Top 10 Best Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps in 2019

Transferring fuel from one tank to another is a concerning job especially when the fuel is diesel. The spilling of such fuel can cause major accidents and therefore, a proper diesel fuel transfer pump is required to safely transfer the fuel. The transfer can be from one vehicle to another in case one has run out of diesel. It can be from one vehicle to another diesel based appliance like agriculture appliance. Check out the best diesel fuel transfer pumps in 2019 below.

List of Top Best Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps Review

10. Roughneck Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

Roughneck Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps

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This diesel fuel pump transfer has a cast iron body and will provide smooth operating. In this, you will find an “on/off” switch and comes with a long battery cable. Moreover, there are clips for your convenience.

This product is very durable and has a self-priming vane pump. Furthermore, you will also find a bypass valve on the rotating vane pump. This has an electric motor, and the transfer rate is 11 GPM. This is efficient and has a duty cycle of 30 minutes.

9. Orion Motor Tech Fuel Transfer Direct Current Pump

Orion Motor Tech Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps

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Here is a diesel fuel pump transfer which has thick copper wires. This is self-priming and is a rotating vane pump. Furthermore, it comes with a mountable base and is very portable. This is durable, and the wires are wrapped with strong rubber.

Moreover, this is simple to operate and has the power to give unparalleled suction. The diesel transfer current dispenser has a body of cast steel and will also go with other fuels. This can transfer fuel at 45 liters/minute.

8. Fill-Rite Portable Fuel Transfer Pump

Fill-Rite Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps

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This diesel fuel pump transfer operates in a quiet way and is very lightweight. It is portable, and you can carry it anywhere you want. Moreover, it comes with thermal motor protection and has a duty cycle of 30 minutes.

This is a self-priming pump which is ideal for transferring other fuels. Furthermore, this is very convenient to store as it comes with a quick connect power cord. This is also durable and is made of aluminum. This has multiple mounting options.

7. XtremepowerUS Fuel Transfer Pump

XtremepowerUS Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps

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Made with heavy-duty cast-iron, here is a product which will last for a long time. The diesel fuel transfer pump is very efficient and has a flow rate of 20 GPM. It is very quick, and the working speed is 2600 RPM. Moreover, this has a suction lift of 8 feet, and the head lift is 37 feet.

Furthermore, you can use it for transferring other fuels like kerosene, gasoline, and biodiesel. The inlet port measures 1.25 inches and is a versatile product.

6. Fuelworks Fuel Transfer Pump Kit

Fuelworks Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps

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With an ability to deliver 15 GPM, this diesel fuel transfer pump has a 12 V motor. It has a UL listed nozzle, and the pump comes with CSA certification. Moreover, this will give thermal protection, and on the inlet, there is a filter screen.

The duty cycle is 30 minutes, and the transfer pump is explosion proof. Furthermore, it has a nozzle holder which is lockable, and the discharge hose is of 14 feet. There is an extensible suction tube with a bung adapter of 2-inch.

5. Fill-Rite Fuel Transfer Pump with Manual Nozzle

Fill-Rite Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps

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If you are in a rough operating environment, then this is the one for you. The diesel fuel transfer pump is made of cast iron which is very durable. It has the ability to withstand the wear and tear and will give a suction lift of 6.5 inches. The maximum draw is 20 amp, and the duty cycle is of 30 minutes.

Moreover, this has 1/4 hp DC motor, and the RPM is 2,600. Furthermore, this is flexible and easy to handle. This is available in two-volt models and is made with the highest quality materials. This has a higher flow of 25%.

4. Fill-Rite Portable Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

Fill-Rite Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps

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With a flow capacity of 10 GPM, this diesel fuel transfer pump has a cast-iron housing. It is inefficient and antifreeze and is ideal for transferring diesel. Moreover, it will give you protection from leakage as it has a lip seal and bypass valve. Furthermore, it has a duty cycle of 30 minutes and is self-priming.

This product is very durable as it has O-ring as well as the buna-n mechanical seal. The motor is also powerful with 1/5 hp. It is lightweight and portable, and it draws 17 amps. This will perform well even under demanding conditions and is designed in the United States.

