Top 10 Best Yoga Wheels in 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

The yoga wheel has been the new trend in the world of yoga, which has quickly gained recognition as the “Revolutionary yoga accessory of the year.” A product, which was earlier used by only yogis, is now a favorite amongst many athletes and celebrities across the world. A yoga wheel is a circular-shaped tool that is designed to provide stretch to the upper part of the body, like chest, shoulder, back, etc., releases tension, and builds flexibility and core strength of the body. It helps shape it and has several health benefits.

In general, all yoga wheels look quite the same – small, round-shaped. But what makes a massive difference in the quality of the wheel is the variance in material, durability, weighing capacity, size, etc. Thus, we have reviewed the top 10 yoga wheels available in the market to guide you through buying the best one for yourself.

List of Top 10 Yoga wheels on 2020

10. Roller Buddy Yoga Wheel

Roller Buddy Yoga Wheels

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This professional quality yoga wheel works wonders for you, giving instant relief from back pain, and enables you to stretch your spine and open up your back and hip muscles. This wheel helps you with different yoga moves and relieves back pain within minutes of doing exercises.

A dharma yoga wheel has the thickest padding among all wheels and provides a high level of support and comfort while performing complicated yoga poses stretching your back tremendously. The wheel is sweat-resistant, thus offers extra comfort and doesn’t pose skin irritation. It is sturdy enough to bear weight up to 550 lbs so that you can safely perform all yoga poses with much ease. The use of this wheel regularly not only makes you do challenging backbends more efficiently but also improves your upper body flexibility to a great extent.


  • Sweat-resistant
  • Withstands weight up to 550 lbs
  • Thickest padding for extra comfort
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Carrying case included


  • Unavailable workout guidelines

9. Gonex Yoga Wheel


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Gonex yoga wheel is specially designed to provide relief from upper and lower back pain and helps to improve your flexibility and core strength. It delivers deep massaging to your muscles, providing maximum muscle relief.

This yoga wheel has a padding that is thick and sturdy to withstand weight up to 330 lbs. The durable ring helps you perform intricate movements and poses with great ease and comfort. The wheel is made from high-quality PP material, and the thick cushion on the outside makes it anti-slip and sweat-resistant. It is a high fitness and stretching tool that improves your balance, flexibility, and enables you to get a perfect and healthy body.


  • Anti-slip surface
  • Sturdy and supportive wheel
  • Comfortable and smooth grip
  • High-resilience stretch to the back
  • A detailed booklet with 34 sets of exercise guidelines


  • Beginners might find it challenging to use at first

8. Prosource Fit Yoga Wheel

Prosource Fit Yoga Wheels

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Great for curative yoga and comforting tight muscles, this yoga wheel works great for opening your chest, back, hips, and leg muscle and improves your whole body flexibility.

The yoga wheel is made from superior quality ABS plastic and can hold weight up to 500 pounds comfortably. The width of the wheel is just right to provide tremendous support to your back while you perform various stretching exercises. The exterior padding is made from TPE material and acts as a cushion during stretches and poses. It assists beginners during different postures and acts as a fun tool for advanced users challenging them to take their practice to the next level.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Sturdy and supports up to 500 lbs
  • Attractive design in 3 different colors for all genders
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Verified product by


  • Padding on the wheel is not enough to support heavy-built users

7. Node Professional Yoga Wheel

Node Fitness

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Made from premium quality ABS plastic and TPE foam, this yoga wheel is a must buy to improve your balance, flexibility, and build your core strength.

While the wheel roller is durable and robust to support weight up to 500 pounds, it’s weight is only 3 pounds, making it portable. The wheel includes extra thick padding for a comfortable and robust grip that enables you to try out the new and challenging level of exercises with ease and confidence. The skin-friendly wheel fabric is naturally anti-bacterial and sweat-resistant, a vital requirement for germ-free and odorless performance. The node yoga wheel helps open up your tight muscles, assists with deeper backbends, and thus is an ideal buy for both men and women of all body types.


  • Amazing stretch aid and helps open your chest
  • Skin-safe and hypoallergenic wheel
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Thick padding for a sturdy and smooth grip


  • No instructions guidelines available

6. ATIVAFIT Sports Yoga Wheel

ATIVAFIT Yoga Wheels

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This attractive looking yoga wheel is specially designed to provide relief from back pain while improving your balance, flexibility, and upper body strength.

The yoga wheel is made from high-quality material and a sturdy frame to take up weight up to 220 lbs and help you perform different yoga poses safely. It helps you stretch your chest, back, and hips and releasing the muscles, toning your upper body and making them secure. The wheel material is durable, safe, and stable, and with additional thick padding, it protects your body while doing exercises. You can easily carry this lightweight wheel anywhere you practice yoga. It’s sweat-resistant, and odorless features make you perform exercises without being conscious about body odor. Use this wheel for a stress-free back.


  • Premium quality and eco-friendly wheel material
  • Tones your upper body
  • Thick padding to support your palm, feet, and back
  • Sweat-resistant and odorless wheel material


  • It may take a while for beginners for correct use

5. Risefit Yoga Wheel


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Risefit yoga wheel is one of the most substantial rings in the market, with a strength to support load up to 1000 pounds. A sturdy inner ABS tube on the wheel ensures safety, while you roll on it and try different yoga poses.

The wheel is made from eco-friendly TPE foam along with a soft and comfortable cushion that provides a good grip and retains shape after regular use. Originally designed to improve flexibility, this wheel is a perfect tool to provide deeper stretches to various muscles and release tension, thus improving your strength. It is highly recommended for people with back pain and breastfeeding mothers. Being lightweight, you can easily carry it to different places like the gym, sports club, or yoga classes.


