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10 Best Electric Garage Heaters in 2024

The winter has arrived, and it is important that you buy the best electric garage heater for staying warm inside. There are heaters specially designed for the garage so that required heat gets produced. Buying such a heater will turn out to be a great investment that you need to make for protecting your body against the heat.

This article will talk about this equipment in detail to ensure you can easily make your pick. Many brands manufacture the electric heater for the garage that is enough for puzzling the mind if you are shopping for the first time. For eliminating such confusion, our team has created a list of top 10 best electric garage heaters in 2024. Let’s begin the process of checking all of them and choose one that attracts you the most.

List of Best Electic Garage Heaters Review

10. Dr. Heater DR966 (best commercial electric garage heater)

Dr. Heater electric Garage Heaters

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Manufactured specially for the commercial purpose, this garage heater is undoubtedly one of the most amazing products available in the market. It has a pretty solid body that ensures one stay worry about getting damaged for many years at all.

The users can choose between 3,000 and 6,000 watts according to their requirement. The adjustable thermostat installed in this heater has both low and high settings allowing you to customize the performance as per the requirements.


  • Solid heat production between 3,000 & 6,000 watts
  • Deliver uniform heat delivery
  • Portable enough to mount on both ceiling & wall


  • Terrible customer service

9. Cadet RCP502S Portable Garage Heater

Cadet electric Garage Heaters

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Thanks to its smaller frame and serious heating power, this product is an ideal candidate to be the part of this list. It is a 5000-watt garage heater that equips with a built-in bracket for ensuring one can use them on both floor and wall.

One amazing feature of this heater is a selector switch that let the users select anywhere between 3333 and 5000-watt heat output. Additionally, it comes with a pretty 6-foot long power cord for easier access.


  • High-quality 20 gauge steel design
  • Capable of working as an air circulation fan in the hotter months
  • Equip with a pretty longer cord


  • Very poor reset switch

8. Modine HD45AS011 (best for versatility)

Modine electric Garage Heaters

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Next one in the list is the Modine HD45AS011 that is known as one of the best electric garage heaters thanks to its low profile construction and quick installation. It is a versatile heater that works with both electricity and natural gas that ensure you never run out of power.

This product certified for both residential as well as commercial purposes. Additionally, you will fall in love with its super-quiet operation that doesn’t disturb anyone at all. Also, its price is quite reasonable that it doesn’t make anyone’s pocket hard.


  • Pretty energy efficient garage heater
  • Perfect for larger areas
  • Ability to work both with gas and electric


  • Flame sensor issues registered

7. NewAir G56 5600 (best for quick heating)

NewAir electric Garage Heaters

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If you want to heat an average garage pretty quicker, then finding a better choice than NewAir G56 5600 will almost be an impossible task. It is an efficient product having durable steel design and powder coating so that the product lasts for a long time.

The company has installed an adjustable manual thermostat that comes with an overheat protection feature. On top of that, there is a fan having both manual and automatic operation. Overall, it is an excellent product for workshops, basements, and flats along with garages.


  • Peace of mind with the one-year warranty
  • Solid steel body construction
  • Perfect for quick heating


  • Plug made from cheap material

6. Dimplex DGWH4031G (best budget-friendly pick)

Dimplex electric Garage Heaters

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If you have a limited budget and want to buy a quality product, then shop the Dimplex DGWH4031G. It equips with a 4000-watt heater that makes it suitable for small and mid-sized locations. This product made from stainless steel material that let it stay protected against any accident.

Despite being priced affordably, the product comes with a one-year warranty. There is an automatic overheat safety system installed to prevent overheating.


  • Pretty affordable to buy
  • Equipped with automatic shut off system
  • Delivered with one –year warranty


  • Loud noise

5. Comfort Zone Heater (best wall mount garage heater)

Comfort Zone electric Garage Heaters

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If you want to enjoy a worry-free mounting process, then this Comfort Zone heater need your attention for you. It is delivered with a thermostat, built-in mounting bracket, and necessary accessories by the company.