3. Goplus Electric Fuel Pump

Goplus Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps

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With a powerful motor, this diesel fuel transfer pump is durable and has 3500 RPM. Made with premium materials, it will work continuously with a flow rate of 40 liters in a minute. It is fast and will allow you to pump conveniently. Furthermore, this is lightweight and comes in a portable design. You can use it anywhere as it comes with a handle and grip.

The suction is 5 m and is ideal for professional use. Moreover, it has a no-load speed of 4500r in a minute and has gone through the strict test. This will give you high-quality protection and is anti-shock.

2. FUELWORKS Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

FUELWORKS Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps

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If you are looking for a compact diesel fuel transfer pump, this is the one for you. The installation is easy, and the product is highly reliable. It is suitable for boats and various diesel based appliances which are mostly used in agricultural applications. The pump kit comes with 13 feet long fuel hose, and there is a manual dispensing nozzle available. Moreover, it is highly adjustable as far as the length and the fitting goes. However, you should use it for diesel only and not gasoline.

1. Fill-Rite Fuel Transfer Pump

Fill-Rite Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps

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This is a special diesel fuel transfer pump as it can operate at a temperature below zero degrees. There are different accessories available to make it fit multiple vehicles and appliances. The motor is powerful and highly efficient. The company offers two years warranty on the product, and it has heavy duty cast iron construction. The product is also UL approved, and it is the most versatile diesel fuel transfer pump you can buy for various applications.


While buying a diesel fuel transfer pump, you need to check the motor power. This is because if you are transferring from one big tank to another big tank, the slow rate will be frustrating. Apart from that, you should check which fuels are compatible with the pump other than diesel before using the pump for them. Moreover, the accessories available with the pump are important to notice so that it can fit with the tank of your vehicle or appliance perfectly.


  1. Transferring from one tank to another is one of the most important concerns for the people who use fuels like diesel. The risk of causing an accident due to the spilling of the fuel is very high. Thus, the fuel transfer pumps are used. The fuel transfer pumps are perfect machines that can transfer fuel from one tank to another using hose pipes and centrifugal pump. Whether you are transferring fuel to the fuel tank of your motorcycle or car, the diesel fuel transfer pumps will always help you out.

    But which one do you need to buy? Well, that is really a tough question! Hence, we have compiled a list of Top 10 Best Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps in 2018 to help you choose only the best one.

    List of Best Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps Reviews

    10. Fill-Rite FR1614 Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps

    A self-priming as well as lightweight rotary vane pump for transferring fuel, the Fill-Rite FR1614 is portable as well as easy to use. Manufactured from solid cast iron, the pump is highly durable and assures you completely about its durability. The pump is powered by DC battery and has the capability of producing 10GPM flow rate.


    Made from cast iron, it has high durability.
    Comes with battery cable as well as clips.
    Has the ability to produce 10GPM flow rate.


    Few customers have expressed their grievances against the pump for stopping the transfer process after two hours of usage.

    9. Fill-Rite SD1202G 12V DC Fuel Transfer Pump

    Fill-Rite has been one of the most notable US brands in the market of diesel fuel transfer tanks. They have manufactured several excellent fuel transfer tanks over the years and the SD1202G model is surely one of them. With an explosion-proof 1/4 HP motor and 10ft wire hose along with a manual nozzle, the pump has the capability of producing 13GPM flow rate. Plus, it only weighs 30 pounds thus it is very easy to carry too.


    Comes with UL/cUL explosion proof pump of 1/4 HP power.
    Using a 12V DC battery, the pump can produce 13GPM flow rate.
    The pump offers you with a 10ft static hose as well as a manual nozzle for better usage.
    Offers portability since it weighs only 30lbs.


    The pump becomes very heated after usage.

    8. XtremepowerUS 12 Volt DC 20GPM Gasoline Fuel Transfer Pump

    Designed to fit almost all tanks and barrels, this pump offers you the chance to transfer the diesel with utmost efficiency. Powered by a 12V battery, the pump offers a flow rate of 20GPM along with the RPM speed of 2600. Plus, it comes with a hosepipe for fitting the nozzle and also uses a steel pipe which fits into the button of the pump and enters the tank.


    Produces a flow rate of 20GPM by using a 12V DC power source.
    The pump is self-priming.
    Comes with wire hose and steel pipe for safe transfer of fuel.


    The instruction manual that comes with the pump is not effective.

