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10 Best Electrician Tool Bags in 2024

If you are an electrician, you know that you have to carry so many tools and accessories with you wherever you go. Carrying all these tools is a headache as there are tolls of different sizes and shapes. Carrying them in any storage bag will mess them up and finding the required tool is such a waste of time. Therefore, there are dedicated electrician tool bags available in marketing. The following list contains the top 10 best electrician tool bags in 2024 having different sizes and number of pockets.

List of Top Best Electrician Tool Bags Review

10. CLC Custom Leathercraft Electrical Combo

Custom Leathercraft Electrician Tool Bags

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With a very convenient carry handle design, this electrician tool bag has many benefits. In this, you can secure your measuring tape well as it comes with a measuring tape holder. This is a versatile product where all the parts are interchangeable and removable. You can adjust the handle according to your preference and hold it without spilling the contents. This is made up of polyester fabric and is durable. There is also a tool snap and a metal chain snap. It is rugged and is ideal for carrying your tools.

9. COVAX Storage Tools Bag

COVAX Electrician Tool Bags

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This is a very stylish looking tool bag for electricians, and it allows you to organize the contents conveniently. This has got 14vertical pockets, 8 exterior slots, 2 mesh pockets, and 1 front pocket. This is very comfortable as it has a padded strap and you can also adjust the length of the strap. It has reinforced bottom which will give extra support and will also ensure that it will not snag. This is very durable and will provide you with a comfortable grip when you are holding it.

8. Gatorback Electrician’s Combo

Gatorback Electrician Tool Bags

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If you are looking to get an electrician’s tool bag which is available in many different sizes, then this what you are looking for. This one comes in many different sizes and is a very reliable product. It will give maximum comfort with its patented air channel design, and it is also breathable. The material of the bag will keep you cool, and you will also feel comfortable while holding it. This is very tough and comes in a box design which will eliminate the stress. You can organize your tools easily without having a fear of dropping them.

7. DEWALT Electrical Tool Carrier

DEWALT Electrician Tool Bags

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Another box design electrician tool bag, this one has got many compartments where you can assemble your tools. It comes in open top design and includes zippered compartments. This will stay upright and will not spill your equipment. It has a total of 23 pockets and also includes many slots and sleeves. This is very comfortable to carry and has a padded shoulder strap. You can easily adjust the length of the strap, and there is also a non-slip handle. Every compartment is concealed where you can conveniently store your items.

6. TradeGear Electrician’s Belt & Bag Combo

TradeGear Electrician Tool Bags

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This is a heavy duty electrician tool bag which is made up of DuraTek nylon. This will give you optimum comfort and has memory foam padding in it. With the air channel ventilation, you will remain cool and will work in comfort. This is very spacious and allows you to carry a lot of tools. You can also carry it with the help of handles if you prefer. The bag is very durable and can be used in all types of conditions. This has got many pockets and pouches and is available in four different sizes.

5. CLC Electrician’s Comfort Lift Combo

CLC Electrician Tool Bags

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This is a zippered electrician tool bag which is spill proof. In this, you will be able to carry the load comfortably as it allows you to distribute the weight evenly. It is very easy to carry as the handle can be adjusted easily. This has got ample storage space, and you can also arrange your tools according to your own preference as it has 28 pockets. There is also a pocket for a cordless drill, and it has got a padded comfort belt. You can carry it conveniently on your waist.

4. Tradesman Pro Tool Pouch

Tradesman Electrician Tool Bags

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In this electrician tool bag, there are reinforced bottoms which allow you to hold more items. You can hold it with ease as it has a convenient handle. It is available in different sizes, and you can select from the number of pouches you want. This is lightweight and made up of high-quality materials. Also, durable and has been crafted with superior workmanship. You can also carry it with the help of a belt and be on the go. The opening of the bag will ensure that your items don’t spill.

3. ToughBuilt Journeyman Electrician Pouch

ToughBuilt Electrician Tool Bags

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With this electrician tool bag, you will be able to hold many items at a time without having a fear of losing them. It comes with ClipTech Hub where you can easily carry it on your waist. This can also be used by other professionals like plumbers, carpenters, and farmers. This is very compatible and includes many pockets for various tools. There are also two hidden seam pockets, and it has a total of 21 pockets. This is a durable bag with rugged construction.

2. CLC Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier

Custom Leathercraft Electrician Tool Bags

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This electrician tool bag comes with 22 pockets for storing all the different items an electrician will ever carry. 14 of those pockets are on the outside while 8 of those are inside. All the different types of tools and accessories can be carried easily. Besides, there are plastic trays available to organize small parts perfectly. The box-shape of the bag prevents the parts from tipping over. Moreover, it is very comfortable to carry, and there is extra padding available on the adjustable shoulder strap. The loops are elastic, and it can accommodate large tools easily.

1. CLC Multi-Compartment 50 Pocket Tool Bag

Custom Leathercraft Electrician Tool Bags

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Custom Leathercraft is one of the most popular brands in the bag segment, and it is the best electrician tool bag in terms of sales and ratings. The product features under Amazon’s Choice for the same reason. There are as many as 50 pockets available, and the large tools can be accommodated easily. Moreover, all the different types of tools and accessories that electricians use, they can be carried worry-free. Besides, the side panels of the bag prevent slippage of the tools, and the pockets are easy to access instantly.


While buying an electrician tool bag, check out the number of pockets available and the type of tools you can carry. Some of them are best for carrying small tools and a handful of large tools while some have vice versa arrangements. Depending on the type of tools you carry, you should buy accordingly. The above-listed electrician tool bags have high-quality material and anti-slip property to keep the items organized and intact.