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10 Best Leather Glue in 2024

We buy leather to avail of the benefit for long term use. It has always been the first choice among furniture, clothing, footwear, sporting goods, etc. But after some time, it gets torn off, or you see little holes in it. Daily use leather becomes dull also. Some people try to fix it using simple glue, and that doesn’t work. Here is a solution to your problem.

Leather glue helps to fix these problems. You need to know the process of using it. The first step is you have to prepare the thing on which you are using this glue. Secondly, clean the leather and, in the end, apply leather glue. This glue is best applied in the temperature between 41OF to 104OF. Many leather glues are available these days. Below are some of the Best Leather Glues, which you should consider for your use.

List of Best Leather Glue in 2024 Reviews

10. FIEBING’S LeatherCraft Cement 4 oz Glue

Fiebing's Leather Glue

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FIEBING’S leather glue is of high strength bond and very easy to use. It dries quickly when applied to any leather product or on other materials. Different materials that you can use to apply the glue are wood, paper, and fabric. This glue is non-flammable. Its capacity is 118 ml. You need not worry before using it as it is safe for you. Along with non-flammable, it is also a water-based adhesive.

If the sticking material is of leather to leather, then it works incredibly. It dilutes in water quickly, and you get the perfect results out of it. This leather craft glue is polymeric and powerful. You can easily wash it off with water when in a liquid state.


  • Easy to use and wash off
  • Powerful glue
  • Convenient to open and close
  • Non-toxic as well as non-flammable


  • Takes some time to dry

9. Rhino Glue Pro Kit of 65 gm

Rhino Glue

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The triple distilled adhesive is potent when it comes to sticking. It absorbs in seconds on the surface of the plastic, vinyl, metals, rubber, canvas, ceramic, acrylics, etc. This kit weighs 65 grams in total. One is 40 gm glue, the second is 15 gm rhino glue gel, and the third is 10 gm brush, including the cap.

The unique thing in this kit is that it comes with a brush to bond small things tip to tip. The rhino glue gives a sturdy impact to shocks, vibrations, moisture, and heat. It is a type of glue that can bond everything. You can use this glue outside or inside your house.


  • The glue is a pleasing result of fourteen years
  • Long-lasting
  • Great bonding power
  • Brush available with cap
  • Marvelous shear strength


  • Not a perfect fit for glass

8. Amazing GOOP 160012 Automotive Adhesive

Amazing GOOP Leather Glue

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This amazing GOOP glue repairs all the tears. Tears can be on car seats, convertible tops, or floor mats. As clear from the name, it is impressive even than silicon to protect battery terminals from corrosion. You can even use it to seal the windshields and also repair the cracks of headlights.

By using this adhesive, wire insulation can also be done. It can even seal the leakages. The net quantity of this tube is 109.4 ml. You can paint on it after it gets dried. Incredible chemical resistance adds to its features. It is waterproof that is even in water, the bond remains secure. Also, it is not very expensive to buy. You can afford it easily.


  • Bonding power is extreme
  • Can be used on any material
  • Waterproof
  • Stick emblems


  • Takes time to fix

7. Shoe Fix Shoe Repair Glue


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We use “Super Glue” for our daily work. But Shoe Fix glue is not just the super glue; it has got the professional strength to bind the materials together. This glue is basically to fix your broken shoe sole. Its bond is incredible, which does not get affected by heat, moisture, or cold.

A cap is attached to a bottle for easy use. People have been using it for 30 years now. Isn’t it great? It is one of the most influential footwear adhesive known. You can repair your work boots, sneakers, dress shoes which are rubber-soled and much more. Along with the glue, there is a manual given on which some steps are laid to follow.


  • Absorbs immediately
  • No strong odor
  • Easily gets off your hands if you drop it accidentally
  • Flexible


  • Not effective for shoes like going to the gym or any other physical activity

6. ALLENE’S 15594 Leather and Suede Glue

Aleene's Leather Glue

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ALLENE’S leather glue is super effective for leather and suede projects. It is flexible and dries very quickly. You can repair your shoes, purses, and belts quickly. A cheap solution for your problems is this leather glue. A bottle of 4 oz is available to buy. If you need more quantity, you can avail of the profit of buying it in packs of 3 or more.

You can use this glue even for your craft work also. After drying, it leaves no stains. Even when applying with bare hands, it is safe. There is no harm caused to your skin. Some glue has an unpleasant odor and challenging to work with, but this glue is odor-free.


  • Easy to use
  • Can be used for craft and leather both
  • Clear bond
  • Safe for hands
  • Odor-free


  • Leaves flakes when dries
  • Gets hard and brittle upon drying

5. J-B Weld 50133 Plastic Bonder Adhesive Syringe

J-B Weld

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Multipurpose urethane adhesive is presented in the form of a syringe. It is because the syringe is easy to use when applying glue on small surfaces. So, this is to use for DIY repairs at your home at a low cost. As clear from the name, J-B Weld 50133 is plastic bonding glue. Time taken by it to set is 15 minutes.

