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10 Best USB Wall Chargers in 2024

In the past decade, technology has created lots of innovative products, and the best USB wall chargers are one of them. However, there are huge numbers of brands manufacturing this equipment that make it difficult for consumers to find a quality product. Many of them get confused in such scenarios and end up regretting later.

If you don’t want to become one of them, then check out this post about the top 10 best USB wall chargers in 2024 carefully. This equipment is a must-have accessory, and that’s why it is important that you invest money wisely. We suggest having a great look at each of the products on this list and then make your decision with ease.

List of Best USB Wall Chargers Review

10. Pisen USB Wall Charger (best travel-friendly USB wall charger)

PISEN USB Wall Chargers

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Popular for its lucrative design, this travel-friendly wall charger work with all types of plugs quite efficiently. It has smart charging technology that ensures the devices take no time to get charged. The Pisen USB wall charger made from quality materials that ensure it can withstand against scraping, falls, bangs, etc.

Additionally, the presence of smart IC chip provides the much-needed protection to the charged devices from high current, under voltage, and high current.


  • Made using durable & high-quality materials
  • Fully energy efficient device
  • Equip with smart charging technology


  • Don’t produce enough power for iPad and iPhone

9. Nekmit Dual Port (best thin USB Wall Charger)

Nekmit USB Wall Chargers

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Based on the smart charging technology, this ultra-thin device can charge your phone quickly and efficiently. The Nekmit Dual Port charger is capable of handling two devices simultaneously. There are three prongs added in this equipment for better insertion to the power plug.

Moreover, it works with voltages ranging from 100 to 240V according to the requirement. Furthermore, it made from high-grade materials that protect it from overheating to a greater extent.


  • Equip with smart charging technology
  • Charges phones pretty quickly
  • Last long for many years


  • The design could be better

8. AmazonBasics One-Port USB Wall Charger

AmazonBasics USB Wall Chargers

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This awesome product by AmazonBasics brand has essential features to give a run any USB wall charger a run for their money. It is one-port 12-watt equipment that is capable of charging your phone quickly & safely. If you always stay in a hurry when it comes to phone charging, then you can think about this product for sure.

It is a convenient product backed by a one-year guarantee from the manufacturer’s end. Overall, it is a tremendous product that you can buy for charging your devices quickly.


  • Available in two beautiful colors
  • Sold at a budget-friendly price
  • Highly portable & convenient


  • Little bit burning smell if used for prolonged hours

7. EasyAcc 4-Port USB Wall Charger (best multi USB wall charger)

EasyAcc USB Wall Chargers

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If you want to have a complete value for your money, then this EasyAcc product deserves your investment for sure. It is a 20-watt superb wall charger that you can easily use for traveling. The company is known to offer excellent customer support along with 12 months manufacturing warranty.

It is an ultra power product capable of producing 40W power that is enough for circulating the current to its four ports. On top of that, it has a folding plug that can save space for the users.


  • Delivered with a one-year warranty period
  • Pretty compact & easy foldable construction
  • Equip with four ports for charging multiple devices


  • Heat up pretty quickly

6. Archer 17W USB Port Wall Charger (best for smartphones & tablets)

ARCHEER USB Wall Chargers

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Equip with dual ports; this device can charge your smartphones & tablets quite efficiently and quickly. The company has provided it a distinctive downward construction that ensures cables don’t get bent and damaged.

Furthermore, the compact size and global input voltage allow one to carry it easily anywhere. Moreover, the company has designed it with proper protection against the overheating, over-current, and short circuit.


  • Capable of adapting all types of an input voltage
  • Provide the safest charging experience
  • Proper protection to the cables & devices


  • Take extra time to charge Kindle & iPods

5. Ailkin USB Wall Charger (best for design)

AILKIN USB Wall Chargers

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If the design of your USB wall charger matters a lot to you, then we suggest you buy this Ailkin product even with closed eyes. It is a high-quality and durable charger manufactured using high-grade materials. Available in a dual pack, this charger is compatible with devices of all types of brands like HTC, Samsung, and many more.

