Top 10 Best Wheelbarrows in 2020

A wheelbarrow is a pull and push vehicle with usually one wheel and two short handles. It is instrumental is transport heavy objects from one spot to another conveniently. The design is such that the weight of the object gets distributed throughout the bed and wheels and therefore, the operator can push or pull it effortlessly. It is widely used in the construction site and in gardening. Check out the top 10 best wheelbarrows in 2020 and buy the one that you think will get your job done perfectly.

List of Top Best Wheelbarrows Review

10. Costzon Kids Metal Wheelbarrow


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This wheelbarrow has a stainless steel frame which is strong and durable. Your kid can pull or push the wheelbarrow in an easy and comfortable manner for its non-slip handles. The tray of this wheelbarrow has an eco-friendly paint and non-scratch finishing and your kid can easily dump things in it. This wheelbarrow supports up to 66lbs weight. The wheels are also strong and perfect to run it on the grassy grounds. This wheelbarrow is perfect for your kid’s height and they can easily transport it wherever they want.

9. BestMassage Garden Cart Wheel Barrow


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This wheelbarrow is perfect for dumping sand, dirt, and gravel up to 360 lbs. This wheelbarrow is not only attractive for its design but also for its metal frame which is strong, durable and long-lasting at the same time. You can complete your garden project easily and comfortably by using this wheelbarrow. The four tires of the wheelbarrow are able to carry the weight and run it perfectly by sustaining a good pressure.

8. Simplay3 Easy Haul Plastic Wheelbarrow


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This wheelbarrow is light in weight and easy to carry. You can run this wheelbarrow easily for its plastic wheels that are 13.5 inches in size. The design of the stray of this modern wheelbarrow is perfect for storing the drinks and garden tools. The walls of the tray are not only strong and durable but also rust free. It can provide you a stable loading and unloading experience. The tray of this product has a good depth to load a large number of things.

7. Sekey Folding Wagon Cart


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This wheelbarrow is perfect to use for various purposes and the best part of the product is that you can fold and carry it easily wherever you need. This lightweight product has a large size interior loading space. The frame of the product has a high-quality steel construction. It can carry up to 265lbs weight. The fabric of the tray is durable and long-lasting. You can also remove the fabric of the product easily for cleaning. The extra large size PU tires of the product are 360 degrees ratable. You can also run it on the road surface smoothly. There is a double break in the front tire which can give you a safe run on the road by controlling the movement.

6. MARASTAR Garden Star Wheelbarrow


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This garden barrow has two air-filled tires that are strong, durable and long-lasting. The loop handle of the product can help you to run and lift the product easily according to your need. The tray of the wheelbarrow has a good loading capacity and you can also unload things from it easily. You can also easily assemble this wheelbarrow. This simple yet modern wheelbarrow can provide you with a good experience in the completion of the garden projects.

5. Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow


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This high-quality wheelbarrow has polyurethane, powder coated steel and rubber construction which is rust proof. The loop handle of the product has a rubber pad which can make your grip comfortable and non-slippery. The wheels of the product are of rubber and 13 inches in size. The tray of the wheelbarrow has 5cubic feet loading space. This product can carry up to 330 lbs weight as well.

4. Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Wheelbarrow


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There are two air-filled tires available in this wheelbarrow which is strong and durable. The wheelbarrow is easy to lift, balance and maneuver for its modern and suitable design. You can load 350lbs weight in this wheelbarrow. The tray of the wheelbarrow is rustproof and has 5cubic foot depth. The loop handle of this product has a rubber pad which provides a comfortable grip and easy push and pulls facilities. You can also easily assemble the wheelbarrow when you need.

3. Suncast Poly Rolling Lawn Cart


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The capacity of the modern wheelbarrow is 15 gallons and it is highly durable in construction. Besides, it is lightweight and convenient to carry weight with little effort. The 70inch wheel has metal axel to take the load without slowing down in performance. The telescopic handle is the main selling point of the product. It has resin construction which means you can leave it outdoors without any issue. The cleaning of the wheelbarrow is also effortless.

2. Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart


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This is one of the sturdiest wheelbarrows with patented quick-release dump feature. It is highly convenient to unload quickly and accurately. The maneuverability and ground clearance is worth mentioning. The use of 10-inch pneumatic tires and padded pull handle enable the wheelbarrow to carry as much as 600 pounds comfortably. The company offers one year warranty and the dimensions of the bed are 38.7 x 20 inches.

1. Worx Aerocart Multifunction Yard Cart

Worx Wheelbarrows

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This is the bestselling wheelbarrow that is highly versatile in lifting and it is instantly convertible to dolly and yard cart. The size is big and the flat tires do not need inflating ever. The center of gravity of the wheelbarrow helps in easy balancing and manage load comfortably. Besides, you can use it as a flower pot mover, bag holder, mesh rock mover, cylinder holder and much more. The steel construction makes it durable and the maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds. The volume of the wheelbarrow is 3 cubic feet.


As you can see, there are different types and designs of wheelbarrows available. While buying one, you should check the dimensions as well as the weight capacity of the wheelbarrow so that you can use it in your work conveniently. The constructions of all the above wheelbarrows are tailor-made for higher durability and some of them have a telescopic handle for easy adjustments.

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