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10 Best Cordless Grass Shears in 2024

Garden maintenance can be an easy task if you have the right tools. A cordless grass shear is a perfect tool that allows you to use it for trimming. It delivers exceptional performance and lets you have maximum flexibility. Cordless grass shears can trim and cut the grass smoothly and is a highly reliable product. It is very easy to use and allows you to save effort and time. You can easily power it with the help of rechargeable batteries and use it from anywhere you want. Check out the following list of the top 10 best cordless grass shears in 2024.

List of Best Cordless Grass Shears in 2024 Review

10. Makita Grass Shear

Makita Cordless Grass Shears

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This battery-operated cordless grass shear has an 18-volt, high-capacity battery system. The equipment also has a cutting width of 6-5/16-inch. Moreover, the hedge trimmer comes with a maximum runtime of 3-hours. The power tool comes along with an inbuilt motor. Hence, the rotor rotates at the speed of 2500-SPM.

The shear blade also comes with dual-cutting action. Hence, the model increases the cutting efficiency of this power tool. The 3-stage cutting height lets you adjust the cutting length from 9/16 to 1-inch. Furthermore, the device offers a tool-less blade alteration. The child-safety lock increases the safety of this tool.

Reason To Buy
  • Highly flexible construction and comfortable.
  • Improved power mechanism with superior performance.
  • Easy weight construction with a sturdy grip.

9. Goplus Cordless Grass Shear


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The extension pole makes this cordless grass shear remarkably functional for individuals. This hedge trimmer also comes along with a 200-mAh battery. Moreover, the 8-inch long brush trimmer blade lets you chop off thin branches. However, this lightweight model makes operation fatigue-free for everyone. The provided 7.2-volt lithium-ion battery offers rapid charging.

The shell of this trimmer has the construction of impact-resistant ABS plastic. Furthermore, the child-safety lock makes this machine safe to use around kids. With a single charge, this model can continuously run for 120-minutes. The telescopic handle comes with an ergonomic rubber-wrapped grip. This equipment has a 4-inch wide grass-shearing blade.

Reason To Buy
  • Easy weight design for effortless maneuverability.
  • Collapsible design and easily storable.
  • Universal application design and durable.

8. BLACK+DECKER Grass Shear

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Grass Shears

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The hedge trimmer comes with lightweight yet sturdy construction. The interchangeable steel blades also increase the functionality of this handy tool. Moreover, the cordless grass shear has a rechargeable, high-capacity lithium-ion battery system. Nevertheless, this model has a prolonged lifespan. You can use this model for trimming and pruning grasses and shrubs.

The compact model also offers quick trimming every time. The cordless trimmer effortlessly reaches the place where the mowers cannot work. Furthermore, the set includes a 6-inch shrub blade and a 4-inch grass shear blade. You can use this tool for trimming grasses from walkways and flowerbeds.

Reason To Buy
  • Sturdy construction with improved sturdiness.
  • High-performance mechanism and user friendly.
  • Tangle-free design and multi-functional.

7. Makita Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear


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The cordless grass shear consists of a powerful rechargeable battery system. The dual-blade action also makes cutting in a faster and effective manner. Moreover, the equipment comes with a 3-stage cutting height adjustment. Hence, you can adjust the height from 9/16 to 1-inch. The inbuilt motor of this grass shear rotates at the speed of 2500-SPM.

The hand tool also comes with a hedge and a shear blade. Furthermore, the 5.0-Ah battery makes this model run without any complication. Nevertheless, the rechargeable battery system makes this model work continuously for 200-minutes. The gardening tool comes with a maximum cutting width of 6-5/16-inch.

Reason To Buy
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle for safety and mobility.
  • Tangle-free design and easily maintainable.
  • User-friendly design with improved operating features.

6. Ryobi Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear

Ryobi Cordless Grass Shears

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The cordless grass shear comes along with an 18-volt lithium-ion battery system. Hence, the model runs without the complication of corded models. The dual-action blades make operation smoother and faster. Moreover, the set includes a 4-inch shear blade and an 8-inch shrub blade. Therefore, the gardening tool is perfect for maintaining and cutting your small gardens.

The handy tool also comes along with an ergonomic grip. Furthermore, this lightweight model offers quick blade replacement. However, the gardening tool runs without cords and gas. The battery system of this model supports rapid charging with 90-minutes. You can effortlessly convert the grass cutter into a hedge cutter.

Reason To Buy
  • Multi-purpose configuration with enhanced performance.
  • Wire-free construction and effortlessly maneuverable.
  • Easy weight single hand operation design for comfort.

5. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Cordless Grass Shear


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The shrub cutter comes along with a handy extension pole. However, the telescopic pole also keeps your back pain-free during operation. This cordless grass shear consists of a powerful 7.2-volt 2-Ah lithium-ion battery. The rapid charging system increases the functionality of this model. However, the hedge clipper comes along with a rotating, adjustable cutting head.

