10 Best Motion Sensor Night Lights in 2022

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Light-up your home with the smart lighting systems of the modern era. When it comes to lights, we always think that we have to switch it on as it is powered by electricity. However, there have been situations where individuals trip and fall while searching the light’s switch in the middle of the night. Therefore, switching to modern technology is intelligent. The motion sensor night lights are exactly made to solve this issue. With its smart technology, it will detect motion and light-up. So, there are no reasons for not getting sufficient light.

Still, struggling to figure out between the options? Our motion sensor night lights review will help to come to a decision without wasting much time.

Best Motion Sensor Night Lights in 2022 Reviews

10. TOOWELL Motion Wireless Motion

TOOWELL Motion Sensor Night Lights

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Designed with the aim of making massive savings on your electricity bills, the motion-sensing light is installed inside the inbuilt photocell sensor. Apart from that, the PIR infrared motion detector is also benefitted cause of the 120-degrees angle of detection. Therefore, the lights will quickly light up if it feels any motion that is happening 26-ft away. To make things better, it will switch itself off in just 20 seconds. So, you are double-benefitted.

Furthermore, the 17 pieces are LEDs are beautifully placed for brightness. Finally, it generates 180 lumens of lights so that people who fear darkness has a clear vision.

Key features:

  • The longevity and sturdiness of the product is intact cause of the ABS construction.
  • The LEDs will serve you for a long time and that is 50,000 hours.

9. WOOPHEN LED Night Light Motion Sensing Indoor


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A night-light for your midnight wake-up calls, install it in your ceiling and you don’t even have to switch it on. An ideal set-up for your modern homes, you can install it at any given location. Apart from the swift motion activating feature, it has the benefits of automatic offs so that you don’t waste the energy. As a matter of fact, the light sensors can never go wrong and keep you out of the darkness.

Next, with the detection of motion, it will produce bright lights, however, that won’t blind you. Plus, its specialty is that it will not turn on any other light in the process.

Key features:

  • There are 17 pieces of LEDs present in it for adequate lighting facilities.
  • It produces 180 lumens of lighting that is impressive.
  • The installation process takes only 5 minutes out of your precious time.

8. AMIR Upgraded Motion Sensor Lights

AMIR Motion Sensor Night Lights

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Hallways, closets, stairs or anywhere you want, these extraordinary lights are your DIY LED sticks. Firstly, it contains a smart sensor chip that features passive infrared technology. Therefore, the accuracy in motion detection is unquestionable and the sensitivity is also pretty-prompt. If in a span of 12 to 17 seconds, there isn’t any motion, the lights will turn off. This will give a long life to the batteries.

For installation, spot the magnetic fields and stick the adhesive strip on it. In fact, you can detach it and install it in any other location if you aren’t liking it. The product has a construction from the combination of ABS and aluminum. Therefore, nonpareil durability!

Key features:

  • The environmentally-safe product will also save you from massive energy bills.
  • There are 10 LEDs installed in a strip.
  • If you wondering what’s the shelf-life of the LEDs, then you will be happy to know that its 50,000 hours. And sometimes it’s even more.

7. eufy Lumi Stick-On Night Light Motion Sensor


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A stick-on product that will illuminate the targeted area without any flaws. Unlike other competitors’ products, this one provides you with a glare-free experience. Whenever it is dark, the lights will automatically light up and provide the right amount of light. It is during darkness when the motion sensors are activated and never again you have to walk through darkness in your home. It eradicates the need of turning on lights; you can simply walk as it is automatic.

Moreover, it will save a lot of energy as it provides soft illumination. As a result, they gain two benefits in just one product.

Key features:

  • Scrutinising the whole area at a 120-degrees angle, it is capable of tracking movements from 10-ft away.
  • You can simply stick it to the wall as it has adhesive installation. If you want, you can even screw it to the wall.
  • A nice and soothing white light is produced.

6. Mr. Beams MB980 Wireless Motion-Sensing Light

Mr. Beams Motion Sensor Night Lights

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Even if the person is 20-ft away from the light, it will light-up. This ceiling LED light is motion sensor activated, as a result, even the slightest movement will give out bright light. However, guess its specialty? You never have to replace the LEDs as it will provide enough light for over 35 hours. For preserving energy and saving your bills, the lights will turn off in just 30 seconds when it’s motionless.

Besides that, it is wireless so you can install in pathways, entryways, closets, etc. Above all, the custom optics will help you to obtain appropriate focus as well as intensity.

