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10 Best Nail Pullers in 2024    

Nailing in a wrong angle or place while working on a DIY project can happen to anyone. Furthermore, you can end up with broken nails while hammering. However, pulling out the nails using a traditional hammer can destroy the wood. Most importantly, you can monetary loss and unnecessary wastage.

Well, to prevent these mishaps, there are special nail pullers available. These tools have extraordinary construction with only one goal. Of course, as the name suggests these tools have a special design to pull out the nails without causing damage to the wood. For working as a pro, go through the different types of nail pullers that you can find in the market today. After scrutinizing them carefully, buy one for your needs.

The Best Nail Pullers in 2024

10. SuperBar Vaughan B215 Super Bar

SUPERBAR Nail Pullers

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With this product, taking out faulty nails will be a breeze. It has a 15-inch length and it was an intentional design. This provides you with better control over the tool, so you can avoid mistakes. Plus, it can also be useful for professionals as well as for domestic purposes.

The head of the nail puller has an interesting Shepherd’s crook rocker. This provides you with maximum prying power while using the product. The blades on the nail puller have a proper polishing to become edge sharp. So, it allows you to complete the work is just in a few moments. And makes it easy for you to insert the nail.

Key Features: 

  • The product has three bevel nail slots that you can take advantage of.
  • Indeed a spring tempered steel for all the durability and strength.
  • You can also use the product for multifarious tasks from scraping, molding, to pulling nails.

9. TEKTON 3320 Utility Pry Bar


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Demonstrating an excellent performance, the product has essentially become an Amazon’s Choice product. Needless to say, the quality of the product is truly beyond questioning. The product has a high strength forging quality steel as it’s material. Thus, the product proves to be really sturdy and does not easily bend even when pressure is applied.

However, the product is given an enamel finish over the steel. This makes the pry bar immune to any rusting or corrosion, providing you with a really long service. If that was not enough, to enhance the strength of the product, the steel undergoes a proper heat treatment process as well.

Key Features:

  • The product is an all-purpose bar with intelligent contouring.
  • Because of three different nail slots, you will be able to use the product from any comfortable angle you prefer.
  • The chisel tips on the product are designed to be really thin and sharp. This allows the product to easily glide away into any crevice.

8. Titan Tools 17007 Nail Puller

TITAN Nail Pullers

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If you need nail pullers that will not burn a hole through your pocket, this product will be a great choice. For a pocket pinch, Titan Tools offers a set of 3 pry pars and scraper. Evidently, these bars can do much more than just pull your nails. To make the scraping really smooth without requiring to put much effort, the edge of the bar has proper sharpness to be as good as a razor. The product has stainless steel as it’s material. Hence, you do not have to worry about the set getting ruined because of rust.

Key Features: 

  • The three bars being of different sizes, allows you to handle different kinds of situations and angles conveniently.
  • It duals as a scrapper, apart from nail pulling.
  • This has a mirror finish which greatly enhances the appearance of the toolset.

7. Crescent 56 Nail Puller


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With its unique design, the product is suited to handle any heavy-duty work. It has a box joint design, which has forged alloy material. The alloy itself is tough and lends strength to the nail puller. On top of that, the product proudly sports hardened and efficient jaw. To prevent any easy damage, this jaw goes through proper hardening and tempering. Furthermore, because of the design of the jaw, this product enables you to get a hold of the nails that are hard to reach. It can be also used to handle the flush nails.

Key Features: 

  • This nail puller allows you to choose whether you want a long or short jaw.
  • For any remodeling or renovation projects, this will do a perfect job.
  • It has a black enamel finish all over. This gives an elegant look to the pull, as it also makes it durable.

6. Estwing Pro Claw Nail Puller

Estwing Nail Pullers


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It has been planned and designed with a lot of thought. The head of the nail puller has an interesting round shape. This lets you have better leverage on the tool, by adding considerable torque to the nail puller. Further, the claw has been designed in such a way so as to enable you to pull out the headless nails as well. All this while, the product makes sure there is least wood damage during the operation. The grip of the product has vinyl as it’s material. This makes the grip really comfortable, so you can work without straining your hand.

