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10 Best Router Bit Sets in 2024

An individual who is interested in art and craft and wants to excel in every work needs good tools. Woodworks are important in carpentry as well. However, not all tools deliver the precision you are looking for. For rounding the edges or giving your work a beautiful shape, the router bit sets are ideal. It comes with every little bit that can help you in attaining the finesse. The products are of high-quality and there will be no complaints regarding the performance.

Getting the ideal bit set is difficult because it gets hard to choose from the hundreds of options available. That’s why we bring to a router bit set buying guide so that you never have to come across any hassle of selecting and placing an order without any knowledge.

List of Best Router Bit Sets Review

10. Hitlex 10100 15 Piece Set

Hiltex Router Bit Sets

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Indeed a useful and handy set of bits, the Hitlex 10100 Bits Set could be the ideal choice. This box comprises 15 universal bits that can get you a variety of operations on wood. All the bits have tips are from tungsten carbide which is a very hard material meant for rugged use. This means that you can easily cut through the wood in a variety of ways. And always ensuring a clean-cut and without much damage to the tips.

You can stay sure that these router bits do not heat up too much as you are repeatedly cutting through. All the bits have a ¼ shank that allows you a universal application that can git all kinds of routers.

Key Features:

  • The 15-piece bit set comes in a beautiful wooden box to keep all of them well arranged. Plus, it stays in your arms reach for whenever you need them.
  • All the bits in this set are powder-coated to ensure long life without any kind of damage, scratches, or corrosion.
  • This becomes a portable option due to the neat arrangements.

9. KOWOOD Router Bits Set


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Firstly, it is a reliable set that can get lots of work done smoothly for a long time. This set is loaded with 35 pieces and us the handiest and ideal set for beginners. There are all kinds of bits for a variety of wood-working operations. These are edging, trimming, mortising, grooving, and so on, on all kinds of wooden and wood-composite based materials.

Moreover, the bits home in an aluminum case that holds them together in an organized manner. Hence, protects them from any unwanted damage as you are storing them.

Key Features:

  • Has a universal ¼-inches shank. This means that you can easily fit these bits on to any router from well-reputed companies throughout the world such as Bosch, KOWOOD, DeWalt, Milwaukee, and so on.
  • Ideal for both handheld as well as benchtop router when working.
  • The anti-kickback design will keep it immune to any damages.

8. KOWOOD 24 Piece Router Bits Set

KOWOOD Router Bit Sets

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KOWOOD is a reputed maker of many hardwood items and their 24-Pice Router Bits Set is no exception. The heavy-duty bits are from steel to ensure a durable body and application. Next, the tips of the router bits are from carbon steel. For this reason, it is very hard and known to create excellent cuts on various wooden surfaces. The bits feature a ¼-inches shank. This allows you to attach it securely to the routers without the bit vibrating too much while under operation.

Just be sure not to use these bits on any ferrous or metallic materials and you can easily use them for a very long time to come.

Key Features:

  • The 24-piece but set comes packed in a wooden carry case. This allows you to safely store them when not in use and even carry it from place to place.
  • Whether you are working on wood or wood-based composite panels such as MDF, particleboard, plywood, LVL, and so on, this set will work just fine with all of them.
  • This set needs proper lubrication for maintenance purposes.

7. Hitlex 10108 24 Piece Router Bits Set


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The Hitlex 10108 Router Bit Set comes with 24 different router bits that you can use for varying purposes. The body of these bits is from steel with the tip being constructed from tungsten carbide. Hence, the set gives it a very strong edge. The tips will not wear out easily and are also resistant to heat thus not heating up too much even after repeated use.

Furthermore, the router bits are very sharp and ideal to conduct a number of woodworking operations. These are such as trimming, edge cutting, shaping, mortising, drilling, and so on. The product has a construction of solid alloy construction for giving it all the benefits over other brands.

Key Features:

  • The set comes loaded with different bits for different purposes and has a set of its without ball bearing while another set with ball-bearing.
  • Each of the bits has a powder coating to ensure no risks of chipping, peeling, or any sorts of damages.
  • The body is scratch-proof and will not get any damages and ensure long time use.

6. KOWOOD Pro Router Bits Set

KOWOOD Router Bit Sets

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KOWOOD is a trusted brand when it comes to hardware items and KOWOOD Pro is no exception to that. This set can get you all kinds of edge trimming, shaping, mortising, and other such woodworking options. Next, the 24-piece bit set is sufficient for different kinds of cuts. These are heavy-duty bits that are difficult to wear and have a long existence.

As a matter of fact, the tops are from C3+ carbide. Hence, ensures the smoothest of cuts on different kinds of wooden surfaces. The washer is even adjustable so that you never have to compromise on obtaining the perfect fit.

Key Features:

  • The set of bits are used on a variety of wood and wood-based panel products to get fine and the best of cuts.
  • As it has a generous amount of coating, the bits will never heat-up and get damaged.
  • The ¼-inches shank is universal in nature and compatible with all kinds of routers.

