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10 Best Cordless Finish Nailers in 2024

Cordless finish nailers can be perfect for having hammer-free usage. It is easy to use and offers you better flexibility. Moreover, you can easily use it for DIY purposes or professional applications. It offers you multiple advantages and may come with multiple features including powerful batteries and LED lights. It is a must-have tool for professional carpenters and allows you to save effort and time. The product comes in robust construction and can stack headless pins that can easily blend with wood. Here is the list of the top 10 best cordless finish nailers to pick from.

Best Cordless Finish Nailers to Buy in 2024

10. DEWALT 20V Finish Nailer

DEWALT Cordless Finish Nailers

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This straight cordless finish nailer runs on a rechargeable battery. The tool-less depth adjustments also help users to operate this device without any difficulty. Moreover, the brushless motor lets users operate this device for a long time. The machine runs without any compressor, hose, and gas fuel. The brushless motor extends the longevity of this nailer.

The tool-less selectable trigger of this model also lets users choose between contact actuation and sequential modes. Furthermore, you can have an improved line of sight with the help of a micro nose. This machine is just the right thing for fastening crown molding, door or window casing, and baseboards.

Reasons To Buy 

  • The wire-free mechanism for user comfort.
  • Improved power support for superior performance.
  • Advanced technicalities with automotive functions for comfort.

9. CRAFTSMAN Cordless Finish Nailer Kit


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This cordless finish nailer comes with a 20-volt motor. The LED light also allows users to adjust the brightness up to 3 different levels. Moreover, the device comes with prolonged battery life. This cordless model does not need any gas cartridge, compressor and hose to run the function. The device offers constant firing power.

So, you can also use this nailer on a wide variety of materials and different weather conditions. Furthermore, the contoured over-molded handle of this device offers a comfortable grip for everyone. This nailer supports tool-less depth adjustments, jam-release, and stall settings. The belt hook helps you to have hassle-free storage and access to this machine.

Reasons To Buy 

  • The advanced designed mechanism for superior durability.
  • Easy handy controls for superior function.
  • Ergonomic construction for superior performance.

8. Milwaukee 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

Milwaukee Cordless Finish Nailers

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This cordless finish nailer comes along with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The 18-volt motor also makes this machine extremely durable and longer-lasting. Moreover, the equipment offers reliable and consistent performance. The brushless motor does not require any special maintenance to make this machine work. This finish nailer comes with a tool-less jam-releasing latch.

The nitrogen air-spring mechanism also makes this device run smoothly and silently. Furthermore, the inbuilt LED light illuminates workspace to offer precision performance even in low light conditions. This device comes with a simple fire mode for better and customizable operation. The machine allows users to drive nails on soft and hardwood surfaces.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Sturdy creation with multi-type wood compatibility.
  • Comfortable gripping design for effortless functions.
  • The advanced designed mechanism for enhanced performance.

7. DEWALT Finish Nailer


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Suitable for 1 to 2.5-inch nails, the cordless finish nailer makes operation convenient for everyone. This model also comes along with a sequential action trigger. So, you can operate the equipment as per your requirements. Moreover, the sealed lube dual-tech motor of this nailer works without oils and lubricants.

The non-marring pads also help you to operate this machine without leaving any scratch on the work surfaces. Furthermore, you can use this device with most of the 16-gauge straight collated nails. The machine supports tool-less operations for nail-depth adjustment, jam-clearing, and belt-hook adjustment. The machine consists of a tool-less 360-degree exhaust operation.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Easy modifiable creation for user comfort.
  • Ultra weight construction with improved stability.
  • Effortless operational design for improved performance.

6. Hitachi Cordless Straight Finish Nailer

Metabo HPT Cordless Finish Nailers

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This cordless finish nailer comes along with a 3.0-Ah lithium-ion battery. The battery-operated model also comes with a brushless motor. So, this equipment does not require any special maintenance. The device supports simple tool-free depth drive adjustment. The straight magazine can accommodate 100 pieces of 16-gauge fasteners.

This machine also comes with a maximum driving speed of 2 to 3 nails in a second. Furthermore, the brushless motor of this machine runs for a long time. The selective actuation switch lets you switch between bump fire and sequential modes. This machine has an LED light to keep on working in low light conditions.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Advanced safety features for overall safety.
  • The high-performance mechanism for superior performance.
  • Improved power support for uninterrupted service.

5. 18-Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer by Ryobi


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This 18-Volt cordless finish nailer is an 18-gauge brad nailer. The machine is also efficient enough to drive about 60 pieces on nails in a minute. Moreover, the cordless model makes operation free and handy for every user. You will require no gas cartridges, hoses or compressors to run this equipment.

The airstrike technology also discards the need for using annoying compressors. Furthermore, the dry-fire lockout feature of this model prolongs the lifespan of the entire construction. The mar-resistant pads keep the machine stable while using this tool. This equipment comes with a low-nail indicator. So, you can timely reload the nail tray.

