10 Best Drywall Sanders in 2022

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A drywall sander is an essential tool to finish and polish drywall surfaces. You can smoothen that plastering compound easily, and there are various types of drywall sanders available. They are orbital drywall sander, manual drywall sander, cable sander as well as dustless drywall sander. We have listed these various types below taking into consideration all the buying factors to offer you the best value for your purchase. Check out the top 10 best drywall sanders in 2022.

List of Best Drywall Sanders Review

10. Festool Professional Drywall Sander

Festool Drywall Sanders

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This professional-grade drywall sander is a no-doubt robust and durable tool for sanding. The unit also helps your workplace free of sanding dust. Moreover, this tool comes along with an extendable handle to reach the hard to reach spots for sanding. Even, this unit has its own carrying case and backing pad for convenient transportability.

This tool also comes along with its self-cleaning filter and anti-static hose. Furthermore, the unit allows tool-triggered operation. It comes with variable speed suction for automatic cleaning. The spring-loaded sander pad of this gadget makes good contact with the surface to avoid sanding swirls. You can easily clean both the high and low spots by using this drywall sander.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Extendable handle for hard-to-reach spots.
  • Self-cleaning filter with an anti-static hose.
  • Carrying case and backing pad.

9. Festool Drywall Sander

Festool Drywall Sanders

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This perfectly weighted drywall sander effectively reduces hand fatigue for long-term application. You can also easily set this thing up all by yourself. Moreover, the brushless motor extends the lifespan of this machine by cooling it down easily. The flexible head design of this tool allows easy movement and convenient sanding on different surfaces.

The integrated dust extraction design of this tool also captures all the dust from your working space. Furthermore, the Velcro closure of the sand pad allows you to change the sandpapers with ease. The extended pole of this machine is ideal for sanding the hard to reach spots. Even, you do not need to do clean up after sanding by using this gadget.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Perfectly-weighted machine for easy movement.
  • Flexible head design.
  • Brushless motor for durability.

8. F2C Drywall Disc Sander

F2C Drywall Sanders

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This lightweight and sleek electric drywall sander are suitable for sanding the hard to reach areas. The flexible unit is also ideal for doing the sanding in corner and angular places. Moreover, the sander tool comes with six pieces of 8.8-inch sander discs. With a six variable speed controllable motor, this unit rotates from 1000 to 2000-RPM. This tool offers excellent finish and faster sanding rather than the traditional ones.

This unit also allows you to work in a dust-free environment. Furthermore, you can protect your furniture, floors, electronics and other items from tons of dust by using this item. The tool is ideal for sanding walls and ceilings. The machine does not cause any hand fatigue after using it for a longer time.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Powerful, variable speed controllable motor.
  • Total dust-free application.
  • ideal for sanding ceilings and walls.

7. ZENY Electric Drywall Sander

ZENY Drywall Sanders

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Made of high-quality material, this electric drywall sander comes with a portable grip handle for easy movement. This unit also has an extended pole for hard to reach spots. Moreover, with a high power motor, this tool offers maximum torque to the sanding discs. The motor of this unit has six variable speed controls with 1000 to 2000-RPM.

The length of this sander tool is 58-inch, and the diameter of the sanding pad is 8.8-inch. This unit also comes along with six sander discs. Furthermore, the lightweight sander allows you to reach the corners or hard to reach spots with ease. Even, you can easily rotate the unit 90-degrees around.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Six variable speed control.
  • Ideal for tight places.
  • Extra-long pole for extra reachability.

6. TACKLIFE Dustless Drywall Sander

Dustless Drywall Sanders

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The 6-amp head-mounted motor of this electric drywall sander offers excellent torque to the sanding discs. This unit also comes with the variable speed adjustable motor with 800 to 1800-RPM. Moreover, the switch-lock design of this tool allows you to work more conveniently and reduces hand fatigue.

The built-in LED light of this unit also allows you to work in the dark without any hassle. Furthermore, the bigger 9-inch sanding pad helps you to do sanding job efficiently. The Hook and loop closure of the sand pad permits you to change the sandpaper with ease. This sander comes along with 80, 100, 120, 150, 180 and 240 grit-sanding discs.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Included sandpaper discs.
  • Velcro closure sanding pad.
  • Inbuilt LED light.

