Foot Rest Cushion

Foot Rest Cushion

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The footrest has a resilient dome shape, proves a winner at its jobs. It provides ample cushion to your foot without dropping down. By helping to correct your posture, it aids to relieve the pain of various ailments. Moreover, a handgrip at the edge of the footrest makes it travel-friendly. Carrying it becomes trouble-free and handy.

It rather comes with an easy to remove and washable cover. The zipper of the cover is rightfully placed on the side, to prevent any scratches on the floor.

Key Features:

  • Keeping the necessity of everybody in mind, this footrest comes with size choices of a medium and a large.
  • The durability and comfort of this footrest are indeed unquestionable.
  • Made with hypoallergenic medical-grade foam, the footrest proves exceptionally efficient.

2. Com-Zon Foot Rest Under Desk

Com-Zon Under Desk Foot Rests

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For those who can never find the perfect size to suit their choice, your prayers have been answered. Coming in an exclusive pair, this footrest takes care of all your needs. A cushion for each foot eliminates the problem of foot spacing. Moreover, a single long unit is harder to carry and adjust. Hence, Com-Zon presents you this pair of XL footrest which looks after all your needs.

The two units are joined into one with the help of mere Velcro tape. This easy attachment and detachment system really provides increased flexibility and independence to use it as you prefer.

Key Features: 

  • Having two cushions always comes with perks. It helps you to rest your arms and knees while lying down, while it provides added comfort to each foot when in office, or traveling.
  • The bottom of the product is slip-proof. As a result, will sit perfectly at most surfaces.

1. Embody Care Under Desk Footrest

Embody Care

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The adjustable pad allows you to enjoy not only different angles but different levels of elevation. Moreover, it massages your foot pressure points, to release the tension and improve your blood circulation. The footrest is moved into various desired positions, while it comfortably rests on a stand.

Not only is it made from long-lasting, sturdy material, but the material is rustproof. Thus, you can stay confident about the durability of your footrest without a second thought.

Key Features: 

  • Keeping quality in mind, this product has been tested by Ergo footrest engineers. The care is taken to ensure that you receive a pleasurable experience tells you that it is a sure purchase.
  • A warranty of 90 days helps you to trust the efficiency of the product.
  • The best thing about the product is that it helps in improving the overall posture.

Finally, the footrests are important helps you to relax and find comfort at all times. Now your legs, as well as feet, will always stay in its best condition.