Reasons To Buy 

  • No-wire configuration for user satisfaction.
  • Powerhouse design for easy and efficient functions.
  • Advanced sturdy grip for added stability and comfort.

4. PORTER-CABLE MAX Finish Nailer

PORTER-CABLE Cordless Finish Nailers

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With a low-profile structure, this handy cordless finish nailer makes operation convenient for all. This device also comes with the highest magazine capacity of 100 pieces of nails. Moreover, this battery-operated machine has a maximum fastener length capacity of 1 to 2.5-inch. You will need no hose, compressor, or pricy gas cartridges.

This 20-Volt battery-powered finisher nailer also works efficiently than other models. Furthermore, the tool-free settings of this equipment increase your overall productivity. The motor design of this unit offers accurate and continuous firing power into different materials and weather conditions. This machine consists of a tool-less depth-adjustment window and a stall-release lever.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Time-saving creation with enhanced power backup.
  • Advanced safety construction for accident-free performance.
  • Weather friendly design for superior comfort.

3. Paslode Cordless Finish Nailer


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This cordless finish nailer comes with a mar-resistant tip. So, the nailer also does not leave any mark or scratch on the working surfaces. Moreover, the angled magazine of this device helps you to work conveniently in tight spaces. With the help of this nailer, you can keep the working surfaces smooth and damage-proof.

The cordless model also helps users to use this machine from different directions. Furthermore, this lightweight and handy nailer works without any cord. By using this machine, you can efficiently place the nails. The machine runs on a 7-Volt Lithium-ion battery. With every single charge, this device can approximately drive 12,000 nails at once.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Cost-effective and time-saving creation for comfort.
  • Easy weight design with improved functionality.
  • Wire-free configuration for enhanced transferability.

2. DEWALT MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

DEWALT Cordless Finish Nailers

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This cordless finish nailer offers trouble-free cordless operation almost everywhere. To stop dry firing, this device also comes along with a low-nail lockout function. Moreover, the equipment leaves no unwanted marks on the project materials. This battery-powered model works without hose, compressor, and gas. The brad nailer kit works with a wide variety of batteries.

This handy device also comes with a tool-less selectable trigger. Therefore, this model works in both contact actuation and sequential modes alternately. Furthermore, the multipurpose LED lights let you keep on working even in low light conditions. This cordless nailer comes along with a brushless motor.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Enhanced protective characteristics for overall safety.
  • Ergonomic construction with improved functions.
  • Advanced technicalities for superlative performance.

1. Ryobi Airstrike Cordless Brad Nailer


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This cordless finish nailer is an 18-gauge cordless brad nailer. The battery-operated device also requires a lithium-ion battery. Moreover, the machine can drive up to 1700 nails with a single charge. The indicator lets you know the time of the next charging. This power tool offers hassle-free, cordless operation with optimal performance.

With the help of an adjustable dial, this machine also allows users to regulate the air pressure accordingly. Furthermore, the inbuilt LED light keeps your workspace illuminated while using this machine in dark. The power-saving finish nailer comes with an attached belt clip to keep it close to your hands.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Non-wire design for improved handling and mobility.
  • Enhanced modifiable features for user comfort.
  • Easy operational functions with sturdy, comfy grip.

Buying Guide For Cordless Finish Nailers

Check out the following parameters while buying.

Design: A cordless finish nailer comes in either straight or angled mechanism. Angled-head nailers offer you a better advantage, and you can easily use them for corners.

Size: The size is a vital consideration that you will always have to see while buying a cordless finish nailer. It must come in a compact design and allow you to have easy handling. Look for the one that has lightweight construction so that you can easily take it to your worksite.

Safety: Always select the one that comes with safety features. The one that comes with dry fire lockout will make sure there will be reliable performance. Look at the fan performance and see if it operates quietly.

Trigger Mechanism: When it comes to triggering operation, it can come either with sequential or with bump-fire. With the sequential operation, you will have to release the trigger before driving it for the next nail. It lets you have better comfort but can be slower. If you want something that operates quickly, then a bump-fire can be the perfect one for you. It lets you maintain pressure, but you can lose control.

Easy to Use: Always select the one that comes with better ergonomics so that you can have a comfortable experience. It must allow you to use it conveniently and must provide consistent operation.

Features: Look for the one that supports a perfect nail length. You will also have to consider the gauge rating and then make your purchase. If you are looking to nail accurately, then you need to consider the gun tip.


There is no doubt that the cordless finish nailers are far more convenient than the usual finish nailers. You can carry it anywhere you want and there is no tangling of wires issue. The buying guide is there to make you understand about the different parameters of a cordless finish nailer. That way, you can use your own judgment to pick the perfect product.