5.Yonico 17702 70 Piece Router Bits Set


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The Yonico 17702 is an exceptional router bit set comprising some of the best bits you’ll ever find. The set comes with 70 pieces of bits on varying shares and sizes to get a number of jobs done for you. Besides, the high-quality bits end in tungsten carbide tips which are very sharp. Moreover, it very resistant to easy wear thus you never have to worry about damages.

However, the bits are also having long shanks that can easily and securely fit different routers. And that also without moving, wobbling or vibrating when you are using it.

Key Features:

  • These bits can easily use them on table-mounted as well as handheld routers.
  • Comes together in a carrying case made from wood to ease you in storing them.
  • Not only is it excellent for table mount routers but even works flawlessly with the handheld routers.

4. ROOCBIT Router Bit Set

ROOCBIT Router Bit Sets

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The ROOCBIT Router Bit Set is a terrific set of router bits to help you with all of your woodworking needs. This set comes with 8 bits at your disposal for different kinds of woodworking actions. Whether you are trying to cut solid wood or different wood-based panel products such as MDF, particleboard, or plywood, these bits can get the job done. They have carbide tips that are strong, durable, sharp, and produce some of the finest, smoothest cuts on the wood.

The bits also do not heat up easily ensuring wood surfaces without charring. It is ideal for an automated CNC router and even the normal handheld or table-mounted routers. These universal bits can fit into all kinds of routers.

Key Features:

  • You are backed by a 1-year warranty on the quality of the bits to always get you the best of bits out there.
  • These feature two types of grooving. One is V grooving and the other one is round grooving.
  • Softwoods or hardwoods, the bits can deal with anything.

3. Neiko 10115A Router Bits


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The Neiko A is an exceptional set of router bits comprising as many as 80 pieces. This bit set has all kinds of bits in all shapes to take care of all your needs. The bit body is from hardened steel to keep it sturdy while the tips are from durable carbide. Sharp and resistant, the carbide tips can get you the smoothest of cuts for a very long time.

The bits have the benefit of ¼-inches shanks. These are meant for universal application. Plus, these are ideal on any computerized or manually operated routers.

Key Features:

  • All the bits in this set are powder coated to give it an edge of durability and longevity.
  • Comes in an aluminum case that is durable that helps to store the bits efficiently.
  • The case protects them from all kinds of outside damage.

2. FivePears 12 Piece Router Bit Set

FIVEPEARS Router Bit Sets

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The FivePears 12-Piece Router Bit Set is a lovely set of router bits that can easily attach to any router. They have a universal ½-inches shank that makes it possible to attach to all the router options available. The set having different bits is capable of producing different kinds of cuts on wood.

Moreover, the tips are from carbide material making it hard and resistant and giving you excellent, hassle-free cuts on wood. Lastly, the body has a construction from durable carbon steel alloy that makes it sturdy and quite difficult to damage.

Key Features:

  • Whether you are cutting hardwood or softwood species or even different engineered wood panels such as MDF, plywood, and so on, these bits will give you a smooth cut.
  • The wooden case allows easy storage and easier options of travel if you need to carry your bit set to places.
  • Its alignment will be perfect thanks to the enclosed bearing roller.

1. ABN Router Bits Set


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The ABN Router Bit Set comes with 35 pieces of different router bits for a varied range of applications. The bit set has all the bits made from heavy-duty material with tips made from tungsten carbide. These are very sharp and will always efficiently get you the best of cuts on wooden surfaces. The bits are perfect for trimming, edging, shaping, mortising, and a range of other woodworking operations.

Each bit is loaded with a ¼-inches shank that can universally attach to any router bit available around you. This includes both handheld and table-mounted machines and even CNC routers!

Key Features:

  • The box in which all the bits come can function as a storage case. And it is only 11.8-inches x 8.5-inches x 2.1-inches in dimension for easy storage.
  • Since the bits are securely locked into place within the box, chances of them coming off and rattling along are very less.

How to Buy Router Bits?

If you are buying router bits for the first time you would need help to choose which is the best set for you. Most of the modern router bits have tips from diamond steel, tungsten carbide, or such other hardened materials. It is essential that you go for such material if you are looking for long term use. If you are just a beginner, it will be better for you to start with the smaller sets. And make yourself comfortable with the use of bits.

Once you know how to use them, you can go for the larger 24-piece, 35-piece, or even 70-80 pieces bit sets. When buying router bits, you should also consider the construction material. This is important as the bits will be moving at very high speeds. Plus, the incorrect material can lead to catastrophic circumstances even with a softwood species.

What are the best router bits to buy?

If you are buying router bits for the first time, then you must buy a smaller, low-end pack to familiarize yourself with its use. However, if you are looking forward to up your woodworking arsenal, you should be going for the packs comprising a large number of bits. This allows you varied applications and any kind of cuts that you may want on your wood. You should also check the compatibility of your router bits before you make a purchase.

Why should we check the compatibility of the router bit set?

Some are suitable for hardwood species while others are well-suited for softwood species. There are certain router bits options available in the market that are suitable for all kinds of solid wood and wood-based composite panel products. These are the best options to go for as it opens up a varied range of application for you.

A perfect job in the workshop is always commendable when it comes to art and craft. So get a professional router bit set and start with your work.