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10 Best Garden Hose Reels in 2024

Gardening is a fun hobby that not only gives an extreme level of satisfaction but also improves the level of art in an individual. However, the majority of people find it extremely frustrating to clean the mess afterward. Thanks to the best garden hose reel, this process becomes pretty easier and time-saving. It is important equipment that helps in maintaining the greenery of the garden. In this post, we will talk about this equipment in detail so that every gardener understands why it is must to have in their tool kit.

What are the top 10 best garden hose reels in 2024?

Agree or not, finding a quality hose reel for your garden is a cumbersome task due to the availability of a variety of options. The people generally get confused and end up making the wrong choice. To make sure our readers don’t make such a mistake, the expert team has created a list about top 10 best garden hose reels in 2024. Check out each of them and make a useful investment for a longer run.

List of Top Best garden Hose Reels Review on Amazon

10. Coxreels 1125-4-100 Steel Hand Crank Hose Reel

Coxreels Garden Hose Reels

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We will begin our list with an industry certified crank reel that machined using high-quality brass that let it last for long. The Coxreels 1125-4 equip with simple seal maintenance that makes the installation easier and faster.

Other than that, the manufacturer has installed CNC spun discs and outlet riser for the convenience of the buyers. The complete product manufactured in the United States and has a locking pin that keeps the reel secure.


  • Pretty smoother rotation due to permanently lubricated bearings
  • Exceptional frame base with excellent reel structure
  • Equip with flat & smooth hose wrap


  • Swivel not made with stronger material

9. Liberty Garden 708 Garden Hose Reel (Best budget-friendly hose reel)

Liberty Garden Garden Hose Reels

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Made using high-quality steel, it is a very stylish hose that you can buy at a very affordable price. The Liberty Garden 708 is an amazing product that equips with a convenient storage tray for keeping stuff. This product delivered by the company pre-assembled for buyer’s peace of mind.

There is a top-class powder coating finish added on its steel construction for complete protection against various weather conditions. Furthermore, the hose installed in this product is very easily pulled out.


  • Extremely durable due to powder coating
  • Swivel capable of rotating 90˚
  • High-quality steel body


  • Mounting hardware doesn’t come with this package

8. Reel RSH125 Garden Hose Reel (best water-powered garden hose reel)

Reel Garden Hose Reels

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This position is held by a water-powered product that doesn’t need any battery or electricity to work. It is capable of rewinding 125 feet automatically allowing you to complete the work with less effort. The Reel RSH125 has a stylish box design that makes it one of the best garden hose reels.

Its plastic design ensures you don’t have to buy another hose reel for many years. Also, this product has pretty decent storage and retrieval system.


  • Proper protection from sunlight
  • Equip with water-powered rewinding
  • Completely even winding due to its auto-sort guide


  • Waste little bit extra water

7. RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel (Best retractable hose reel)

RL Flo-Master Garden Hose Reels

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Equipped with a 65-foot braided hose, it offers the much-needed durability and longevity to the buyers. It has carrying handle that provides the portability required while working.

You can mount it to the wall using hardware and even store it if not needed for months. On top of that, this retractable hose reel also equips with a solid spring so that the reel doesn’t get tangled.


  • Delivered with a one-year warranty
  • Has eight pattern nozzle
  • Highly portable device


  • Some issues with retraction

6. Strongway Parallel Wall-Mount Garden Hose Reel

Strongway Garden Hose Reels

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There is no best garden hose reel like this one due to it’s easy to use and durability features. This product from Strongway brand is capable of accommodating a hose up to 6 feet with minimal effort. It is a rust-proof product has a great powder coating so that the product last for many years.

Additionally, this rose heel can work in both left and right-hand orientation. It delivered in a package having brass fittings, rubber hose, and mounting hardware.


  • Super aluminum construction
  • Has a very great finish
  • High-quality rubber connection hose


  • Heavy when compared with others

5. Liberty Garden 703-1 (Best multi-purpose garden hose reel)

Liberty Garden Garden Hose Reels

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Our list will be incomplete without mentioning the name of this excellent multi-purpose garden hose reel that can work on both grounds as well as the floor. The Liberty Garden 703-1 equip with 5 feet of leader hose that made from industry-grade material.

