Top 10 Best Hand Pallet Trucks and Jacks in 2020

If you are an owner of a business type where you have to carry a lot of weight daily from here and there, you need a hand pallet truck to make the operation smooth. There have hydraulic jack and level system to lift the pallets off the floor and carry it around. Most of them are able to make many maneuvers and carrying 4 to 5 times its body weight. In addition, there are capable of carrying pallets of various sizes and shapes and the operation can be effortless thanks to its ergonomic handles and overall design. The following is the list of top 10 best hand pallet trucks and jacks in2020 that you should definitely buy to speed up the operation of carrying weights and making life easier for the workers.

List of Top Best Hand Pallet Trucks and Jacks Reviews

10. Vestil All Terrain Pallet Truck


This is a versatile hand pallet truck and the handle is movable into three different positions which make its operation easy. The unique design provides extreme strength and it is made up of the welded steel frame. The wheels have sealed bearings to protect for dust and fluid. The two forks are adjustable and it is resistant to corrosion. The handle can swivel 300 degrees and the use of pneumatic wheels acts as a shock absorbent and it can take up to 2000 pounds of weight. It weighs 410 pounds and the fork length is 32 inches. The width of the forks can be adjust for different sizes of loads.

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9. Total Source PALLET JACK


The fork length of the pallet jack is 48 inches which are quite large and therefore, it can sustain a maximum weight capacity if 5500 pounds. It is made up of heavy-duty steel gauge and an equally strong hydraulic pump has been provided to lift the weight effortlessly. The handle has three different positional design and the fork tips are designed for easy entry and exit. It is a relatively lightweight pallet jack weighing 180 pounds only.

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8. Mighty Pallet Jack/Truck


This pallet truck has been designed for heavy-duty usage and it can carry a maximum capacity of 6600 pounds. The length of the forks is 48 inches and it weighs 225 pounds. The forks are made up of high-tensile steel with reinforcements for greater strength and rough usage. The product is extremely durable as it is galvanized to prevent it from corrosion. There is an overload release valve from protection again overloading and the handle is designed ergonomically with shock absorbing coating. The extra foot control provided will help in better and efficient controlling. All the components are well lubricated for swift functioning.

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7. i-Lift Equipment Manual Pallet Truck


The maximum loading capacity of the pallet truck is 5500 pounds and the length of the forks is 48 inches. The design is ergonomic and durable. There are special coatings provided to make it look attractive and resistant to corrosion and daily wear and tear. A high-quality hydraulic pump has been used for easy lifting and the tips of the forks are designed scientifically for easy entry and exit. All the spare parts are available in the market and it is designed to last decades.

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6. Sandusky Heavy-Duty Pallet Truck


The pallet truck is made up of high-quality and heavy-duty steel and it is resistant to wear and corrosion. There are various maneuvers possible due to the movable handle and fork. There are triggers on the handle for easy and effortless operation. The rollers are designed for heavy loads and they do not leave any scratch on the floor. The maximum load capacity is 5500 pounds and the wheels are capable of wide angle swivels for various maneuvers.

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5. Wesco Pallet Truck


The attractive and minimalist pallet truck is capable of carrying a maximum load of 5500 pounds. The length of the forks is the standard 48 inches. The availability of the handbrake is extremely useful while lifting and transporting the pallets comfortably. The construction has been done with heavy-duty steel to prevent corrosion and protect against wear and tear. The availability of the rubber steering wheels and polyurethane load wheels makes it extremely powerful. You can adjust the height of the forks with the push rod provided.

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4. Titan Pallet Truck


The pallet truck comes with a hard chrome-plated lift and pumps pistons that make it suitable for heavy-duty use and its performance does not degrade with time. There are 3-control positions available such as lower, raise, and neutral. All the necessary components are available starting from exit rollers to the adjustable pushrod. The maximum loading capacity is 5500 pounds when the truck weighs only 165 pounds.

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3. Goplus Hand Pallet Truck


This is the best performing hand pallet truck on the list. The construction is done out of high-tensile steel and transportation and lifting are smooth. The weight capacity is 5500 pounds. The ergonomically designed handle comes with 3 different position controls. The pump is galvanized and weldless integration to make sure that there are no leakages to deal with. The company provides two years of warranty and all the spare parts are available in the market.

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2. Vergo Heavy Duty Pallet Jack Truck


This is a heavy-duty pallet jack truck with reinforced forks for greater strength and durability. The handles are padded and ergonomically designed for smooth operation and control. The steering arc provides 210 degrees are swivel and the quality and performance stay consistent. The one-piece casting wheel frame adds great stability. It is capable of carrying a maximum weight of 550 pounds.

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1. Crown Heavy-Duty Pallet Jack

Crown-Hand Pallet Trucks and Jacks

This is the bestselling pallet duty and it is having the maximum loading capacity of 5000 pounds. The quality of the jack is unparalleled and the steering angle is 200 degrees. Crown is the world’s most popular and largest lift truck company and this one is made up of heavy-gauge steel design. The operation is going to be smooth due to its ergonomic design of all components and the length of the forks is 48 inches.

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All the above-mentioned top 10 best hand pallet trucks and jacks in 2020 are of the best quality and have all the basic features you are looking for. Make sure you check the maximum loading weight and the length of the forks to match your requirements in carrying different types of weights you will lift and carry with it.

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