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10 Best Tall Planters in 2024

Tall planters are a decorative item for homes and office setup that can give it a warm and welcoming touch. Be it for the artificial plants or the real ones, these will bring an aesthetic appeal to your home. These are indeed perfect for planting real flowers in it as they are designed for that. You can use it indoor or simply put it in an outdoor location, the results will be similar. It will keep away frosting or any elements that can cause danger to your plant.

There are no shortages of options in the market. But only a few will live up to one’s expectation. So, buy tall planters online after referring to our points and know a lot more.

Best Tall Planters in 2024 Reviews

10. Mayne Inc Cambridge Tall Planter

Mayne Tall Planters

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The Mayne Inc Cambridge planter made entirely from polyethylene material is a terrific product in that respect. This planter has a huge volume with an outside dimension of 16-inches sides and 28.5-inches height. It can hold enough soil so as to support tall plants. The soil can be irrigated through a mechanism within the planter or maybe watered regularly.

Moreover, the top opening features a side of 11-inches and is wide enough to easily fill it with soil. The body comprises of resin-impregnated with UV resistant materials that ensure a long time use with no discoloration or any ill effects.

Key Features:

  • To ensure its longevity, it is backed by a terrific 15 years’ manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The planter can hold up to 8 gallons of soil and can support up to 6.5 gallons of water.
  • It’s not only extremely tough but also weatherproof in nature.

9. ArtStone 35190.01 Ella Planter


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Indeed an aesthetical piece of home décor item that can glorify your bedroom or make your living room more welcoming! ArtStone makes some amazing and artistic items from stone and this planter is no exception. It is designed with a heavy body and stable base such that it can support different plants. All you need to do is fill this up with soil and put up the plant.

It is also so functioned that it can self-irrigate and hence takes away the need for regular watering. This has construction from materials that ensure its use both in indoor as well as outdoor environments. It is also made waterproof and resistant against the effects of frost.

Key Features:

  • The stone planter is so made from materials that are entirely free of BPA and other such toxic substances.
  • Its mixture of resin used for the manufacture of this stone planter contains UV stabilizers. As a result, protect the body from discoloration from UV radiation.
  • The contemporary design is the eye-catcher and makes it deserving.

8. Rivet Ceramic Planter

Rivet Tall Planters

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Whether you are looking for a stylish container for the living room or study room corner or a tall planter, this can serve both purposes. It is available in a chic and sophisticated dual shade which gives it a vintage look. Plus, looks marvelous when paired with traditional décor. The sophisticated planter van also is as easily placed in a modern household. Just make sure you drill the holes for drainage when you are installing the planter.

Besides, the designer item is entirely crafted from stoneware. Thus features quite a stable ground to place any plant if your liking without the fear of tipping it over.

Key Features:

  • It is delivered with an iron stand. So, you can either use it or not depending on how you want to decorate your place.
  • The circular planter has a diameter of 14.25-inches. It allows you a wide opening to pour in the soil efficiently.
  • Due to the presence of drainage holes, the excess water won’t be stored there.

7. H Potter Tall Planter

H Potter

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If you are looking for a stylish pair of the planter, your choice should be H Potter Tall Planter. As a matter of fact, you can use to decorate your home. This is an asset of two planters- one bigger than the other. The planter is so designed that it features a slanting, tapering design. Next, the two planters are handcrafted and feature a unique shade that brightens up a place.

Furthermore, the layer of hand-applied antique copper finish is such that it gives the planter an exotic gleam. So, it is amazing to put at any corner.

Key Features:

  • The larger of the two planters is has a square structure. So, it is 13-inches where it is the widest and has a height of 35-inches.
  • Plus, the smaller planter in the set has a square frame. It features a side of 11-inches at the widest and towers at a height of 29-inches.
  • It weighs 25-pounds that will not make it fall apart so easily.

6. Best Choice Products Tall Planter

Best Choice Products Tall Planters

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The Best Choice Products Tall Planter is true to its name and is indeed one of the best choices you can make. This planter is so manufactured from such materials and impregnated with such elements. Hence, it is both resistant to UV radiation as well as the damaging effect of frost. The square frame of the planter measures 11-inches in length at the widest, that is, the top of the planter. This allows for enough space for you to pour in the soil.

