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10 Best Pallet Busters in 2024

A pallet buster is a must for any wooden construction or repairing work. You can remove the wooden pallets from the deck easily. After doing the maintenance work, you can put them back with nails. Therefore, your wooden pallets will not be broken or cracked. Hence, you can also use them in the other wooden constructions. While buying a pallet buster, it is difficult to differentiate between a low and high quality pallet buster. We are making the job easy for you by placing the top 10 best pallet busters in 2024 below.

List of Top Best Pallet Busters Review

10. Mayhew Indexing Deck Wrecker

Mayhew Pallet Busters

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This is a relatively new pallet buster, and it can be used to rip up pallets and boards of any material. The handle is long, and therefore, you have to put in minimal effort to bust the decks. The double prying head will provide maximum leverage to rip up the boards easily. The powder coating finish ensures greater durability and the product is made in the USA which justifies its quality.

9. Dismantling Breaking Tool Pallet Buster

Pallet buster Pallet Busters

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This pallet buster comes with skid buster, pallet bar and dismantling breaking tools. You use this pallet buster to easily disassemble skid or pallet. Even, it works well with your DIY projects or professional large-scale disassembling. The pallet buster also helps to strip dock and deck boards. You require no other tools to use this product to disassemble the pallets. This pallet buster makes your work easier and less time-consuming. Made with the top quality material, this pallet buster is sturdy enough to reach the industrial-grade.

8. U.S. Solid Pallet Buster and Deck Wrecker

U.S. Solid Pallet Busters

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The sturdy steelhead of this pallet buster cum deck wrecker is a made in USA product. This non-breakable buster helps you to disassemble pallets or decks professionally within a few hours. You do not have to worry about the breaking woods after the disassembling. The buster prevents the damage of the pallets or decks while you pull them out. This wrecker is very easy to use and needs no extra tool for disassembling. You require a 1-inch thick steel pole of any length for this buster.

7. Roughneck Lifting Bar

Roughneck Pallet Busters

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You get this multipurpose pallet buster with a soft, anti-skid rubber coated top with a steel handle. Without breaking much, pallet this buster can easily disassemble the pallets or skids for you. You use this product to also remove the floorboards and roof lathes. It also helps to take down the ceilings. Even you can do general demolition work with this pallet baster. Made with the solid steel, this pallet buster has the length of 37-inch. The buster does not cause any damage to the wooden pieces if handled carefully.

6. Molomax Pallet Buster Deluxe

Molomax Pallet Busters

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With the help of the forks of this pallet buster, you simply loosen up the pallets for a damage-less disassemble. This deck buster comes with a 46-inch steel handle with the 6-inch diameter and a rubber grip. The buster fits over the 4-inch standard Chinese pallets and decks. The buster helps you to save time. This easy to use buster requires no tools to rip off the pallets. It is an easily portable and durable pallet buster. The buster works better than the hammer or crowbar in disassembling the decks.

5. Esright Industrial Pallet Buster

Esright Pallet Busters

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You easily disassemble the pallets with this pallet buster by spending a lesser time. You do not have to put much effort to remove the decks or skids in good conditions with the buster. Unlike, hammer or crowbar, the pallet buster makes your work smooth and safe. The steel construction of this buster makes it a durable product. The industrial-grade 41-inch steel handle with rubber grip makes the disassembling much easier. The buster is rust and corrosion-proof. You do not need any other tool to use this buster.

4. Eizzy Bar Pro Pallet Buster

Clear Vue Cyclones Pallet Busters

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With a 43-inch convenient steel handle, this pallet buster effectively pulls out the pallets and skids. The buster does not cause any breakage during the removal of the decks. You save a lot of time by using this buster for disassembling. This buster requires no installation or tool to work. The buster is resistant to rust and corrosion. This long-lasting buster helps you to work professionally and put less effort in the pallet disassembling work. The convenient weight of this buster makes it easy to use.

3. Spartan Tools Pallet Buster

Spartan Tools Pallet Busters

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The product features under Amazon’s Choice for the pallet ripper category. It is going to rip apart the wooden pallets in no time. It offers more leverage to get the job done quickly, and it comes with a pair of leather gloves so that you get a better grip on the handle. Moreover, there will be no stress of your hand, and there is a wrecking bar available to pull the nails. It is a perfect tool for you to remove the docks and decks. The product has great reviews, and it is highly durable with strong construction.

2. Molomax Pallet Buster

Molomax Pallet Busters

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This is one of the best pallet busters on the list, and the forks can be inserted between the boards of deck or pallets easily. The disassembling needs minimal effort and there are locking pins available for safety as they will hold on to the handle tightly. It is suitable for the wooden pallet, and you can reclaim the pallets and reuse them in other structures. There are two different colors available, and satisfaction is guaranteed going by its high ratings.

1. Vergo Industrial Pallet Buster

Vergo Pallet Busters

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The product features under Amazon’s Choice for the pallet buster category, and it is the best pallet buster to buy. There are great reviews and high ratings available for it. It will disassemble the pallets faster and more conveniently. You can reclaim the pallets and use them for different purposes. There will be no split or break in the wood, and it comes with high-quality steel construction. The powder coating prevents rusting and corrosion, and you have to put minimal effort for the disassembling. The handle is 41-inch long, and the product is highly durable and a value for money item.


While buying a pallet buster, make sure you check the specifications and features clearly. For safety, use a pair of leather gloves so that there is less pressure on your hand. The longer the handle, the less effort you have to put. It is better to buy those metal handles that have powder coating to prevent rusting and corrosion. Go ahead and choose any of these best pallet busters to recover the wooden pallet in the best form and reuse them again.