This hose reel can use for a variety of gardening needs of the users. There is also a powder coating finish provided to make it resistant against the rust.


  • Provide great durability & safety
  • Made using 13 gauge steel material
  • Perfect for a non-skid floor mount


  • The paint job isn’t good

4. NeverLeak Decorative Metal Hose Cart (Best for areas with varied temperature)

NeverLeak Garden Hose Reels

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Manufactured by a reputed brand, this best garden hose reel has a powder coating that extends its life to a greater extent. It is capable of withstanding both winter and hot temperature with the same ability. Also, this reel also stays protected against the cross-threading so that the hose’s shape never get damaged.

On top of that, this product has a very beautiful design with two tires for easy movement. Overall, it will turn out to be an awesome investment for your garden.


  • Item backed by a two years warranty from manufacturer’s side
  • Crafted in a very stylish design
  • Solid water system


  • Customer service difficult to reach

3. Suncast RSW125D Aquawinder Hose Reel (best for automatic operation)

Suncast Garden Hose Reels

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If you prefer buying a hose reel with fully automatic operation, then consider about buying the Suncast RSW125D. It equips with a smart track hose guide that ensures the hose get winded evenly. Two garden stakes delivered in the package by the manufacturer.

The rewinding process gets completely automatically using the flip of the lever making gardening pretty convenient. Also, we found that its resin highly durable capable of lasting very long.


  • Delivered with a three-years warranty package
  • Completely hands-free rewinding
  • Available at a very budget-friendly price


  • Some minor malfunction issues registered against this product

2. Rapid Reel Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel (Editor’s Choice)

Rapid Reel Garden Hose Reels

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If you want to buy a uniquely designed product for your garden, then you should use this hose reel for sure. It is an all-rounder item that provides the exceptional storage service to ensure your garden stay completely organized. The company has used a high-grade material for manufacturing this item to ensure it can withstand all types of heat.

It is a flexible garden rose heel that is quite easier to set up with little bit assembly. This reel equips with a 6-foot long rubber having complete mounting hardware and brass fittings.


  • Equips with crush-proof fittings
  • Delivered with a complete set of hardware
  • Give adequate space


  • Completely don’t include hose

1. Ames Estate Hose Wagon (Best for larger gardens)

Ames Garden Hose Reels

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The item that tops our list is this high-quality item manufactured using metal material for extra durability and sturdiness. This product capable of accommodating up to 400 feet of hose safely that make it a perfect option for larger gardens.

On top of that, this reel hose has a very aesthetic appeal that ensures it looks beautiful in your area. It is a portable device having four tub tires ensure the hose reel can travel to the majority of surfaces.


  • Equipped with amazing metal frame construction
  • Capable of holding up to 400 feet of hose
  • Amazing ability to resist against rust


  • None of them

How to choose the best garden hose reels?

The things you need in a quality hose reel mentioned below in detail:

Hose Length:

The best garden hose reel will be the one that accommodates the required hose conveniently. We suggest you pick a reel that is at least 40 feet longer than your garden hose.


It is ideal to go for a portable hose reel with both hands orientation ability and multiple mounting options. Having these features is a plus-point for a gardener.


It is important to buy a garden hose reel made using solid materials and capable of lasting for many years as you are investing a great sort of money.


There are two types of mechanism in horse reels, one with manual and other with automatic operation. If you have a strong budget, then it is best to go for an automatic hose reel. However, it still varies from one individual to other as some like to rewind manually.

If you keep all these things in mind, then be ready for an amazing garden hose reel.


That’s it; we provided information regarding all the best garden hose reels along with their specialty and features. Now, it is up to you for buying one that suits your requirements. Each one is perfect in its own manner and has worked brilliantly for the buyers. If you believe we have missed the name of your favorite garden hose reel, then tell us in the comment section.