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10 Best Electric Hand Saws in 2024

Having a high-quality and powerful saw is a very important equipment that one can buy for completing a cutting job quickly and efficiently. The best electric hand saw is available in many different types of models in the market to give some choice for the buyers. However, the real issue is finding the right unit that can perform the job effectively without giving a problem. The popularity of this unit has reached its peak in recent years. No matter, the buyers want to complete their DIY projects or work in an industry where cutting is an important activity to do, having such a device will be a very handy thing to have.

In this post, we will tell about the top 10 best electric hand saws in 2024 that finalized after testing a great number of models. Our team wants you to check all of them and buy one that suits your needs adequately. Let’s check out each one without any further wait now.

List of Top Best Electric Hand Saws Review

10. Chicago Electric 6 Amp Saw (best for comfortable grip)

Chicago Pneumatics Electric Hand Saws

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The buyers seeking equipment that available at an affordable price and give a comfortable grip can think about buying this model. In fact, it is one of the cheapest options in the market, yet offer excellent grip to the users.

It has shoe plate pivot that can boost the durability and provide stability to the system. There are rubber grips installed on the unit for preventing outer covers.


  • Controlling settings become easier
  • Pretty stable operation
  • Doesn’t create lots of noise


  • Heavier when compared with others

9. Genesis GCS545C (best under $50)


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The ninth position in this list is accommodated by this brilliantly unit model manufactured from very durable material. It equipped with large blades that allow the users to cut even 2X materials. You can have cleaner and smoother cuts using this unit.

Additionally, the buyers can adjust the depth and bevel levels for even having a maximum depth even at 90 degrees. It is manufactured by the company in four different variants.


  • Very powerful and compact electric hand saw
  • Can be bought at a very affordable price
  • Delivered with excellent customer support and a two-year warranty


  • Complaints about missing parts

8. Skilsaw SPT77WML-01 (best under $200)

SKILSAW Electric Hand Saws

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This model from Skilsaw is one of the lightest electric hand saws that you can buy in any part of the world. It only weighs 11.5 lbs and crafted in a pretty rugged magnesium construction for extra durability. There is a high-quality cooler installed on this unit that let it work for extended periods.

The company has added anti-snug lower guard for making operations smoother. It has 15 amp powered motor for completing solid works.


  • Capable of providing deepest cuts in difficult places
  • Extremely lightweight and easier to carry
  • Impressive battery life


  • Demand frequent lubrication

7. Porter Cable PCE310 (best lightweight electric hand saw)


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If you want to shop a lightweight unit that you can carry anywhere without any difficulty, then invest money in PCE310 model. It is a solid unit that can complete even your toughest jobs with ease. Despite having an aux handle, the product is pretty light and give extreme comfort to the users.

This product has a 15 amp motor that allows the unit to operate even at 5,500 RPM. In simple words, one can expect power and speed from this excellent product.


  • Extremely lightweight and durable unit to buy
  • Equipped with lower guards and magnesium shoe
  • Very easier to make adjustments


  • Some parts made from cheap plastic

6. Zombi Power Tools ZCS5817 (best low maintenance electric hand saw)

Zombi Electric Hand Saws

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The sixth position in the list is held by this cordless unit that doesn’t demand too much maintenance from the buyers. The company offers 5 year warranty on the tool and 2 year warranty on the battery that ensures the buyers can stay free from worries after buying it.

The company has added all the features in this saw that needed for making it brilliant. It includes auto oiling handguard and chain brake. Overall, it is an excellent unit to shop for doing a solid cutting job.


  • Solid warranty policy for convenient shopping
  • Delivered with a complete set of accessories
  • Available at an affordable price range


  • Very weak cord

5. Bosch CS5 120 Inch Saw (best left-hand design electric hand saw)


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If you are up to buy a highly durable unit that doesn’t get broken down even after accident falls, then shop the Bosch CS5 model without any further discussion. It has a solid 15 amp motor that makes sure you can complete tons of excellent jobs.

This unit has left-hand construction equipped with an anti-swag lower guard for comfortable working. You can shop this product without hurting your pocket harder.


  • Very lightweight unit for convenient working
  • Capable of creating bevel cuts
  • Equipped with an anti-swag lower guard


  • A poor depth locking mechanism

4. Black+Decker PHS550B (best budget-friendly unit)

BLACK+DECKER Electric Hand Saws

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Our team has added this unit for individuals who prefer shopping solid things at an affordable price. This model from Black+ Decker equipped with a very powerful 600 SPM motor that can perform a variety of functions adequately. The company sells it with a 2-year limited warranty for better convenience.

It is one of the best electric hand saws that come with pretty solid metal cutting blade and large capacity blade. Additionally, you will get a storage bag for easier transportation.


  • Capable of performing both indoor and outdoor operations
  • Easier tool changing process
  • Available at a very unbelievable price


  • Equipped with a very average quality blade

3. Greenworks 10-Inch Cordless Chainsaw (best under $100)


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The next one is an excellent product that launched by Greenworks brand for providing a brilliant performance. It is a high-quality unit that can cut a variety of things like metal, solid plastic, wood, and many more.

The people who want to complete DIY activities should invest their money in this unit. The battery base operation let the users transport quite easily with minimum effort.


  • Equipped with 2AH battery that lasts quite longer
  • Capable of working on a variety of materials
  • Crafted with a battery base operation


  • Plastic parts made from average material

2. Black+Decker BDCD220CS (best for versatile use)

BLACK+DECKER Electric Hand Saws

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If you are looking for a durable saw kit that can be shopped at an affordable price, then buy the BDSC220CS now. It is a highly versatile model using which you can complete a variety of operations. The brilliant LED work light available in this unit ensure you can have accurate cutting for different objects.

It is the best electric hand saw that has a long battery life. Overall, this convenient unit can be yours at a smarter price.


  • Battery capable of lasting up to 18 months
  • Very easy to use with compact construction
  • Better versatility with dual speed gearbox


  • Burning smell in motor while extended use

1. Rockwell RK3441K (editor’s choice)


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We will introduce this excellent product at the first position that manufactured from Rockwell brand. It is a solid unit having a 5 amp motor giving you the power to complete a variety of cutting jobs. This compact and lightweight model allows users to hold this machine tightly.

The company has provided a slim and soft grip for making gripping comfortable and convenient for the workers. It is available in two different variants for providing extra choice.


  • Extremely lightweight unit for convenient holding
  • Crafted in a slim and inline grip construction
  • Highly maneuverable for completing overhead cuts


  • Bolts quality is pretty low

How to choose the best electric hand saw?

Check out the major things that you need to consider while shopping the right electric hand saw in detail below:

  • Durability

The hand saw that you are going to shop should be crafted using high-quality materials. The reason behind that is the buyers have to perform tough operations with this unit, so the durability is very important.

  • Grip

The next important thing that you have to consider is the grip of the machine you are shopping. You have to work for extended periods with it so the grip should be comfortable enough to create minimum fatigue.

  • Budget

As you have already checked in this post, these machines are available for below $50 and even go for more than $200. However, you should go for a model that satisfies your needs irrespective of the budget.

  • Weight

The weight of the unit plays an essential role while choosing the right model. Go for the model that is moderate to lightweight in construction as it will ensure you don’t put too much load on your hands.


If you want to complete the cutting job quickly and effectively, then buying an electric hand saw is the right thing to do. It is a better option when compared with a traditional hand saw that takes lots of time for cutting. Choose one of these best electric hand saws added in the list to have a wonderful experience. Each of these models has a special set of features, so we suggest you decide according to the requirement. If you want to get any of these queries, then write to us in the comment section.