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10 Best Wireless Car Chargers in 2024

Are you one of those people who often forget their mobile phone charger at home? If yes, then you should buy the best wireless car charger for your convenience. They are not only helpful in replenishing the battery life, but also ensure that your device from dying up. Also, the wireless feature makes things more comfortable for the people who often forget to charge phones. However, finding a high-quality car charger is not an easy task when there are hundreds of choices available on the market.

That’s why our team has created a list of top 10 best wireless car chargers in 2024. Each of them chosen after great research and testing. Check them carefully and buy one that suits you the best.

List of Top Best Wireless Car Chargers Review

10. iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Wireless Fast Car Charger

iOttie Wireless Car Chargers

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We will start our list with an exciting wireless charger built by the iOttie brand. This universal charger is compatible with the majority of smartphones and doesn’t create many issues. The thickness of this charger is between 2.3 inches and 3.5 inches that ensure that smartphones of all types can be connected easily.

There are two charging modes available in this product. One of the charges at a 40% faster rate. In addition to the charger, the customer gets a semi-permanent disc so that the charger can be connected to the car’s dashboard. Overall, it is a quality product that deserves to the part in the list about the best wireless car charger.

9. DOCA QI Wireless Car Charger

QI Wireless Car Chargers

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If you are looking for a high-quality car charger for Samsung or Apple phones, then this product should be your top pick. It comes with a 360-degree rotation feature that can turn out to be very handy in many situations. Also, the DOCA is known for its electrifying customer service among the buyers.

Furthermore, this product is very easy to use even if you haven’t used a charger in your life. It is an amazing wireless charger that you can buy for refilling the battery of your phone on the go.

8. XINLON Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

XINLON Wireless Car Chargers

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If you want a little bit of unique design without compromising with the quality, then buy this XINLON Magnetic charger now. In addition to the car charger, you can use it in the office or any place according to your choice. This equipment starts charging even at a distance of 3 mm.

There is even a charging sign provided in the form of blue light located in the middle of the equipment. Also, the car charger boosted by a one-year manufacturer warranty.

7. Cornmi Wireless Car Charger Wireless

CORNMI Wireless Car Chargers

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The Cornmi Wireless is one of the most amazing wireless car chargers for both Android as well as iPhones. This top-class equipment is fully compatible with smartphones having Qi-enabled feature. There are built-in coils installed in this product for offering to charge at a quick rate.

This charger can make the battery of your phone full within 3 hours. Furthermore, the user-friendly holders make the clamping and releasing work very easy.

6. Scoshe VQM VentMount Qi-Certified Wireless Charger

SCOSCHE Wireless Car Chargers

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The Scoshe VQM is not best wireless car charger, but also an amazing solution for the individual who often forgets to plug their phone in-charge. It comes with a complete set of components required for mounting this charger wirelessly.

It is a durable and efficient wireless charger that available in five different variants allowing everyone to find one suit their needs best.

5. Rodzon Fast Wireless Charger

Rodzon Wireless Car Chargers

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There is no doubt that this one will miss this list by any means. The Rodzon Wireless Charger comes with a 2-in-1 function allowing it to work as a wireless mobile charger and a phone holder. It is a perfect product to charge your phone on the go.

This amazing equipment comes with a suction mount and an air vent mount. You have complete liberty to adhere it on a variety of things like air conditioner outlet, dashboard, and many more.

4. Besthing Wireless Car Mount Charger

BESTHING Wireless Car Chargers

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Another prominent brand in the best wireless car charger market is the Bestthing who is known for manufacturing quality products. This product manufactured by the company is an air vent mount charger that holds the phone perfectly during the charging process.

It equipped with a holder made from silicone rubber providing proper protection to the smartphone without cause any scratches.

3. dodocool Qi Wireless Charger

dodocool Wireless Car Chargers

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If you are looking for a highly-qualified wireless car charger, then you should go for this one. This equipment can deliver power to tablets and smartphones at a quicker rate. There is a circular disk where the phone gets charged efficiently.

It comes with two modes for wireless charging, i.e., fast wireless charging mode and standard wireless charging mode. Overall, it is a wonderful product that you can buy for charging your phone on the go.

2. Boslisa Wireless Car Charger

BOSLISA Wireless Car Chargers

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It is not only the best wireless car charger but also mostly recommended by the experts. This Boslisa product is a fully portable device that held your phone in a place easily. There are solid rubber wings attached to the charger ensuring your phone stays in place.

It is a faster charger that comes in a very beautiful design. You will find that it perfectly matches the interior of the car.

1. Squish Wireless Car Charger

Squish Wireless Car Chargers

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We will end our list with an exciting option named Squish Wireless Car Charger that easily gets mounted for holding the phone firmly in place. The flexibility of this amazing wireless car charger lets the driver have a comfortable view.

The charger is capable of rotating 360 degrees making the things comfortable. This device is fully capable of the majority of smartphones. It is suitable for almost all phone cases like hybrid, plastic, rubber, etc.


We believe that you have got enough information about the best wireless car charger in detail. It is very convenient to have a wireless car charger on many occasions. If you have a query about the post, please tell us in the comment section.