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10 Best Breathable Crib Mattresses in 2024

One of the major concerns of any mother is the child’s safety and health. The new-born and infants have fragile bodies. The concern level of every mother increases regarding the comfort and ease of the baby. This is the time when they need proper care and nurturing.

With the growing mind and bodies, proper sleep is a major part of their life. So, getting sound sleep is pretty much important for all the babies.

To help you achieve this goal, we are here to help. This article has some of the top-quality baby crib mattresses. Each of these products has its features and functionalities to offer.

They are not only made from quality material. But also tested and promise to provide a safe, healthy environment for your baby.

Best Breathable Crib Mattresses – A Complete Guide:

10. Newton Baby Crib Mattress

Newton Breathable Crib Mattresses

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Every mother faces the issue of her baby’s sleep. It can be a total nightmare for any mother if her baby is restless throughout the night. But not anymore.

As this amazing crib mattress will vanish away the distress. Coming with all the qualities and features you want in a mattress. The unique design and technology make it an ideal choice.

Coming towards the list of features it offers breath-thru technology. Now, this tech plays a vital role in ensuring safety. The easy flow of air lets your baby breathe through it.

Unlike other mattresses, baby won’t feel suffocated or uncomfortable. The soft texture will keep him peaceful all night and he can even roll over in any posture.

Made with only 10% polymer, this mattress is light and airy. It is a lot more breathable than any regular mattress.

This amazing mattress has another special feature. The 3D space cover designed for your comfort and ease. It is not only removable but also machine washable.

The 2-stage quality makes it a supreme choice for infants as well as toddlers. The innovative technology keeps temperature well-maintained and prevents heating. So your baby won’t feel bothered or sweaty at night. This factor helps in improving the sleep cycle and the health of the baby.

Another thing that makes the mattress worth buying is its recyclability. That also means it is hypoallergenic and keeps the baby comfy throughout.


  • Safer
  • Comfortable
  • Healthier


  • Non-economical

9. Newton Waterproof Baby Crib Mattress


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This mattress comes with a lot of features that one may need. The sound sleep and health of their baby is the main concern of all parents. If the babies fail to get proper sleep, they can not only be fussy but also it affects their health.

To get rid of all such worries, we have this amazing mattress. The most interesting and appealing part is its water resistance. Yes! You heard it right.

This mattress will not only offer breathability but also is waterproof. It can be a pain to clean the mattresses and the majority of them are not even washable.

But gone are the days of such tensions. As with this product, all your problems are now solved. Made with woven Aire and zero latex or foam, this is hypoallergenic.

If you buy this product, it would be in use for a long time. As this mattress is not for infants only. The 2-stage feature makes it an ideal choice for toddlers also.

The 3-D space cover provides a breathable side for infants. They can sleep in peace. And the waterproof side is ideal for your toddler. Plus, it provides an ideal temperature for the baby and inverts sweating.

Further, you will never have to worry about washing it. As the amazing mattress is washable at home. Even the cover can be anytime washed in the machine.


  • Waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Zero foam and latex


  • Slight emission

8. NapYou Dual Comfort Crib Mattress

NapYou Breathable Crib Mattresses

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Made with organic cotton, this mattress is the ultimate solution for your child. The soft texture and smooth finish make it an ideal choice for the parents.

A unique feature that makes this product worth buying is the dual comfort. This refers to the dual usability it offers. It comes with a firm side and a soft side. Your infant can sleep on the firmer side. And then the softer side is for your toddlers.

Isn’t it amazing!

Providing light and comfy mattress is the ultimate goal so your baby can sleep in peace. The unique, supportive layer of foam ensures comfort. Your baby can have a peaceful sleep all night.

The memory foam makes it the best choice for all new babies. The mattress shapes according to the baby’s body. So they feel all warm and eased up. Also, this feature will keep the toddler’s neck and back at ease.

One issue that mothers face is the mess babies create. But we have that problem solved too. As this mattress comes with a waterproof cover. The blend makes it breathable and reliable choice. Apart from being waterproof, you can also wash the cover in the machine.