Key Features:

  • In order to cater to various needs, the product is available in different sizes you can choose from.
  • Since the product is one solid single piece, it extends the life of the product.
  • Its excellent design will weigh 6.6-ounces

5. Bates Choice Nail Puller

Bates Choice

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This product has satisfied many consumers and won the title of the bestseller on Amazon. This product is a must-have for professional or even domestic purposes. The tough product has carbon steel as it’s the primary material. Hence, you can be assured that the product will last you for a long duration.

Moreover, this takes away your concern about rusting as well. With the dual end nipper, wires are cut neatly without any hassle. Also, the handle of the product has high-quality plastic. This makes the grip of the product soft to touch while ensuring it lasts long.

Key Features: 

  • It performs both the functions of nail pulling out of surfaces, as well as working as pliers.
  • This provides a strong grip on the nails to easily pull them out of any place which is not easy to get access to.
  • It certainly has a length of 7-inches that is a decent size.

4. Rexbeti Pry Bar Set

REXBETI Nail Pullers

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With an extensive set of 4 different pry bars, you will not need to go look for any other pry bar again. Besides, all the pry bars have different lengths as well as different sizes of the tip, so they can cater to different requirements. Moreover, the handle of the pry bar has been designed with care. It has both rubber and plastic.

The combination provides comfort and sturdiness to the thick handle at the same time. Further, with the pattern on the handle, the product has a non-slip design to avoid any mishaps. Finally, the premium quality vanadium steel has been used for the shaft which provides resistance against any flexing.

Key Features: 

  • All the pry bars come with their very own protective cap. This helps to maintain the sharpness of the bars.
  • The top of every pry bar has a metal strike cap. This prevents the bar from breaking apart from striking.
  • Indeed a heavy-duty product for accomplishing your heavy-duty tasks.

3. OCM Brand Nail Puller

OCM Brand

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This simple tool will really come in handy to reach those embedded and unreachable nails. The flat striking surface with the ground beveled claw reaches into those tight spots and gets the job done flawlessly. Further, the product is used for different kinds of nails. With the thickly painted surface of the tool, your nail puller will be free from any corrosion for years to come. The product has top quality carbon steel as it’s material. Therefore, you can rely on the product to work effortlessly for a long period of time.

Key Features: 

  • Both ends of this product are equally functional.
  • It assures you of its quality with an impressive one year warranty on the nail puller.
  • The steel being heat-treated adds to make the nail puller even tougher.

2. Gunpla Carpenters Nail Puller

Gunpla Nail Pullers

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Gunpla strives to provide you with the very best that is out there. This nail puller steel which is high in carbon, as well as drop, forged. Also, the product has been polished. If that was not enough, it has also been given electronic coating. Evidently, this product is of exceptional quality and stands for durability.

As a matter of fact, it also sports vinyl dipped handles. These handles not only provide ergonomics comfort but have a non-slip design which prevents any accidents while working. Besides, with matchless leverage, using this nail puller becomes much more convenient. This product used an anvil style cutting edge, which is much more effective.

Key Features: 

  • The product has heavy-duty end nipper cutting pliers that can take care of any tough job without any problem.
  • With a lifetime warranty, what more assurance can you ask for when it comes to the quality of the product.

1. Stanley FMHT55010 FatMax Claw Bar


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This claw bar has a long shaft so that you have firm control over the bar to perform an efficient job. The product has a flat striking surface. This enables the claw of the nail puller to easily glide through to reach any embedded nail which refuses to come off. The surface of the handle protects your hand from any extreme temperatures. Given that, the product is tempered for safety as well as heat-treated to provide durability at the same time. Besides, it uses high quality forged carbon steel for the body of the claw bar.

Key Features: 

  • To meet the requirement of various people, the product is available in 3 different sizes.
  • Certainly, they used both for nail pulling as well as prying equally.
  • Precise penetration is achieved with the help of a polished flat surface coupled with a beveled claw.

After checking out the size of and the nail pullers’ quality, buy one for constructing or deconstructing purposes. There is always a puller that is ideal for the different types of nails available in the market.