5. Goplus Drywall Sander

Goplus Drywall Sanders

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Constructed with a premium-quality aluminum frame, rust, and corrosion resistant metal surface, this electric drywall sander is very much durable. This unit also comes with a high-quality copper motor with lower electricity consumption. Moreover, the six-speed adjustments with the maximum rotating speed of 2000-RPM allow the tool to do faster sanding.

The inbuilt brush and extra connection hose of this tool also decrease the time of cleaning up. Furthermore, this sander is capable of collecting all the dust and keeps your working environment clean. This lightweight wall-polishing tool has a portable grip handle for easy movement. You can adjust the length of the handle as per your need. The adjustable length allows you to work comfortably in both low and high spots.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Rust and corrosion resistant construction.
  • Variable speed controllable motor.
  • Extra connection hose with an inbuilt brush.

4. Goplus Electric Drywall Sander

Goplus Drywall Sanders

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With the variable motor speed from 800 to 2400-RPM, this electric drywall sander is easy to work on various surfaces. This unit is also ideal for working on the ceilings, wall, drywall construction and even hard to reach spots. Moreover, you can easily use this tool for exterior wall, adhesive, loop plaster, and corridor sanding.

The 180-degree adjustable LED light of this unit also allows smooth sanding in the low light condition. Furthermore, the detachable bottom segment helps you to do sanding on the cornered areas. The hose and dust bag of this sander allow you to conduct dust-free sanding every time. Made of high quality and sturdy material, this lightweight machine allows free movement.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Ideal for various drywall surfaces.
  • Comes with dust-collector bag, dust hose.
  • High-speed electric-powered motor.

3. Hyde Drywall Vacuum Sander

Hyde Drywall Sanders

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The pole-style sander allows more reachability than the other drywall sanders. This unit is also compatible with all sorts of shop-type vacuum cleaners. Moreover, the easy clamp system of this tool allows faster and easier abrasive loading. The universal thread allows you to use it with any extension pole.

This drywall sander also helps you to do your drywall installation dust free. Furthermore, by using this tool, you can protect your room, furniture, electronic gadgets and floors from piles of dust. Even, the unit helps you to stay protected from the dust during any kind of drywall or sanding projects. This is necessary to use this tool with the HEPA filter.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Pole-style sander for extended reach.
  • Fits all shop-type vacuum cleaners.
  • Easy clamp system.

2. Hyde Drywall Vacuum Hand Sander

Hyde Tools Drywall Sanders

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With the help of the long 6-feet hose, this sander makes the drywall installation work dust-free. The patented system of this tool also draws all the dust particles into the vacuum. Moreover, the clamp system of the unit allows you to change the sand screen with ease. You can even easily attach this machine to a dry/wet vacuum for swift cleaning at anywhere.

The pipe of this tool is also very much sturdy and does not break easily. Furthermore, this machine is very much light in weight and ideal for one-hand operation. The two extra adaptors are provided to fit different types of vacuum cleaner. You can easily use this product in tight places as well.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Long hose for extra reachability.
  • Fits both dry and wet vacuums.
  • Total dust-free sanding.

1. WEN Drywall Sander

WEN Drywall Sanders

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With the variable motor speed from 600 to 1500-RPM, this drywall sander makes your sanding jobs smoother and faster. This unit also with the hook and loop base pad makes the sanding paper change job much more convenient. Moreover, the 5-amp head-mounted motor delivers the highest torque to the sanding disk.

The automatic dust removal system also allows you stress-freely to do sanding job at anywhere. Furthermore, the long 15-feet dust hose effectively helps to reach the extra area and minimize the cleanup job. This drywall sander comes along with sandpaper discs with 60, 80, 120, 150, 180 and 240 grits to match all your sanding needs. This lightweight machine allows you to raise it up to 5-feet up from your height.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Extra-long 15-feet dust hose.
  • Automatic dust removal system.
  • Includes hook and loop sandpaper discs.


The finishing of the plaster is the most important thing as it determines how good the surface will look. Instead of manual sanding, you should always opt for drywall sanders that can do detailed sanding so that the surface is smooth as expected. The work of sanding will also be faster, and we have listed the best drywall sanders that are highly flexible and versatile in applications.


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