  • Memory foam
  • Waterproof
  • Washable


  • Organic cotton

7. Graco Premium Foam Crib


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Are you up for buying a new mattress? But isn’t sure which product being best? You are in the right place as this product tops the market.

The mattress is jam-packed with quality features that every parent desire. Either you have a new-born or infant or a toddler. This single mattress is a solution to your troubles.

Bygone is the days when your baby could not sleep in peace at night. Made with high-quality foam, this mattress offers comfort to your child. The mattress is firm and comfy at the same time. Ensuring the safety and ease of your child.

The airy material makes it breathable and an idle choice for babies. They won’t feel bothered or suffocated. Also, the material used in manufacturing is free from lead, mercury, etc.

To promise safety and health, it meets all the necessary criteria and standards. Plus, there is a guarantee too if you still don’t like the mattress.

The babies can sometimes create a mess and it can be a pain. But with this product, you will be free from all those troubles. As this mattress has water-resistant covers. Moreover, you can remove these covers and throw them in the machine. Or you can also hand-wash them mild soap.


  • Expandable
  • Breathable
  • Cheap


  • Might off-gas

6. Dourxi Crib Mattress

Dourxi Breathable Crib Mattresses

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For all the worried parents, here is a solution to your problems. This product is full of all the astounding features that will make your life easier.

Sleepless nights of any baby can be tension for parents too. But not anymore. This mattress comes with the best and unique design in the market.

A single mattress offers dual sides for usage. Yes, you heard it right. This mattress has 2 sides for both; toddlers and infants. The firmer one is for infants and softer for toddlers.

So now your baby will have a sound sleep and a peaceful night. And if the baby creates any mess on the mattress, still no need to worry. As the cover is not only removable but also washable. You only have to put the covers in the machine and voila!

Made with quality certified foam, this mattress creates a cozy environment. The baby gets a pleasant sleep and wakes up all energetic and healthy.

Moreover, extra firm design plays a role in the baby’s physical health. Hence the spine development is also boosted. The core, made of polyurethane also works to provide the required firmness. At the same time, it keeps the perfect airflow for breathability.


  • Dual-sided
  • Air-flow
  • Quality material


  • Might off-gas

5. My First Crib Mattress

My First Crib Mattress

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Next in the list comes this amazing product with all the desired features. Made from high-quality polyurethane foam, this mattress brings comfort. Now, your baby would be able to have a peaceful night and sleep well.

For the growth and health of babies, they must have comfortable sleeping hours. This goal is now achieved with the mattress.

Keeping in view all the requirements, this mattress has it all. To meet the quality standards, the material is hypoallergenic. It is lead and phthalate-free. Also, mite-proof.

All these factors play a role in the safety and health of the baby and provide a clean environment.

The removable covers make cleaning easier. So even if the baby makes some mess or wet the mattress. All you need to do is remove the cover and throw it in the washer.


  • Water-resistant
  • Washable
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Small in size

4. My First Flip Mattress

My First Mattress Breathable Crib Mattresses

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Made with quality material, this product tops the market. The ergonomic design makes it an ideal choice for all the parents. To keep your baby safe and healthy, it is hypoallergenic.

The mattress is also mite-free and leads free. So the health of your baby is all insured. This mattress is not for infants only, In fact, it works dually and serves for toddlers too.

The structure has 2 sides to fulfill both types of needs. The memory foam is ideal for toddlers. As it maintains their physical health. Whereas the support foam is for infants so their spins and head get a perfect growth.

The polyurethane foam provides the desired firmness. Hence your baby will get a sound sleep. In case of any spill of mess on the mattress, you can remove it. The washable cover is ideal for machine wash and is PVC free.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Waterproof
  • Lead-free


  • Inflating issues

3. Dourxi 3-Layer Crib Mattress


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This mattress is ideal for all parents who have new-born and infants. The dual usability feature makes it a unique product in the market. Now, rather than buying a new mattress when your baby grows, you can use this.

The mattress comes with 3 layers of foam so your baby gets the perfect amount of firmness. The superior quality foam core provides ideal air-flow.

Further, the memory foam keeps your toddler’s body at ease and maintain a comfy posture. The special feature is its temperature regulation. With this feature, the overheating won’t occur and the baby won’t sweat.

