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10 Best Slide Viewers in 2024

Do you have hundreds or even thousands of souvenir slides in the attic? Know that it is possible to convert them to digital format using a slide viewer specifically designed to avoid the permanent loss of photographs taken. During the process of creating the list of the best slide viewers for 2024, we have reviewed thousands of user reviews and compared tens of products from different manufacturers. We classify each slide viewer according to its price/quality ratio, so the list includes products of low, medium and high price range.

However, ensure you read our buying guide if you want to order a really great, value-for-the-money product. Beginners who don’t know anything about slide viewer or online shopping will definitely find this page useful. Our list of the best slide viewer includes 10 models with the best quality/price ratio. Choose a good slide viewer in a preferable price range!

Best Slide Viewers in 2024 Reviews

10. Pana-Vue 2 Slide Viewer

The Imaging World Slide Viewers

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Pana-Vue 2 Slide Viewer is interesting in the sense that it is versatile. In fact, it can help you digitize your films, photos, slides and photo negatives in just a few seconds. It’s a tabletop device known for its high speed to digitize slides and its ease of use.

It should be noted that it can operate independently without the need of a computer system for viewing. This is possible thanks to its integrated 2×2 inch display screen. Specifically designed for 35mm slides, the device operates on two AA batteries, but it comes with four, meaning you’ll have two spare batteries. You can use the viewer both at home or in offices. Besides, the package includes a microfiber cloth for cleaning.


  • The right value for the money
  • Easy to use
  • Simple design and functionality
  • Very lightweight


  • Not practical enough for professionals

9. AP Slide Viewer


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The AP APP315200 Slide Viewer is perfectly suited for amateur use. However, it’s not a poor device for professionals either.

It’s a slide viewer with a multi-colored light system. The advantage therefore with this machine is the fact that it can operate independently and therefore, you can use it everywhere. Also, the fact that it can automatically correct the quality of photos and slides is a real time saver. The display screen will give you a good overview of the scanned image. It will also allow the device to be used as a stand-alone device, without the need for a computer to view the images.


  • It’s compact, light but robust
  • The model is inexpensive
  • Excellent for photography experts and amateurs


  • Not great for longtime and regular use

8. RAINBEAN Negative

RAINBEAN Slide Viewers

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RAINBEAN Negative Slide Viewer is another inexpensive option, but that does not mean that it has an unsatisfactory quality. Indeed, despite its price, this device could very well help you to scan your slides and your photo negatives easily and fairly quickly.

To help you view the contents of your slides and photo negatives, the device has an LCD screen and can be viewed at all angles and depth, thanks to its 3x magnification feature. However, note that the viewer doesn’t work as a scanner. It cannot send the slides to a computer. It only views the slides as they are.


  • Perfect for 2×2 and 35mm slides
  • Doesn’t get stuck
  • Very inexpensive and easy to use
  • Incorporates 3X magnification
  • Uses LED technology.


  • Cannot scan into a computer system

7. Medalight Slide Viewer

The Imaging World

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This slide scanner supports your negatives. It can accept 2×2 slides and 35mm photographic film. Even if your slides are old, the machine will project them as expected. The colors remain authentic, and the quality of the images is guaranteed. However, the user manual does not provide a lot of details. The other defect of this device is that it seems not very solid. You will need to use it carefully and store it in a dry place so that it can last a long time. It has a 3x magnification ability. It comes with a pack of 4 AA batteries as well as a cleaning cloth.


  • Excellent lighting and magnification
  • Comes with batteries
  • A multi-functional device


  • It jams the slides too often

6. Porta Slide PS-E2

Porta Slide Slide Viewers

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Opting for the Porta Slide PS-E2 model is a good idea if you are looking for a good low-budget slide viewer. And it is precisely for this reason that it is included in our comparison for slide viewers. The Porta Slide PS-E2 is a handheld slide viewer that’s battery-powered. The portable device can display 2×2 and 35mm photos and film. The slide viewer is so easy to use that even the kids can use it.

The good news is that it can automatically readjust colors and also, you can connect it to your computer using the USB cable supplied. Regarding the color depth, we can say that it is quite average. But given the fact that this machine is not intended for professional use, we understand that this depth of color is normal.


  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Great value for money
  • Very efficient


  • Lens not easy to clean
  • Picture size too small

5. Magnasonic Film Scanner


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If you want to have a versatile slide device, then buying the Magnasonic Film Scanner/Viewer would be a good idea. It is a high-resolution 22mp film scanner and viewer that can also turn film negatives to digital formats. Besides, this modern machine will easily find its place in your office and wherever you want, because it weighs only 0.3kg. As for its optical scanning resolution, it is 3200 DPI, and it is quite appreciable, because thanks to it, you will be able to use all kinds of formats.

It has the distinction of being able to digitize or view your various slides without even being connected to a computer; this is possible thanks to its integrated data storage system (128mb). However, if necessary, you can easily connect it to your computer, regardless of its operating system. As for its technical characteristics, you should know that it has a 2.4-inch display screen to display the images contained on the slides directly.


  • Great value for money
  • Good display screen
  • Very versatile slide device
  • Very light and portable


  • Picture quality not very impressive

4. ION Slides 2 PC

ION Audio Slide Viewers

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ION Slides 2 PC is an inexpensive but reliable and high-resolution slide converter/viewer. If you have a large number of slides to scan, forget about expensive photo agencies. Instead, opt for the ION model, which is simple, fast and transmits images, all while being inexpensive.