When dried, it takes the black color. The bond strength is 3770 PSI. You can use it multiple times by maintaining the cap of the syringe. The re-sealable cap prevents leakage from the syringe. The two tubes are attached to the syringe to allow the mixing of two different parts. It is excellent to fill dent, to repair bumpers, to stick interior and exterior plastic parts.


  • Amazing bond power
  • Not a complex process to follow
  • Multiple usages
  • Mixing tray also available with the glue


  • Glossy look so might be visible after drying

4. Boot Fix Professional Grade Shoe Repair Glue

Boot-Fix Leather Glue

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It has got that professional strength that is needed to repair your shoes. This bond remains unaffected by heat, moisture, or cold. There is no clamping as it dries instantly. It also works on vinyl and rubber footwears where other glues fail.

You attain confidence after using it. Just drop a small bead and press it for 10-45 seconds to stick your sole. A cap on the top of the glue bottle makes it easy to use and store, preventing further leakage. It can be easily carried in your purse so that you can use it in case of an emergency. It is in use for the past 30 years.


  • Bond is flexible
  • Dries quickly
  • No suffocating odor
  • Not sticky


  • A bit expensive

3. Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive

Tear Mender

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Tear Mender is a 2 oz bottle carded glue, which is a fabric and leather adhesive. It dries within 3 minutes and is washable within 15 minutes after applying. Along with this, its bond is flexible, waterproof, and UV resistant. Thus, it is non-toxic and acid-free glue safe for your hands.

You don’t need to heat or iron it after applying. It is ideal for repairing your clothes, home décor, leather, tents, boats, and much more. The fantastic feature of this glue is that it has over 101 different uses. The glue is in its natural form as it is made from renewable resources.


  • Permanent and powerful bond
  • Made from natural resources
  • Washable in between 15 minutes
  • Different bottle sizes available


  • Stinky smell
  • Solid and liquid part gets separated

2. Shoe GOO Repair Adhesive for Fixing Shoes

Shoe Goo Leather Glue

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This adhesive has excellent bond power. It works for shoes made of leather, vinyl rubber, and canvas. A protective coating of the glue protects your shoes when exposed to water. As it creates extra traction, it can be used to repair your skateboards also.

Be careful while using it since it has flammable nature. You can buy it in the form of a tube of 109.4 ml. Small holes can be entirely sealed with this glue. It mends leather tops, shoe soles, and tears in the canvas. After applying it, you just get the new feel of your product.


  • Useful for your skateboards
  • Good bonding power
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for various materials


  • Difficult to handle the tube
  • Flammable and vapors coming out can be harmful

1. Gorilla 7700104 Super Glue Gel


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Sometimes we need to use the glue on vertical surfaces, and due to the liquidity nature of the glue, it becomes tough to apply over the desired area. Just to avoid this problem, gorilla glue is made in the form of a gel. Gel has a partially robust nature that keeps it in place. This bottle has an anti-clog cap which does not glue to dry.

It dries in just a few seconds, about 10-45. You can use it to bond rubber, plastic, ceramic, wood, metal, and paper. Keep in mind not to use it for polyethylene or polypropylene materials. Gorilla gel is also known as Cyanoacrylate gel. As indicated by the name, it is as tough as a gorilla.


  • Thicker gel to hold on to surfaces
  • Anti clog cap
  • Dries fast
  • Mini bottle to store in your pockets


  • Not useful for polypropylene or polyethylene plastics

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider Before Buying the Leather Glue

Strong Bond Power

The glue you choose should have a fantastic bond power that sticks the material for a longer time. If the bonding strength is weak, there is no use of it.


Make sure your glue is resistant to water. When exposed to water, its bond should not get weak and hold on to the material, which proves that glue has impressive power to stick the materials.


Non-flammable is the feature you should look into while buying leather glue as it might cause harm to your skin. Be careful, even while using it. Take precautions such as wear gloves and keep your face away from the unseen flames.

Tightly Capped Bottle

Glue can be best used when in a bottle with an anti-clog cap, which does not let bristles stick together. A bottle is easy to carry in pocket, hand, purses, and prevent the leakage with tight capping. Précised tip of the bottle helps to work with dots and more elegant lines.


A variety of materials are known to us, which can be repaired using glue such as metal, cardboard, gems, leather, wood, etc. Just keeping in mind, all these materials choose your glue wisely so that you can use it for multipurpose.


The glue should not be very expensive to buy. Compare the features and pros and cons of the glue and make a list and finalize an affordable price for yourself.


So, keeping glue at your home can solve several problems for you in a short interval of time and at a cheap rate. Make sure you buy a bottle with an anti-clog cap so that you can carry it along with you. Above was a comprehensive study of Best Leather Glue with all its features. I hope that you might have selected the best one for you. For any query, you can drop your message in the comment section.