The gel foam is for toddlers and provides their bodies with all the required support. Whereas the firmer side is for infants or new-born.

For a clean mattress, you can now remove the cover and wash it. So no more mess around your baby. The covers of this mattress are also made of quality material and soft to touch. It offers a cozy, breathable experience.


  • Firm
  • Washable
  • No smell


  • Time taking to inflate

2. Milliard Premium Memory Foam

Milliard Breathable Crib Mattresses

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This amazing product is another best-seller in the market. Made with top-notch form base, this is your ultimate choice. Now, your baby will have a sound sleep and a cozy environment.

The firm foam is for all the infants so their physical health remains uncompromised. Whereas the memory foam provides a perfect spot for toddlers.

Your baby will feel much more relaxed and comfy on this mattress. And the hypoallergenic features make the sleeping period safer. Offering a luxurious night’s sleep and sound experience, your baby will wake up all fresh.

The mattress has a special cover that you can remove if required. So if it is messy or something spilled on it. No need to worry, as the cover is machine washable. Made with bamboo, the covers are quite soft and cozy.

Next, the mattress offers resistance to mites, mold, and bacteria. Hence your baby’s health is not compromised at all.


  • Health assurance
  • Quality material
  • Washable


  • Might be too soft

1. Dourxi Crib Mattress3


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Coming next on the list, this product has its features to offer. Now, you can use the same mattress for your baby and his growth. Made with quality material, it is free from lead, mercury and other toxic substances.

The best part of buying this mattress is the dual usability feature. This means you can use the same mattress as your newborn turns into a toddler.

The mattress has a firm side for infants and new-born. It provides perfect air-flow and firmness to support their body and breathability. The memory foam is ideal for your toddler and is quite soft than the other side.

Furthermore, the foam has a ventilated core which keeps the airflow maintained. This also works to keep the temperature-controlled and avoid over-heating.

Another aspect is the cover of the mattress. With babies, they can get dirty quite easily. So to make the cleaning facile, the cover is not only removable but also washable. The durable cover is perfect for machine wash.


  • Dual-sided
  • Memory foam
  • Fire barrier


  • Slow rebound

Best Breathable Crib Mattress – Buyer’s Guide

Below are a few guidance tips that will help you in making a smart choice. You should always look for these qualities when you plan to buy a new crib mattress.

  • Breathable Mattress

The main factor while buying a crib mattress is to ensure that it is breathable. Some babies develop the habit of sleeping on their tummy.

If you use a regular mattress then it can be a real problem. Your baby might get suffocated and feel difficulty in sleeping.

This is why you must ensure that the mattress is breathable and provides proper airflow.

  • Material

Next comes the material used in manufacturing. Now the health of your baby is in your hands. So rather than choosing any sort of mattress, only opt for the suitable ones.

In the case of mattresses, organic cotton and other fibers are preferable choices. First, they are a natural material and provide a comfortable experience. Next, they don’t have any sort of chemical involved in them. So the safety/health of your baby is not compromised.

Ease of Cleaning

With babies, it is common for things to get dirty or spilled liquids on the mattress. It can be a real pain for anyone to get the regular mattress cleaned.

So it is always preferred to look for such options that come with waterproof covers. Today the market has a lot of such mattresses that come with removable covers.

You can remove the dirty cover and place it in the machine. Free from PVC and being durable, these covers are machine washable. Even the mentioned products have covers that one can remove with ease.

Cleanliness is a crucial factor when it comes to babies and infants. One small mistake or carelessness can cause health issues. That’s why we urge you to choose a reliable option.

  • Stage Crib Mattress

Now that you are about to purchase something, why not use it to the fullest. Try to look for mattress marked as “2-stage”. These mattresses are usable from both sides. One side is for the infants and is quite firm.

Whereas the other side has softer, memory foam. So you can flip the mattress as your infant turns into a toddler.


Though all the products mentioned are of top-quality. Also, we have tried to cover each possible aspect.

Still, if you feel any confusion or need some extra help or guidance. Feel free to contact us as we always feel delighted to serve our readers.