    7. Pistha Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

    The diesel fuel transfer tank from Pistha is one of the best ones since it has been made from robust stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Thus, the pump is highly durable and it does not corrode or get rusty even after long-term usage. It can be powered by a 12V or 24V battery and produces a flow rate of 12 LPM.


    Manufactured from aluminum alloys and stainless steel, the tank is highly durable as well as corrosion and rust resistant.
    Produces a flow rate of 12 liters per minute.
    The pump is very simple to use.


    The suction pressure that the pump produces is not much.

    6. Fill-Rite RD812NP 8 GPM 12V Portable Fuel Transfer

    The RD812NP from Fill-Rite is one of the best portable diesel fuel transfer tanks available in the market. The best thing about the pump is that it allows you to arrange the inlet as well as the outlet in such a way that it can meet all your requirements. Furthermore, it offers you with a plethora of mounting options thus making the job easy for you.


    With an overall weight of 7lbs, the pump is highly portable.
    The pump is self-priming.
    Offers you with a quiet, noise-free operation.
    Comes with thermal protection for 30-minutes duty cycle.


    Using the pump for a long time can create problems.

    5. Goplus 110V Electric Diesel Oil Fuel Transfer Pump

    With a flow rate of 60 liters per minute, this diesel fuel transfer pump from Goplus is one obviously one of the best ones you can buy. The pump comes with a manual nozzle hose of 13ft in length and an accurate fuel meter with large digit display. Above all, the pump is robust and highly durable thus it is perfect for usage.


    Offers a flow rate of 60 LPM.
    Comes with an accurate fuel meter for keeping track of the fuel that is transferred.
    Manufactured from heavy-duty iron, it is highly durable and has a long lifespan.
    This diesel transfer pumps is very easy to use.


    Assembling the pump can be troublesome since it does not come with any proper guideline.

    4. Fuelworks 10305708A 12V 15GPM Fuel Transfer Pump Kit

    Being completely explosion proof, this pump is perfect for being mounted over barrels as well as tanks to dispense flammable fuels like diesel. With a flow rate of 15GPM, the pump offers a great service with the help of a 12V DC motor. The pump is made from heavy-duty cast iron and it has been certified by CSA. Hence, you can be completely assured of its quality as well as durability.


    Completely explosion proof.
    Offers a flow rate of 15GPM or 57 PM.
    Manufactured from heavy-duty cast iron, this pump is highly durable and offers great longevity.


    The pump is very heavy.

    3. Goplus 12V 10GPM Electric Diesel Kerosene Oil Fuel Transfer Extractor Pump

    Here is another great diesel fuel transfer pumps from Goplus. The most interesting thing about the pump is that it features a portable as well as compact design. Though the size of the pump is small, it offers a flow rate of 10GPM. Plus, it features an inbuilt bypass valve and provides you with great durability being made from premium quality materials.


    Features a portable as well as a compact design.
    The 12V motor is powerful enough to work tirelessly.
    Offers a flow rate of 10GPM despite its small size.
    Manufactured from premium materials the pump offers long-lastingness.


    The pump works better if it does not have to carry the fuel above its height.

    2. FUELWORKS Electric Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump Kit

    FUELWORKS is popular in the market for manufacturing the best quality diesel fuel transfer pumps and this one is definitely one of the best ones. Having a small and compact design, it becomes very easy to use the pump and it offers quite a reliable usage. It uses a self-priming, rotating pump along with by-pass valve for more efficient functioning.


    Has a compact and durable design.
    The pump is self-priming and uses a by-pass valve for more efficient usage.
    Offers a flow rate of 10GPM.


    Does not fit every fuel tank.

    1. Fill-Rite FR112 Rotary Vane Hand Pump with Discharge Hose

    This fuel transfer pump from Fill-Rite sits atop our list and it is undoubtedly one of the most powerful pumps available in the market. Manufactured from cast aluminum, this rotary vane pump is highly durable, light in weight and corrosion resistant. Plus, it comes with several safety features to make sure that you do not face any trouble.


    Transfer 10 gallons of diesel in just 100 revolutions.
    Uses a powerful padlock feature for the security of the pump.
    Cast iron construction of the pump makes it durable and corrosion resistant.
    Easy to use.


    Heating of the pump can become a problem.

    So, get hold of these excellent diesel fuel transfer pumps and simplify the whole process. It’s worth-owning one of these!

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