The shear and hedge blades offer tool-less blade changing. Furthermore, the grass cutter comes along with a telescopic wheeled extension. Nevertheless, the model lets you trim grasses and thin branches. The shear blade is 4-inch long, and the hedge blade is 6.5-inch long.

Reason To Buy
  • Versatile usage design with improved durability.
  • Dynamic sturdy grip design for enhanced stability.
  • Easy weight and space-saving design for storage.

4. SereneLife Battery Grass Cutter

SereneLife Cordless Grass Shears

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This cordless grass shear has the construction of deformation-free ABS plastic material. The handy model also comes with a powerful motor. Hence, this rotor rotates at a maximum speed of 1000-RPM. The gardening tool comes along with a shrub cutter blade and a grass cutter blade. Therefore, you can use this equipment in two different ways.

This lightweight model also comes along with a safety lock design. Nevertheless, you can safely use this tool around your kids. Furthermore, the electric grass cutter has an inbuilt, detachable battery. The wall charger adapter offers faster charging within a few hours.

Reason To Buy
  • Ergonomic design handle for maximum performance.
  • Advanced safety construction with enhanced durability.
  • Easy operational and maintainable design for comfort.

3. Sun Joe Cordless 2-in-1 Grass Shear

Sun Joe

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The hedge trimmer comes along with an ergonomic handle. The retractable handle also lets you keep your back fatigue-free during operation. Moreover, this cordless grass shear comes along with a 7.2-volt lithium-ion battery. Hence, the model offers rapid charging. This gardening tool lets you extend your reach around the tight spaces.

However, the extension pole also makes this model exceptionally handy. Furthermore, this grass shear effortlessly transforms into a hedge trimmer. The safety switch increases the safety of this gardening tool. Nevertheless, the pole extends up to 3-feet. You never have to bend your back during operation.

Reason To Buy
  • Easy weight design and easily maneuverable.
  • Detachable configuration and effortlessly maintainable.
  • High-performance power support system for performance.

2. Sun Joe 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Shear

Sun Joe Cordless Grass Shears

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The handy cordless grass shear comes with quick detachable blades. You can use this device for trimming and pruning. Moreover, the model consists of a 6-inch hedger and a 4-inch shear. The rotor of this gardening tool rotates at the speed of 1250-RPM. You can use this gardening tool for tight corners of your garden.

You can use this model in place of the mower for tight spaces. Furthermore, this lightweight gardening equipment comes along with an ergonomic handle. Therefore, you can operate this model for hours without any hassle. This grass cutter is suitable for small gardens as well.

Reason To Buy
  • High-performance modifiable construction.
  • Easy installable and operable design.
  • Improved safety mechanism for overall protection.

1. WORKPRO 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Shear


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This cordless grass shear comes along with a 7.2-volt lithium-ion battery. Hence, the model also offers smooth and consistent cordless operation. Moreover, this gardening tool consists of a double-lock design. Therefore, this model provides safety to your children. Nevertheless, the ergonomic handle design offers a comfortable grip for users.

The grass cutter also has a pruner and a trimmer attachment. However, the hedge cutter consists of hardened blades. The trimming tool finely cuts off shrubs, branches, trees, and bushes. Nevertheless, the system works best for branches up to 10mm thickness. The handy gardening tool offers a one-handed operation. The rotor of this cutter rotates at 1100-RPM speed.

Reason To Buy
  • Improved safety design and easily maneuverable.
  • Ergonomic construction with improved handling.
  • Multi-application design and user-friendly.

Buying Guide For Cordless Grass Shear –


The blades determine the overall performance of the cordless grass shear. You can see if it offers smooth cutting and come with high-quality sharp blades. Look at the blade length carefully and then make your purchase. The one that has larger blades will allow you to cut in a quick time.


To make sure there will be continuous operation, you need to see if it comes with a powerful battery. You will have to go for the one that offers a longer run time. It will allow you to power it with the help of batteries or with a rechargeable battery. A rechargeable battery will serve as an ideal option and makes sure there will be efficient performance.


When it comes to the design, you need to go for a cordless grass shear that lets you use it conveniently. Select the one that lets you have a custom operation. It must allow you to hold comfortably and include a grip handle. Always see if it comes with better ergonomics and helps to prevent fatigue and strain from your hands.


Go to the one that delivers exceptional performance. For this, you will have to know the power output. It must provide smooth cutting and trimming. You can see it includes a powerful built-in motor that requires low maintenance.


You need to go for a cordless grass shear that has high-quality construction. It has to be suitable for different environments, and you can see if it is available in a lightweight design.


When it comes to buying a cordless grass shear, you should be aware of certain parameters for better assessment. They are mentioned in the buying guide and therefore, you should check that out before going through the product descriptions. Moreover, compare the products in terms of features and specifications before purchasing.