  • Strongest wheel
  • Carry-on-bag for easy portability
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Cushion with a firm grip
  • 3-years guarantee and a yoga pose guidebook


  • High-priced
  • Padding is thin

4. Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel

Shogun Sports Yoga Wheels

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This yoga wheel comprises a set of three wheels of different sizes and a yoga block. Designed by a California based fitness brand, this wheel-set was created by yoga enthusiasts to challenge their limits and add to their day-to-day yoga routine.

The Shogun yoga wheel has a sturdy inner core that supports weight up to 500 lbs and anti-skid eco-friendly padding that provides comfort and safety. The strong support it provides to your back enables you to try any poses you want. The padding is also sweat-proof and bacteria-free, meaning you can use it without worrying about germs and slippery wheels. This lightweight wheel can be easily transported anywhere you want. Go for it to get a pain-free back and a flexible and robust body.


  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced yogis
  • Comes in a set
  • Relives back-pain and enhances body flexibility
  • Sturdy support allows users to do any exercise


  • Very wide
  • Padding is thick but hard for beginners

3. pete’s choice Dharma Yoga Wheel

pete's choice

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Whether you are a yoga enthusiast or just want relief from your back pain, this yoga wheel is a must-have for you. Ideal for officer-goers or homemakers, this lightweight and comfortable wheel not only relaxes your body and provides a deep massage to your back, but also improves your balance and posture significantly.

The yoga dharma wheel, made of 100% high-quality PC materials, is skin-friendly and hypoallergenic. The material is also durable and impact-resistant, safely allowing you to challenge yourself to the next level with ease and comfort. Regular practice of yoga using this wheel will not only relieve you from back-pain but also will help you achieve a toned up body with high flexibility.


  • Extreme temperature-resistance
  • Multiple health benefits
  • Free eBook with 16 exercises information
  • Sturdy and practical strap for additional support
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty


  • Not suitable for people with heavyweights

2. REEHUT Yoga Wheel

REEHUT Yoga Wheels

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Do you want to practice carefree and enjoyable yoga? Buy a REEHUT yoga wheel and enjoy various difficult yoga poses with much ease and confidence.

Made from TPE foam material, this yoga wheel releases your stress, cushions your hands, back, and helps to improve your backbends, dharma wheel pose, etc. remarkably. The TPE material can withstand a weigh up to 330 lbs. It provides a deeper stretch to your spine and builds your stamina and flexibility to a great extent. The sweat-resistant and the anti-skid properties help you enjoy different stretching exercises with no worries. The wheel has anti-bacterial properties, so you don’t need to wipe the wheels regularly to clear the germs. So, just grab a wheel and do your headstand, with much confidence.


  • Skin-friendly and hypoallergenic
  • High impact-resistance
  • Extreme sweat-resistance allows an optimal grip
  • Anti-bacterial coating for germ-free exercise


  • Padding might not be thick enough for heavy-built people

1. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel


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Considered to be the best back opener and stretcher, this wheel is reliable and most comfortable in the market. It will allow you to perform perfect backbends, relieve stress from your back muscle, and improve your overall health in many ways.

The yoga wheel has a superior quality design and can withstand weight up to 550 lbs. Unlike its competitors, it does not bend and thus helps you perform all yoga poses with ease, support, and safety. The wheel features the thickest padding available that cushions your palms and back while performing challenging backbends, and its sweat-resistant technology makes your yoga sessions more relaxing. So, invite your friends and enjoy your exercises with the most trusted and approved brand nationwide.


  • Superior quality construction
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • Includes a yoga pose guidebook with 18 yoga poses
  • Dense padding for higher performance level
  • High moisture-resistant and anti-slip technology


  • Expensive
  • Some athletes may find it small

Buying Guide – Factors to Consider Before Buying a Yoga Wheel

While there are many yoga wheels available in the market, there are few key factors that need to be considered before you choose the right yoga wheel. Below mentioned are the four major points that can take your flexibility to the next level.

Weight Limit

The maximum weighing capacity of a yoga wheel is directly proportionate to the level of safety it provides while performing exercises. Always choose a wheel that can withstand at least double your weight and should be very sturdy not to break or bend while you are standing or sitting on it. But if you are planning to use the wheel only for stretching exercises, then you can go for wheels with a lower weight limit.


Traditionally, there are three sizes of yoga wheels available. While the standard wheel works for people with all body types, the mini wheels are specially designed for people with petite body structure.


While most of the yoga wheels are made from PVC or ABS plastic, very few are made from real wood. Both PVC and ABS plastic are strong and durable, but ABS plastic is more shock-resistant and can carry more weight comparatively. Similarly, wheels made from real wood do last a lifetime, but they are expensive and demand more maintenance. Also, the wood wheels are not able to withstand a higher weight.


The padding of your yoga wheel carries equal importance as the frame of the wheel. Thicker padding will always provide extra support to your palms, feet, and back and reduce painful sensations while performing different poses. The material of the padding also plays a more prominent role here. Materials with anti-slip, moisture-resistant, and anti-bacterial properties are always more preferred since they provide a more comfortable yoga experience.


Having the right yoga wheel can sharply change your approach towards yoga and fitness and also positively impacts your overall physical and mental health. But it is also equally important to use the tool correctly to avoid any injury. When you get the best yoga wheel, don’t get tempted to do-it-all. Use your judgment and start slow. And relish the benefits of the wheels while enjoying the exercises.

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