The company has manufactured it in such a way that the charger can withstand high temperature and frequent movements quite easily.


  • Automatic shut off when device get fully charged
  • Lightweight & portable device
  • Manufactured by a reputed brand


  • Some complain about weird sound

4. iClever BoostCube (best dual USB wall charger)

iClever USB Wall Chargers

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This product is the perfect answer for individuals who are looking for a USB wall charger having dual ports. The iClever BoostCube is one of the best USB wall chargers based on the SmartID technology.

It is a compact & lightweight option that let you charge more than one devices at a single time. Moreover, this product can last more than one can imagine.


  • Compatible with all types of models
  • Equip with effective capacity
  • Pretty lightweight and compact device


  • Little bit slow charging

3. Belkin Universal Home Charger (best for small size)

Belkin USB Wall Chargers

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This ultra-compact device is loved by buyers globally thanks to its portable sizing and 10 watts power. It manufactured by a reputed brand like Belkin who deliver it with a micro USB charge sync cable.

It is a versatile wall charger having an integrated USB 2.0 port allowing the device to get paired with all types of devices. On top of that, the 10-watt output ensures faster & reliable charging.


  • Easier connection with its micro USB charge sync cable
  • Charge devices quickly
  • Available at a reasonable price


  • Smaller cord when compared with others

2. Anker 40W Wall Charger (best 4-port USB wall charger)

Anker USB Wall Chargers

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If you are of those people having lots of devices to charge, then it is ideal to buy this USB wall charger that comes with four ports and each one capable of producing 2.4 amps power.

This magnificent product come based on the advanced charging technology ensuring fast charging. It has a travel-friendly design and available in two different colors- black and white.


  • Backed by an 18 months guarantee
  • Pretty easier to carry
  • Provide pretty friendly service


  • Price may not suit everyone’s budget

1. RAV Power USB Wall Charger (editor’s choice)

RAVPower USB Wall Chargers

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The product that held the top position in this list is a powerful USB wall charger manufactured by the RAV brand. It comes with two ports and each one capable of producing the power of 2.4A. You can charge two devices at a time using this charger.

The most attractive feature of this device is iSmart technology that charges devices at a quicker rate. Also, it offers protection against the high temperature and overcharging to devices.


  • Easier to carry due to a smaller size
  • Provide adequate charging
  • Charges two devices simultaneously


  • Create smoke like smell if used for a prolonged period

How to choose the best USB wall chargers?

Number of ports:

While buying a USB wall charger, you need to ensure that it has an adequate number of ports so disappointment can be avoided. The wall USB charges are available with a range of ports, and it is ideal that you choose the one that matches your requirements.

Charging rate:

If your charger takes hours to power your phone or tablet, then there is no benefit of buying it. The USB wall chargers are available with different output rates. Higher the charging rate, the lower time it will take to charge your device.


The market has lots of brands producing wall chargers that get cracked only with a single fall. They may be priced lower, but buying it won’t do any favor. So, you should go for the one that made using top-grade materials that can withstand accidental falls & over-temperature.


The price of this USB wall charger set according to the number of ports, charging rate, and many other things. So, it is important that you spend money wisely after considering the features. Also, we suggest you don’t surpass your budget as putting greater pressure on the pocket won’t do any favors.

Overpower protection:

Everyone knows that the overcharging can hurt your device for sure. That’s why it is important that the USB wall charger you are buying should come with overheat and overcharging protection. It will be very beneficial for the well-being of the device that you will charge.

Keep all things mentioned in this guide into your consideration and then choose from the list presented above.


Investing your hard-earned money in a quality USB wall charger is pretty important to charge phone, tablets, and other devices adequately. All the products in the list of top 10 best USB wall chargers are efficient and convenient. You can buy any of them according to your budget and requirements without worrying about anything. It is ideal that you pick a product with a wise mind. If you have a question in your mind, then tell us in the comment section.