Its installation on your computer is done intuitively in a few minutes. As for the grip, it is done quickly and easily thanks to the manual CD provided, which is crystal clear and within the reach of all. The device scans on average 7 slides per minute, which is a rather high rate for a machine of this type. A modular slide holder called Rapid Slide Feeder is one of the elements that lead to this pace.


  • Unbeatable price
  • Simple but effective
  • Very portable slide viewer


  • Slightly simplistic manual

3. Kodak Slide/Film Viewer


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Efficient and offering impeccable results, the Kodak 35mm Slide/Film Viewer is one of the best slide viewer available at the moment. Being a very portable model, its installation, as well as its first use, is quite simple. Likewise, getting started is a child’s play. The digitized images are of beautiful qualities. That is to say, they are as clear as possible, and their colors are vibrant. Also, the machine has the 3x magnification feature.

And when it comes to storage, the Kodak 35mm Slides and Film Negatives Viewer is compact. It measures just 6.5 x 6 x 3 inches. It is integrated with 6000K LED bulbs. Finally, the device has a two-way power source. You can have it powered with the AA batteries or by connecting it to the main electric socket.


  • It is effortless to use
  • Integrated lens offer 3X magnification
  • Dual power source
  • Very light and compact dimensions
  • Very high picture quality


  • Some users had problems with the ejection system

2. Kodak Scanza

KODAK Slide Viewers

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Offered with an unbeatable value for money, the Kodak Digital Film Scanner has many advantages in terms of options and quality of scanning. First of all, this device is suitable for mass scanning. Therefore, if you purchase it, be assured: you will be able to view everything at full speed. The machine removes thanks to infrared sensors and software, the dust and scratches on the slides.

Apart from automatic mode, you can, of course, define your parameters. This slide scanner offers the advantage of being able to make sharp adjustments. Thus, you will easily get the result you had imagined. Take the opportunity to adopt the resolution, exposure, and colors to your liking. The more you customize the options, the more you will be satisfied with the photos and films.

Once the scanning of the slides has started, you need to be patient because, although it is efficient, it also works slowly. It digitizes two images per second. Your films will, therefore, take some time to be fully processed. You can pause the process if you have to be away. You can then resume the scanning process later.


  • Value for money
  • It is easy to use
  • Processes film negatives and slides


  • It is not the fastest slide viewer/scanner

1. DIGITNOW 35mm Slide Viewer


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The DIGITNOW 35mm Slide Viewer is arguably the best slide viewer/scanner on the market today. For those who want to see both the negatives and the 35 mm slides, here is a great option. Light and compact, this LED viewer with magnification can help you recover all those old memories.

While this machine works with AA batteries, it is not a device that consumes a lot of energy. Besides, it is small and portable, so it has the support that you can fold to use it where you think it is necessary. As if that were not enough, it brings a 3X magnification that allows you to see the images projected on LED much sharper. In this way, you can appreciate the details much better at the time of the projection.


  • Perfect for 35mm slides
  • Compact and portable in size.
  • It comes with an instruction manual.
  • Incorporates 3X magnification
  • Uses LED technology.


  • Requires AA batteries to work.

Buying Guide Choosing on Slide Viewers

The acquisition of a slide scanner represents a significant financial investment for individuals, whether for personal or professional uses. This is the reason why this device must be selected with care. Here are the criteria to take into account for choosing your slide viewers:

How to choose the right slide viewer

  • Optical resolution

Expressed in DPI, optical resolution is the first characteristic to be analyzed, because it influences the quality of the images obtained. This is the number of dots that the machine can scan over a 1-inch area. On a professional slide viewer, it is ideal to have an optical scanning resolution of 3000 DPI minimum. The best resolution is estimated at 5000 DPI, and rare devices offer up to 7200 dpi.

Of course, if you plan to use a slide viewer for home use, a resolution of at least 1800 DPI is greatly appreciated. It will allow you to obtain digitized images of correct quality.

  • Color depth

If you want to find a high-performance scanning device on a price comparison site, don’t forget the color depth. This is one of the characteristics that determine the quality of scanned images. It is expressed in bits and indicates the capacity of each slide viewer to distinguish the different shades of color. Technically, the 48-bit color depth is 281.5 trillion colors. It is ideal if you are a professional. However, this is not particularly necessary for particular uses.

To view or scan slides, videos, slides or old photos at home, models with 24-bit color depth are satisfactory. If you opt for models for domestic use at a lower cost, 10 or even 8 bits are sufficient.

The level of practicality

Ensure that your future slide viewer is capable of accommodating the formats of your negatives or your slides. Take into consideration the various additional options available on the device to ensure your comfort with each scan operation.

Depending on the model, certain scanners are delivered with various accessories, such as a slide dispenser, a sliding trolley, a negative trolley, a USB cable, an AV cable, an AC adapter, a USB type adapter, a cleaning fabric, a USB 2.0 cord, etc.


You can now, in the company of your friends and families, enjoy these old photos filled with warm memories. Depending on the device, they can be projected, printed, shared with your loved ones. We’ve seen 10 of the best slide viewers, one of which you should get this 2024, as well as criteria to choosing one. Put the purchase information to good use, and you’ll have the right value for your money.