Moreover, the height of this amazing item us 22.5-inches and it is loaded with a self-watering system. Therefore, ensures that you do not have to water it regularly.

Key Features:

  • It is loaded with rolling wheels such that you have no difficulty in moving it from one place to another.
  • This is manufactured in such a way that it may be used both inside and outside the house.
  • The reservoir present in this helps to store the water for self-watering purposes.

5. La Jolie Muse Tall Planter

La Jolíe Muse

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The La Jolie Muse planter is an artistic addition for your home. This is a tall planter design that is crafted with such features that ensure that you can use it’s both inside and outside the house. Since the planter set is constructed from lightweight materials it can be carried from one place to another at ease. The planter set, though lightweight is very durable and is sure to last you a long period.

It is instilled with UV resistant and frost resistant materials. Thus, always protect it from the vagaries of nature when you are using it for outdoor purposes. Just remember to use a saucer underneath it to collect excess water whenever you are using it for interior purposes.

Key Features:

  • It has 4 holes in the bottom that allows for proper drainage of any excess water.
  • The wide opening on the top ensures that it is conveniently easy for you to pour in the soil.
  • The plastic used in the construction makes it reusable in nature.

4. Tusco Products CTU26BK Cosmo Tall Planter

Tusco Products Tall Planters

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The Tusco Products planter is a stylish piece of home décor item that can add to the beauty of your place. This planter is made out of plastic that was rotation molded. Since it is crafted from plastic material, the planter is used in a versatile manner. Therefore, you can put it both inside the house and outside in the porch, balcony, and so on.

The plastic is also impregnated with UV protecting agents. Hence, preserve the color and make of this planter when placed in an outdoor setup.

Key Features:

  • Due to the rotation molded plastic material, it features quite a durable body in spite of being very lightweight.
  • The lovely planter for home and office setup has a 10 years’ warranty from the house of Tusco Products.
  • It comes in a set of two for giving more reasons to decorate.

3. H Potter Flower Planter

H Potter

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H Potter is a reputed maker and manufacturer of different home décor items and this is a really unique design to bring home. The ribbed design adds a unique flavor to any home. On the other hand, the antique-like finish acts as an icing on a cake. This planter towers at a height of 29-inches and features quite a lightweight body. As a result, it is moved around in the house.

Moreover, this planter is so constructed that you can place it in an indoor as well as in an outdoor environment. So, you can keep beautiful plants without having to think twice.

Key Features:

  • It comes with drilled holes for proper drainage of excess water.
  • The planter features a tapering design with the top having a square frame of side 11.25-inches. Plus, the bottom having side 8-inches.
  • Its antique copper finish gives it the uniqueness that one has been craving for.

2. Mayne 4833B Tall Planter

Mayne Inc. Tall Planters

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Mayne is an extraordinary manufacturer of different planter units to be used in homes and offices. The Mayne 4833B is no exception to their brilliance and features a rustic design apt for traditional décor styles. It comprises a single-walled structure made entirely from polyethylene material. An inside tray is a self-watering unit that helps with the irrigation and thus ensuring that you need not water it daily.

You can, however, remove this tray in order to add more soil to the planter. The planter unit weighs just 10.5 pounds and features a square body with sides’ 15.5.-inches. Finally, the height of the planter lies at 32-inches that is ideal for any corner of your room or outdoors.

Key Features:

  • The stylish and effective tall planter from has an exciting 15 years’ warranty from the makers.
  • When you are using this planter make sure that you drill the drainage holes before using for proper functioning.
  • You can reverse it to use it in any manner you want.

1. Scheurich 55460 0 264/32 Planter


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If you are looking for a singular item that can uplift the looks of your place, you should go with this. The body of this planter is crafted from plastic in such a way that it gives off a solid, polished, rock-like appearance. The matte body has a serene look and is easily matched with all kinds of textured or normal walls.

Besides, it has a flange-like top which gives it a stylish aspect while keeping the design simple.

Key Features:

  • It is fully frost-resistant as so you can keep it out in chilling winter nights as well.
  • The planter has a circular body that has the perfect diameter at the base.
  • This has the capability to repel UV for keeping your plants in the best condition.

So, give your home the much-needed makeover. Be it the indoor tall planters or the outdoor ones, these will let your plant grow in the healthiest manner.