Key features:

  • It generates white light that is certainly bright for your home.
  • Produces 100 lumens of light that is impressive enough.
  • Will successfully cover an area of 260-sq ft light coverage.

5. AUVON Motion Sensor Night Light

Mr. Beams

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A new way of welcoming smart living at home, these are what your kids need during the night. This is 2nd generation nightlight that helps you to recharge it time and again. Unlike non-recyclable AAA batteries, it comes with rechargeable batteries. So, a two-hour charge is all that you need for keeping it functional. It will last for 180 days on a single charge when you are operating on Auto+Medium mode.

Furthermore, apart from the 3M double-sided adhesive pads, it also offers magnetic strips; Therefore, the installation process will not be a mess. But the impressive factor is the passive infrared motion sensor that will quickly spot any movement happening between 20-ft. Hence, it will be on and once there isn’t any activity for 20 seconds, it will turn off.

Key features:

  • You get 5 different modes out of which there are 2 modes for brightness and 3 for lightings.
  • This is a weather-resistant product that will work efficiently even in rain, dust, snow, etc.
  • It is a sleek look product that has all the styles.

4. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Motion Sensor Lights

BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Motion Sensor Night Lights

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For bright illumination of your outdoor, these lights will turn itself on whenever it is dark. Appropriate for keeping your security intact, it can easily understand motion within 3 to 5m. Even the darkest place will be fully illuminated as it has 28 LEDs for amazing illumination. Next, it is easily capable of dealing with water exposure as it has a 1P65 rating. Plus, there won’t be any negative reaction even if there is extreme heat. It is heat-resistant and so, no harm at all.

Covering a huge distance of 10-ft, the angle detection is 120-degrees. As it is wireless, no installation is required and you can save a lot of money as it is solar-powered.

Key features:

  • You can install it in pathways, backyard, pathway and on any outdoor location.
  • One must keep it exposed in sunlight for 8 hours so that the motion detection works perfectly. In fact, there won’t be lack of light.
  • Certainly an eco-friendly product for hassle-free use.

3. Aootek 120 Led Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights


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The motion sensor detector in this device is upgraded to meet the modern-day needs. Having the Greater PIR Sensor, any people within the range of 26-feet and an angle of 120-degrees is detected. It has a 2200-mah lithium-ion battery for long term use. Given that, the LED lights will have wide coverage. Therefore, light is used in an efficient way cause of wide detection as well.

However, the best feature of this light is that it is solar-powered. As a result, this is an energy-saving product. Having the best-quality LED lights, it witnesses a conversion rate of 20.5% with 1.2W. It has a construction of monocrystalline silicon that will never be going to fail to prove its durability.

Key features:

  • An IP65 rating that confirms its waterproof nature, plus it resists heat also.
  • Security mode, brightness control mode and also permanent all-night mode are three options that you can select from.
  • It includes 120 LEDs for generating maximum light.

2. Mr. Beams MB720A LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight

Mr. Beams Motion Sensor Night Lights

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Your perfect sleeping companion, these nightlights are ideal for your sleep areas. When you wake up at night for going to the toilet, these amber lights will provide safety lighting. The amber LEDs are sleep-friendly and will generate 20 lumens of 600Nm that will certainly produce soft light. Plus, the lights will help you to have a good sleep. With 8 to 10 activations per day, each light will certainly last a year.

As a matter of fact, due to the presence of motion sensors, when any motion is detected, it will turn on. Lastly, the lights will turn off in just a matter of 30 seconds.

Key features:

  • As it runs on battery, the installation takes only 5 minutes.
  • It has a compact design that will not take much space.
  • A massive 10 sq-ft coverage for sufficient lighting.

1. Mr. Beams MB 723 MB723 Motion-Sensing Nightlight

Mr. Beams

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Indeed a promising product that will make it easy for the users to operate. This set of 3 is as impressive as it looks. For pathways or stairways, the white LED lights will light up the whole area. It functions at 20 lumens that are pretty strong and you can have a clear vision. Next, the motion sensor feature on the device works efficiently to cover an area of 9-feet. Therefore, if it doesn’t find or track any sense of motion, it will turn off in 30 seconds.

Finally, the LED lights are capable of functioning for long life and will serve for 50,000 hours.

Key features:

  • It understands the importance of saving energy, therefore, it will remain off in daylight.
  • One set of battery is going to generate light for a maximum of 1 year.
  • As it is battery-operated, there is no need for wire installations.

Got a clear idea? Now, feel free to make a change in your home and welcome innovation. Technology is seen in many forms and these portable motion sensor night lights are a testament of excellence.


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