It is the best electric garage heater that comes with adjustable louvers allowing you are directing the heat to the required direction. This product made using high-quality steel that ensure it last for years.


  • Weigh less than 30 pounds for easier transportation
  • Extra safety thanks to caution & power indicator
  • Minimal assembly


  • A little bit over budget product

4. King Electric KB2405-1-B2 (best for smaller garages)

King Electric electric Garage Heaters

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This product’s manufacturer is known for creating heaters especially for areas like garages and sheds. The KB2405 equip with a mounting bracket that allows the users to hang the device whenever needed. It is a highly portable device whose heat can be adjusted according to the requirement.

It is a perfect option for garage having space for a couple of cars. You will receive a one-year warranty from the company’s end on this heater.


  • Easier to control with remote control
  • Adjustable heat production
  • Equip with mounting accessories


  • Not ideal for larger heaters

3. Dr. Infrared DR-988 (best for larger garages)

Dr. Infrared Heater electric Garage Heaters

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If you have pretty large garage space, then it is important that you buy powerful equipment. The DR-988 can superbly fulfill your requirements with its ability to offer 19,100 BTUs of heat.

There are two thermostat settings added in this equipment that let you choose the heat of your choice. Other amazing features of this device are automatic shut off, finger-proof intake, and discharge grills.


  • Highly powerful and quieter operation
  • Equipped with a built-in handle for better portability
  • A solid choice for bigger garages


  • None at all

2. NewAir G73 (best portable electric garage heater)

NewAir electric Garage Heaters

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Equipped with automatic low oxygen and tip over safety shut off feature, this highly portable device offer a perfect radiant heating comfort. It is one of the best electric garage heaters that offer pretty safe and reliable heating.

There is a fold-down handle added on this heater for ensuring that users can easily move it from place to another. Finding a flaw is such an amazing device won’t be an easier task.


  • Prevents overheating with its automatic shut-off feature
  • Capable of heating large garages
  • Easier to move around


  • Very poor manual language

1. Fahrenheat FUH54 (editor’s pick)

Fahrenheat electric Garage Heaters

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The FUH54 is an ideal choice that you make for heating the complete garage thanks to its high-powered propane heater. It is very easy to install a product that equipped with a mounting bracket allowing the users to install a heater on the ceiling or wall.

The manufacturer has added a thermostat in this heater for regulating the temperature ideally. Overall, it is an ideal option to provide comfortable heating in the garage.


  • Pretty low noise generator
  • Provide constant heat to the garage
  • Fully flexible equipment


  • Average quality wires

How to choose the best electric garage heaters?

If you are one of those people who spend lots of money in the garage, then it is important that you check out all the important things before making a choice. You will spend a great amount of money in the best electric garage heater, so it is ideal that you buy an amazing product. Check out things mentioned below while buying an electric garage heater:

Garage area:

It is important you stay aware of how much is the area in the garage so that you know how much time heater take for making the environment cozy. The power of a heater varies from one to another, and that’s why we suggest you decide according to the garage area.


Never miss the portability feature of this product as one has to often move the heater from one place to another. The majority of electric heaters are portable, but it is best that you still stay cautious while making a choice.

Add-on features:

The modern garage heaters come with plenty of add-ons like overheat protection, cool-touch, tip over switch, and many more. The more features electric heater has, the better it is to buy.

Power cord length:

It is ideal to buy an electric heater that has a long power cord. It will ensure that you can easily power the heater without worrying about the plug.


The electric garage heaters are available in a great price range. Their price generally varies according to power. So, identify the power requirements and then set a budget according to that. You can smartly find an electric heater within the price range, so it is better to don’t surpass that.


We believe that you have already selected one product from this list of best electric garage heaters. Our team has tried to include products to cater to the needs of all types of people. If you have a query regarding this product, then we suggest you tell it in the comment section. We will help you in every possible way.